• Mechanical Seal Plugs
    Mechanical Seal Plugs SEAL LEAKING TUBES: Greater seal flexibility unlike metal to metal that can loosen over thermal cycles
  • PI Integration Tools - Overview PI is commonly used as the underlying infrastructure for plant information integration projects.
  • POWER-GEN 2000: Remanufactured Bearings
    POWER-GEN 2000: Remanufactured Bearings Aeroderivative and industrial plants are under considerable pressure to run nonstop and troublefree, with less time for
  • Boiler Water Conductivity Sensor
    Boiler Water Conductivity Sensor Mettler-Toledo Thornton announces a new on-line conductivity sensor for industrial boilers that can measure directly in the blow-down line without sample cooling — saving on installation and operating costs. It enables continuous automatic blowdown control, which minimizes corrosion and scaling to a greater extent than with manual measurement and control. The reduced need for boiler shutdown, cleaning and repairs can pay for itself in months. At the same time, continuous measurement and control conserves energy and treatment chemicals by eliminating excessive blowdown going to waste.
  • Parson Hi Build Parson Hi-Build is a non-shrink, non-ferrous grout used to rebuild to grade level where large holes, voids or missing mortar are evident. This product is ideally suited for a wide range of applications requiring strength and durability.
  • Power Project Development Software The software provides integrated technology evaluation/selection, conceptual design, and financial analysis of combustion turbine-based plants.
  • Turbine: Mega-power 2.0 MW a production capacity in line with that of the traditional power station
  • Chloride Chloride is the most common inorganic anion found in water and wastewater.
  • Multi-Parameter On-Line Monitor
    Multi-Parameter On-Line Monitor It is now possible to automatically analyze several chemical parameters with one on-line instrument...
  • Web-Based Training
    Web-Based Training These self-study courses are designed for professionals, regardless of expertise or experience, seeking the flexibility of time (24/7) and location (worldwide Internet access) as they build knowledge and create an energy edge in the marketplace
  • Operations & Maintenance
    Operations & Maintenance With over 25 years experience, EPI is uniquely positioned to provide added value as an operation and maintenance contractor for energy centers and power production facilities
  • Small AC Motor Parts
    Small AC Motor Parts Small AC Motors consists of both fractional and integral alternating current motors
  • Cap Charging 8KV <FONT FACE="Symbol">&#174;</FONT> 30KV Power Supply
    ® 30KV Power Supply" href="/doc/cap-charging-8kv-font-facesymbolfont-30kv-pow-0002">Cap Charging 8KV ® 30KV Power Supply This high power line of high-voltage regulated DC to DC converters is an extension of the “C” Series, directly addressing the high power density needs of >30 watt applications
  • Paperless Recorder
    Paperless Recorder The TrendView recorder maintains data in a secure encrypted format...
  • ID-CSI 456 Series Current Source Drive
    ID-CSI 456 Series Current Source Drive The ID-CSI 456 Series units are rugged Variable Frequency Drives known for high performance
  • KIC Products KIC has introduced a complete line of Air Cooled Heat Exchangers for the Petrochemical, Process, Refinery, Gas Compression, Pipeline and Power Generation markets
  • Harmony Wireless Communication System: Enhance Workforce Productivity And Reduce Mobile Communication Costs
    Harmony Wireless Communication System: Enhance Workforce Productivity And Reduce Mobile Communication Costs Today, successful operations depend on reliable, secure and seamless communications. The Harmony Wireless Communication System from Motorola combines the best features of digital twoway radio, cellular telephone, packet data and paging in a single integrated system.
  • Turbine Efficiency Monitoring System
    Turbine Efficiency Monitoring System Accusonic's Turbine Efficiency Monitoring System (TEMS) incorporates flow power output
  • DC-DC Converter
    DC-DC Converter Lambda Electronics, Inc. introduced the SM20, a 20W surface mountable DC-DC converter
  • Rental Gensets
    Rental Gensets Kohler’s rental Gensets are equipped with a fuel transfer switch, auto start and remote starting and 24 hours of fuel capability...
  • MC Series Contactor and Starter Test Systems
    MC Series Contactor and Starter Test Systems The MC Series is used on contactor production lines to maximize throughput and to achieve the highest product quality. It is based on a modular platform that is easily expandable upon demand.
  • Outage Management
    Outage Management Our Strategic Performance Improvement (SPI) Methodologies for shutdown and project management and control have been tested in hundreds of complex major production plant shutdowns, outages, and equipment overhauls
  • Repair Service
    Repair Service HOERBIGER has over 60 service facilities worldwide, located at the centers of the Gas and Processing industry
  • Oxymitter 5000 With FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus
    Oxymitter 5000 With FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus

    Rosemount is the leader in oxygen flue gas analyzer technology. The Oxymitter 5000 integrates an oxygen probe and field electronics into a single, compact package.

