• Ozone Sensors
    Ozone Sensors Mettler-Toledo Thornton announces dissolved ozone sensors for optimal and reliable monitoring of pharmaceutical water sanitization. The sensors connect to Thornton’s new M300 transmitter - which also measures conductivity/resistivity, dissolved oxygen, flowrate, pH, ORP and temperature
  •  Delta NO<sub>x</sub> Burners
    Delta NOx Burners Engineered for the industrial and utility markets, the Delta-NOx burner produces is capable of firing a variety of liquid and gaseous fuels
  • PV Elite Pressure Vessel Design and Structural Analysis PVElite can be used to design, bid, or re-rate a wide variety of vessels and vessel components in accordance with ASME Section VIII Division 1 rules
  • Metal-Enclosed Load Interrupter Switchgear
    Metal-Enclosed Load Interrupter Switchgear From single section fused switches to service entrance line-ups with utility metering compartments
  • Industrial E7 Engine The MackPower business unit of Mack Trucks, Inc. has introduced an industrial version of the popular Mack® E7 E-Tech engine.
  • National Gas Generator Sets
    National Gas Generator Sets Energetech offers natural gas cogeneration or utility displacement systems
  • 6888 In Situ Flue Gas Oxygen Transmitter
    6888 In Situ Flue Gas Oxygen Transmitter

    The 6888 in situ O2 transmitter provides accurate measurement of the oxygen remaining in the flue gases coming from any combustion process.

  • MLT 3 And MLT 4 Multi-Component Gas Analyzer
    MLT 3 And MLT 4 Multi-Component Gas Analyzer

    Multi-component gas analyzer with up to five components featuring NDIR/UV/VIS photometer, paramagnetic and electrochemical O2, and thermal conductivity sensors.

  • Burners
    Burners Preferred Utilities has been making burners for over 75 years. Our line of burners are known for long-lasting durability, commonly lasting over 35 years before needing any major service
  • Deltatop DP71B
    Deltatop DP71B

    Differential pressure flow measurement with Pitot tubes and Deltabar differential pressure transmitter.

  • Gas Boosters
    Gas Boosters Haskel Gas boosters consist of a large area reciprocating air drive piston directly coupled by a connecting rod to a small area gas piston
  • Handbook
    Handbook Pocket sized, 3 3/4" x 5 1/2".
  • Electronic Pressure and Temperature Switches
    Electronic Pressure and Temperature Switches A 115 VAC power supply has been added to the One Series Electronic Switch Platform, making this series designed to solve the challenge of monitoring critical pressure and temperature thresholds for alarming, shutdown and redundant control
  • Waterproof Molded Switch Light
    Waterproof Molded Switch Light HLS-760, a solid rubber molded Hand-Light, is integrally molded to the cable with a completely encapsulated waterproof switch...
  • A-line Gearboxes
    A-line Gearboxes A-line Gearboxes
  • H.O.G. Positive Displacement Flowmeter Designed for industrial use, this flowmeter series is constructed of 316 Stainless Steel with other materials of construction optional.
  • Ion Exchange: RecoPur® CBM Water Treatment System
    Ion Exchange: RecoPur® CBM Water Treatment System

    Increase production by eliminating Coal Bed Methane produced water issues with Eco-Tec’s RecoPur® CBM Water Treatment System. This system is specifically configured to economically purify and recycle produced water that exceeds agricultural and environmental standards.

  • Zebra&reg; QL&trade; Series Direct Thermal Mobile Printers
    Zebra® QL™ Series Direct Thermal Mobile Printers The QL series of direct thermal mobile printers have been designed with the most advanced technology in rubberized over-molding to maintain both rugged construction and minimal weight. With center-loading media, smart battery monitoring and an optional LCD, they provide user-friendly options to keep your business moving.
  • Run Tester
    Run Tester The 905D Functional Run Tester, RUNCHEK, can make measurements of input voltage, amperage, power (watts) and
  • VB1000-T
    VB1000-T The Complete VB1000-T Kit contains all the features and functionality of the VB1, plus an 8MB expanded memory and optical speed sensor with magnetic base
  • FCC Diagnostic Services The company specializes in the use of radioisotope and infrared technologies to provide on-line process investigation studies.
  • Long Term Value with Polymer Protection Manhole rehabilitation is an accepted cost-effective method to eliminate infiltration. But actual life spans of many rehab systems have fallen short of expectations due to poor application...
  • Aquatech Wastewater Recycle/Reuse
    Aquatech Wastewater Recycle/Reuse Increasing costs for fresh water and wastewater discharge coupled with diminishing availability of fresh water from natural sources
  • Compact Scanners
    Compact Scanners Integrating the scanner and signal processor in one, the iScan DSF-2000 flame scanner eliminates the stand alone signal processor to simplify operations
  • MOTOTRBO&trade;  Mobile Radios
    MOTOTRBO™ Mobile Radios MOTOTRBO is changing the way businesses communicate. You can gain the productivity of powerful data applications such as MOTOTRBO Location Services and Text Messaging Services now. And with additional applications coming from Motorola’s Application Developer Program, you’ll be able to leverage ongoing new capabilities—and get the most from your communications investment.
  • Retrofit Circuit Breakers
    Retrofit Circuit Breakers Much of the existing switchgear in operation today in nearing the end of its reliable live expectancy
  • RIO Grande
    RIO Grande