  • Slide Gate I-Series
    Slide Gate I-Series Designed as an extra heavy duty burner isolation gate valve that reliably seals when power fails
  • Visual Fault Locators VFL-280
    Visual Fault Locators VFL-280 The VLF-280 is a hand-held battery powered stabilized fiber optic laser source that emits visible (red) light at 650 nm. Its intended function is to allow an operator to identify the exact location of a break, microbend, or other discontinuity in a fiber optic cable.
  • Multicolor LCD Paperless Recorder
    Multicolor LCD Paperless Recorder The TrendView MultiTrend Plus recorder comes standard with a multicolor LCD display (10.4")
  • Project Management Software
    Project Management Software Primavera's SureTrak Project Manager 2.0 helps users develop a solid plan for achieving project goals and managing them to a successful finish
  • Digital Power Monitor
    Digital Power Monitor The Model DSP Digital Power Monitor is a per phase digital power monitor that provides instantaneous values for an electrical system
  • Enterprise WLAN Infrastructure: Inside Outside Enterprise Mobility
    Enterprise WLAN Infrastructure: Inside Outside Enterprise Mobility Motorola wireless LAN solutions are designed to meet the needs of any size enterprise and any environment.
  • Traveling Water Screens
    Traveling Water Screens Thru-Flow Traveling Water Screens are installed with the submerged screening surfaces
  • Trident LP Water Treatment System
    Trident LP Water Treatment System Triton underdrain eliminates gravel and the problems it can cause by replacing conventional filter blocks
  • DR 3900 Benchtop Spectrophotometer With RFID Technology
    DR 3900 Benchtop Spectrophotometer With RFID Technology The proven technology you have come to expect from Hach just got better. Built with the future of water analysis in mind, the DR 3900 will give consistently accurate results in a simpler testing format.
  • Heat Exchanger Performance
    Heat Exchanger Performance Heat Exchanger Performance is a user-friendly program for the analysis of two types of heat exchangers: shell and
  • AE

    4 → 8 lb/day MOS
    Automated for ease of use and peace of mind. Economically improves your bottom line.

  • Steam Properties
    Steam Properties This program calculates the properties of superheated,
  • Automatic Pump Recirculation Valve
    Automatic Pump Recirculation Valve Automatic Pump Recirculation Valves protect centrifugal pumps from damage that may occur during low-flow operations
  • 6888 In Situ Flue Gas Oxygen Transmitter
    6888 In Situ Flue Gas Oxygen Transmitter

    The 6888 in situ O2 transmitter provides accurate measurement of the oxygen remaining in the flue gases coming from any combustion process.

  • Torque Tamer System
    Torque Tamer System The Furmanite Torque Tamer system is an original patent pending design, developed and refined to provide a lightweight, cost effective method of safely controlling the rotational torque of a pneumatic wrench when utilized in operating valves in process plants
  • Electro Spark Deposition
    Electro Spark Deposition Electro Spark Deposition involves the transfer of minute molten droplets of the desired coating material from a contacting electrode to the surface of the part
  • Fiber Optic Modems
    Fiber Optic Modems Lascomm's series of RS232 fiber optic modems offer four different models to handle all popular RS-232 applications
  • Incremental Circuit Upgrade Index
    Incremental Circuit Upgrade Index To date, NovaTech has more than 500 circuits installed in 57 power stations throughout the United States
  • Spacer Cable
    Spacer Cable Spacer Cable is a pre-engineered electrical distribution system designed for high reliability, low operating costs, and improved right-of-way flexibility
  • Differential Head Control System As debris is trapped in the screen trays on the intake side of the traveling water screen, the pressure differential of the water
  • Parting Compounds Vitta 1AL and 1YT Braz-Stop materials are parting compounds designed to prevent molten filler metal from touching and
  • Detergent 8 - Low-Foaming Ion-Free Detergent
    Detergent 8 - Low-Foaming Ion-Free Detergent Alconox's Detergent 8 low-foaming ion-free detergent is used to clean circuit boards, electronic parts, phosphate sensitive labware, nuclear reactor cavities, delicate industrial parts and nuclear contaminated equipment during outage
  • Design and Analysis OCE provides quality engineering services for designers, architect engineers, fabricators, manufacturers, chemical plants, refineries, nuclear and industrial plants
  • PI-Manual Logger (PI-ML) PI-Manual Logger is a PC based PI client application used to manually log data into the PI system that are not collected automatically from instruments and control systems.
  • ASME Condensor The new ASME Condenser Performance Test Code, released in September 1998, requires extensive use of a device to measure and determine the fouling characteristics
  • Type UP Pneumatic Universal Rotary Actuators
    Type UP Pneumatic Universal Rotary Actuators

    Type UP Pneumatic Universal Rotary Actuators regulate dampers, fan inlet vanes, lever-operated valves, turbine governors, fluid drives and other final control elements.

  • Power Quality Monitor
    Power Quality Monitor The PQPager uses the IEEE 1159 standard to measure single or three-phase voltage sags, swells, interruption transients, waveform snapshots, and RMS strip charts
  • Gas Turbine Compressor Cleaning
    Gas Turbine Compressor Cleaning The new Gas Turbine Efficiency (GTE) cleaning system for gas turbines provides field proven, on-line washing
  • Engineered Fans Robinson Industries heavy duty mechanical draft fans (engineered fans for induced or forced draft service) are used in all types of air streams clean or dirty
  • Porta-Safe Load Sensors
    Porta-Safe Load Sensors Electric load distribution centers for temporary and permanent jobsite power requirements
  • Duralite III Self-Retracting Lifeline
    Duralite III Self-Retracting Lifeline One of the lightest, serviceable, self-retracting lifelines on the market for fall protection is North's Duralite III
  • Micropilot M FMR 250
    Micropilot M FMR 250

    Continuous and non-contact level measurement in solids.

  • Gravity Drain Flow Program
    Gravity Drain Flow Program This program uses the Manning equation to calculate the
  • FTA Retrofit System
  • Steam Heater
    Steam Heater This program calculates the performance of a steam, shell-and-tube heat exchanger of known construction using rigorous formulations
  • Automated Hand-Held Fiber Optic Loss Test Set LTS-1500
    Automated Hand-Held Fiber Optic Loss Test Set LTS-1500 The LTS-1500 greatly simplifies and expedites measurements of fiber optic links. As a power meter, it incorporates a highly sensitive and stable InGaAs detector with six calibrated wavelengths that affords the user a measurement range of +5 to -75 dBm.
  • Waltron 3041 Silica Analyzer
    Waltron 3041 Silica Analyzer

    Waltron’s 3041 Silica Analyzer is the first choice for online analysis of dissolved silica in ultrapure water applications.

  • Opacity/Dust Monitor
    Opacity/Dust Monitor The Model 550 opacity/dust monitor features an electronically modulated solid state LED to ensure stable operation
  • Toshiba UPS
    Toshiba UPS Toshiba's full line of Uninterruptible Power Systems provide the best way to preserve equipment
  • 56 Advanced Dual-Input Analyzer
    56 Advanced Dual-Input Analyzer

    The Smart Way to pH
    56 Advanced Input Analyzer - Click here for an informative article on Smart pH!

  • Tube Fittings
    Tube Fittings A-LOK tube fittings are designed as leak-free connections
  • Power Plant Cost Analysis
    Power Plant Cost Analysis We have completed cost of cycling estimation projects for over a dozen progressive clients worldwide
  • Analyzer AMI Sodium P
    Analyzer AMI Sodium P

    Analyzer for the continuous determination of dissolved sodium in the ppb-range for steam, condensate and high purity water for samples with pH ≥ 7.

  • Commercial Kitchen Emission Collector - Smog-Hog PSG
    Commercial Kitchen Emission Collector - Smog-Hog PSG The Smog-Hog PSG electrostatic precipitator (ESP) eliminates cooking odors and grease from commercial kitchens used at hotels, restaurants, malls, stadiums and office buildings. This customized kitchen ventilation system can be mounted inside or outside a facility, and can be fitted in a new or existing structure.
  • Equalizing Thrust Bearings
    Equalizing Thrust Bearings Kingsbury thrust bearings are a product of many years of design refinement and application experience
  • Fabrication Services
    Fabrication Services Shaw continues to lead the industry in the development of proprietary computer technology for use in fabrication management and production.
  • Communitors
    Communitors Comminutors can be supplied with direct drive or shaft driven motors as well as hydraulic driven units
  • Industrial Bolt & Pipe Cleaner
    Industrial Bolt & Pipe Cleaner It's finally here! A portable, purpose built machine that uses a patented brush system to clean even the dirtiest bolts and pipes
  • ScannerPlus
    ScannerPlus ScannerPlus is a unique integrated product which successfully incorporates all of the diverse elements of a complete measurement and control system into a single compact enclosure
  • Model 550 Automatic Engine Control Module
    Model 550 Automatic Engine Control Module The Model 550 is an Automatic Engine Control Module, which has been designed to allow the OEM to meet most of the industry’s complex specifications
  • Load Banks
    Load Banks Hawthorne Power Systems' portable rental load banks are state-of-the-art resistive/reactive modules offering up to 5MW at 0.8 power factor.
  • High Voltage Power Supply with Ripple Reduction
    High Voltage Power Supply with Ripple Reduction The “F” Series of Ripple Stripper® accessories features a ripple-reduction circuit added internally to 62V through 6kV “A” Series High Voltage Power Supply modules prior to encapsulation at the factory...
  • Hot Isostatic Pressing Bodycote IMT, Inc. is the premier Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) provider in North America
  • Programmable Generator Controller
    Programmable Generator Controller The Modex AS730S programmable generator controller is designed to eliminate the need for service engineers to make weekly or monthly site visits
  • Chemical Feed Skids
    Chemical Feed Skids These chemical feed skids provide all of the components necessary to deliver the designated chemical to specified
  • XAAD - Pressure-Fed, Internal Mix Air Atomizing Nozzles
    XAAD - Pressure-Fed, Internal Mix Air Atomizing Nozzles BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc., one of the world's leading nozzle manufacturers, designs and manufactures the highest quality Industrial Spray Nozzles.
  • Quarterturn Electric Acuators
    Quarterturn Electric Acuators Model SG electric actuator
  • SafeGuard Alarm Controller
    SafeGuard Alarm Controller