    1,000+ lb/day MOS
    1,550+ lb/day HYPO
    Generate large volumes of disinfection chemistry at minimal cost!

  • Advanced Business Package (ABP)
    Advanced Business Package (ABP) Excelergy Advanced Business Package (ABP) is a web-based, billing and customer care platform built to enable companies to face the challenges of the new energy economy
  • Spring Support of Coal Mill Foundations in Power Plants
    Spring Support of Coal Mill Foundations in Power Plants Coal mills of all types can cause significant vibration in their vicinity, which can lead to disturbance, damage and subsequently even to interruption of power plant operation
  • Graphics Package The new AIM Profiler graphics package is for use in conjunction with the manufacturer’s AIMetering System.
  • Oil Circuit Breaker (OCB) Condition Assessment
    Oil Circuit Breaker (OCB) Condition Assessment The Weidmann-ACTI OCB Diagnostic Program was developed to minimize the number of internal inspections required
  • Vibration Monitoring
    Vibration Monitoring A strong advantage with the TSI family is the flexibility with graphics, trending and alarming within your DCS
  • FieldNotes for Mobile Mapping FieldNotes for Mobile Mapping eliminates cumbersome, out-of-date paper map books by allowing field workers to take electronic map books into the field on pen-based or laptop computers
  • Heat Flex Heat Flex is a program that calculates steam turbine regenerative cycle heat balances
  • Free Chlorine Sensor
    Free Chlorine Sensor The Model 499ACL-01 sensor is intended for the continuous determination of free chlorine (hypochlorous acid plus hypochlorite ion) in water. The primary application is measuring chlorine levels in drinking water. The sensor can also be used to monitor dechlorination processes.
  • Batteryless Ride Through Device
    Batteryless Ride Through Device The PowerRide RTD is a ferroresonant-based batteryless
  • Virtual Inventory Here, you can search a database of spare parts, in inventory and available for sale, at other Powergenics customer sites
  • EMPATH System
    EMPATH System The EMPATH system consists of a portable personal computer with our exclusive signal conditioning board, a 16-channel, 12-bit A/D card, and analysis software to store data and give a readout of the time and frequency signatures
  • ES51/52 AutoStart Engine Controllers
    ES51/52 AutoStart Engine Controllers The ES51/52 AutoStart Engine Controllers provide automatic start/stop and protection for all types of engine-driven equipment
  • Software Package
    Software Package TURBOdesign-1 is based on a three-dimensional inverse design method in which turbomachinery blade geometry is
  • Condumax CLS 15
    Condumax CLS 15

    Condumax W CLS15 is a conductivity sensor equipped with fixed cable or plug-in versions with integrated temperature sensor Pt 100. The sensor has a cell constant k = 0.01 cm-1 or k = 0.1 cm-1.

  • Industrial Engines
    Industrial Engines If you need a small portable engine for you lawn mower or a 350 H.P. Diesel M & L Engine has an engine to fit your needs
  • MAXSIL-HS Bulk Fiber
    MAXSIL-HS Bulk Fiber A ceramic free bulk fiber insulation composed of amorphous silica fiber
  • Turbines and Generators
    Turbines and Generators The Belyea Company specializes in seeking out surplus electrical power equipment for placement with companies in need of generation units
  • Outage Management
    Outage Management Our Strategic Performance Improvement (SPI) Methodologies for shutdown and project management and control have been tested in hundreds of complex major production plant shutdowns, outages, and equipment overhauls
  • Spring Isolators Low frequency. (Static deflections up to 5 in.)
  • Type UP Pneumatic Universal Rotary Actuators
    Type UP Pneumatic Universal Rotary Actuators

    Type UP Pneumatic Universal Rotary Actuators regulate dampers, fan inlet vanes, lever-operated valves, turbine governors, fluid drives and other final control elements.

  • Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps
    Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps The Delta Series liquid ring vacuum pumps are a logical choice for process industry or general industrial vacuum applications.
  • Detroit Rotary Seal Feeders
    Detroit Rotary Seal Feeders Originally designed to remove abrasive fly ash from the collection hoppers of coal-fired plants, these dependable workhorses have proven themselves in a variety of feeding applications involving dry abrasives.
  • R-Side® Solution - Conversions Hudson's RefrigerantSide® Solution obviates the problems associated with the traditional methods and assures a successful conversion. This process uses the chiller's recovered CFC refrigerant for the decontamination process instead of multiple changes of POE.
  • Wright Wrench
    Wright Wrench Wright Tool Company, a leading manufacturer of professional-quality sockets and wrenches, offers a unique wrench
  • Fly Ash
    Fly Ash The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) in 1989 defined fly ash as the finely divided residue that results from the combustion of ground or powdered coal and does not include residue from the burning of municipal refuse
  • Wire EDM
    Wire EDM Traveling Wire Electrical Discharge Machining
  • HWS-30.3 Turbine Blade Movement Scale
    HWS-30.3 Turbine Blade Movement Scale Complete packages for single axis and three axis moment weighing are available with scale, blade distribution hardware and software, tables, weights, calibration adapters, and windage enclosure
  • Pre Engineered Fans Robinson Industries, Inc. offers high quality pressure blowers for a wide range of heavy-duty combustion air applications
  • Fuel Cell Power Plant For Commercial and Residential Uses
    Fuel Cell Power Plant For Commercial and Residential Uses The small PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) fuel cell power plant expands lifestyle choices for homes and operating capability for light commercial applications...
  • TeleSol Weather Configurations
    TeleSol Weather Configurations Various TeleSol weather configurations are available for sites which routinely experience extreme hot or cold temperatures
  • ST - Abrasion-Resistant, Full Cone Spiral Nozzles
    ST - Abrasion-Resistant, Full Cone Spiral Nozzles ST - Abrasion-Resistant, Full Cone Spiral Nozzles by BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc.
  • Outsourcing
    Outsourcing Outsourcing your water and wastewater treatment to USFilter can save you time
  • Pre-Packaged Pump Stations
    Pre-Packaged Pump Stations Most of the stations (with the exception of concrete) come completely pre-assembled
  • Dolphin&reg; 9700 Mobile Computer
    Dolphin® 9700 Mobile Computer

    Honeywell’s Dolphin® 9700 is a rugged digital assistant that is equipped with multi-functional data collection and communications capabilities in one reliable, easy-to-use device.

  • 4900 Continuous Emission Analyzer
    4900 Continuous Emission Analyzer Xentra 4900 Continuous Emission Analyzer is ideally suited for a wide range of emission monitoring applications
  • Trenchless Replacement System
    Trenchless Replacement System The IMPIPE system crushes existing clay, non-reinforced concrete or cast iron pipe and replaces it with high density polyethylene pipe of the same or larger diameter
  • ConduMax W CLS 12
    ConduMax W CLS 12

    Condumax W CLS12 is a two-electrode conductivity sensor with cell constant k = 0.01 cm-1 or k = 0.1 cm-1 for high-temperature applications.

    OCLANSORB OCLANSORB is a nontoxic, nonabrasive organic blonde sphagnum peat moss harvested from the bogs of Newfoundland. It is a lightweight, natural hydrocarbon absorbent: more cost effective, more efficient absorbency power, and easier to use than any other products.
  • EM200 The EM200 contains all the features of the EM100 plus Pre-Alarms for Oil Pressure and Water Temperature
  • Prosonic Flow B200
    Prosonic Flow B200

    The biogas market is booming. No wonder, as the gas obtained from fermentation of energy crops, organic waste, liquid manure, sewage sludge or leftover plant materials can be used in a variety of beneficial ways – including fueling vehicles or generating heat and electricity in combined heat and power plants.

  • Northstar's Modular System Gate
    Northstar's Modular System Gate Northstar's Modular System Gate Stations provide a single building alternative, expandable to meet future demands, for custody transfer and regulator stations meeting all D.O.T. and A.G.A. requirements
  • Fan Program
    Fan Program This program calculates the power required for a fan moving
  • Design Services
    Design Services Anna, Inc provides experienced design engineering to developers, owners and operators of power plants throughout the world
  • Welding
    Welding PCI has developed machine welding processes in accordance with ASME Section IX and expertise in manual, machine and remote machine welding with overlay, cladding, seal, butt and fillet weld applications
  • Fixed Monitoring System
    Fixed Monitoring System With more than 30 different sensors to choose from, the Controller 8000 fixed monitoring system can be configured to meet most monitoring needs
  • Low Cost Measurement Devices Hoffer Flow Controls is proud to announce their new low cost Lo-Co Series of inexpensive turbine flow meters
  • Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA)
    Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) is the single most widely used and most effective test used today to determine if your transformer’s operation is normal, questionable or has a fault condition
  • Turbin: Multi-power, 600-900 kW A range of cost-effective wind turbines for all site and climate categories
  • DC Watt Transducer
    DC Watt Transducer The PC8 units were designed to provide accurate power measurements on sinusoidal or highly distorted waveforms
  • T10 Flourescents
    T10 Flourescents This fluorescent lamp has been around since 1984. It has been a well kept secret and because saving energy was not as important as it is today, nobody really noticed it.
  • AE

    4 → 8 lb/day MOS
    Automated for ease of use and peace of mind. Economically improves your bottom line.