    The Net Safety SafeGuard Alarm Controller is designed as a cost-effective mini-system controller alternative to expensive PLC systems. The SafeGuard comes standard with a centralized, easy-to-read LCD providing simultaneous status on 16 channel inputs as well as several expansion options including Mimic Display capabilities and HMI software packages. The SafeGuard can be equipped for any application, indoors or out, with your choice of a basic wallmount, a weather-proof fiberglass enclosure or rack panel mounting.

  • Plasma Spray
    Plasma Spray In order to provide complete service to our customers, plasma spray has been added to our thermal spray capabilities
  • PMA Manufacturing
    PMA Manufacturing Turbine Metal Technology has manufactured over 10,000 STC/PMA JT8D firststage nozzle guide vanes as a cost effective alternative to the OEM new part and industry overhauled parts
  • Harmony Series: AC & DC Power Supplies
    Harmony Series: AC & DC Power Supplies Since Robicon’s inception, we have designed and manufactured equipment utilizing the latest available device technology
  • Parallel Shaft Gear Units
    Parallel Shaft Gear Units A wide range of single stage and two stage parallel shaft gearboxes are available for applications from 700 - 270,000 HP (500 - 200,000 kW).
  • R&D Test Facility/ Pilot Program
    R&D Test Facility/ Pilot Program EPI entered the marketplace as a supplier of fluid bed technology to the wood products industry in the 1970's
  • Winding Resistance Test Set - WRT-100
    Winding Resistance Test Set - WRT-100 A compact instrument to quickly and accurately measure the resistance of transformers, motors and generators
  • Fine Atomization, Fog Nozzles
    Fine Atomization, Fog Nozzles Fine Atomization, Fog Nozzles by BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc.
  • DDE Server
    DDE Server DDE Server for RTXHDB is a Microsoft Windows program
  • Hydraulic Oils TELLUS Oils are proprietary and formulated with an effective anti-wear compound compatible with copper bearing components for hydraulic or circulating systems calling for anti-wear oils, such as those recommended by hydraulic pump and machine tool manufacturers.
  • Event Recorder Option of TDMARK-V The TDMARK-V meter is available with an event recorder system
  • Portable Pressure Calibrator
    Portable Pressure Calibrator The portable pressure calibrator series incorporates a high/low feature for pressure readings
  • ENDURANCE® General Purpose Conductivity Sensors
    ENDURANCE® General Purpose Conductivity Sensors

    The Model 400/400VP, 401, 402/402VP, and 404 sensors are intended for the determination of electrolytic conductivity in applications ranging from high purity water to cooling water.

  • Cable Tester Software
    Cable Tester Software This software for the CableEye cable tester documents, tests, and labels cables of
  • Certified Rack for Batteries
    Certified Rack for Batteries This new Zone 4-certified rack is for Independence DDS VRLA batteries, which deliver high power density of up to 8,000
  • Hydraulic Power Units
    Hydraulic Power Units A Hydraulic Power Unit, as part of a total turbine control system, provides the power to drive and achieve precise final element control.
  • Manual Transfer Switch and Load Center
    Manual Transfer Switch and Load Center Whether retrofitting existing towers (microwave, cell) and relay stations or building new ones, the new UniTran Manual
  • CSI Announces Predictive Maintenance Program Computational Systems, Inc., a leading developer and producer of predictive maintenance hardware and software,