  • Field Notes for Cable FieldNotes for Cable replaces paper maps in the field with electronic maps
  • Torque Tamer System
    Torque Tamer System The Furmanite Torque Tamer system is an original patent pending design, developed and refined to provide a lightweight, cost effective method of safely controlling the rotational torque of a pneumatic wrench when utilized in operating valves in process plants
  • Rubber Expansion Joints
    Rubber Expansion Joints KE-MASTERFLEX type D and DF rubber expansion joints are flexible and lightweight, due to their bellow design and
  • DC Motor Parts
    DC Motor Parts Small DC motors are used as tachs for larger AC and DC motors
  • Powerware 9315
    Powerware 9315 Uninterruptible power protection against power failures, power sags, power surges, brownouts, line noise, high voltage spikes, frequency variation, ups, switching transients and harmonic distortion
  • IEEE Standard Test Procedure For AC High-Voltage Circuit Breakers Rated On A Symmetrical Current Basis
    IEEE Standard Test Procedure For AC High-Voltage Circuit Breakers Rated On A Symmetrical Current Basis This corrigendum corrects technical and other non-editorial errors made during the preparation of IEEE Std. C37.09-1999 latest version, second printing 19 December 2005, which covers test procedure for all high-voltage circuit breakers rated over 1000 VAC
  • Large Scale Power Supply
    Large Scale Power Supply The mission-critical Uninterruptible Power Supply ranges from 65-1000 or more kVA and is designed to protect sensitive operations
  • FLOWMETER CATALOG FLOWMETER CATALOG A New catalog from a flowmetermanufacturer of ...
  • Journal and Spindle-Type Hydrodynamic Bearings
    Journal and Spindle-Type Hydrodynamic Bearings BHS-Cincinnati has over 30 years experience designing and manufacturing hydrodynamic bearings for its high speed gear units
  • Deltabar M PMD 55
    Deltabar M PMD 55 Transmitter in housing for field or top-hat rail mounting for up to 10 ultrasonic sensors FDU91/91F/92/93/95/96
  • Motorola MC75 3G Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA)
    Motorola MC75 3G Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) No matter what your workers need to get the job done, Motorola's MC75 Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant delivers by combining an unparalleled number of business capabilities into an easy-to-carry rugged device. 3.5G GSM HSDPA and 3G CDMA-EVDO Rev A support provides high performance voice and data services around the globe.
  • Flame Stabilizers
    Flame Stabilizers These patented circumferentially- and radially-staged flame stabilizers are designed to achieve dramatic NOx reduction
  • Non-Destructive Testing
    Non-Destructive Testing NIC has twenty years of experience in providing certified nondestructive testing
  • DESS Design/Management Suite
    DESS Design/Management Suite DESS is an integrated software package for the design, management, and optimization of electrical distribution systems...
  • EnergyC3I™ Product Suite The EnergyC3I product suite puts enterprise-wide, real-time energy and water usage information on any PC or web-enabled device at your fingertips, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Vibration Screening Tool
    Vibration Screening Tool Providing basic diagnostic capability, the ST-101 vibration screening tool is designed for plant mechanics and machinery operators
  • EGATROL - Gas Turbine Control Solution
    EGATROL - Gas Turbine Control Solution The ABB gas turbine control solution EGATROL protects a full range of gas turbines including the heavy-duty gas turbines
  • Services for Mechanical Engineers
    Services for Mechanical Engineers This virtual community includes 125,000 mechanical engineers as members and offers programs and activities in mechanical engineering enabling its practitioners to contribute to the well-being of humankind...
  • Plate Products
    Plate Products Our Plate line includes Gasketed designs in six series of plate corrugations in stainless steel, titanium, SMO 254, Incoloy 825, nickel, Hastelloy, and others
  • 5-Port Fiber Switch
    5-Port Fiber Switch The Model S7055X 5-port switch provides fiber optic links for 10Base and 100Base networks simultaneously. The 4 UTP ports (RJ45)...
  • FibreCrete - Epoxy NovolaK No. 218
    FibreCrete - Epoxy NovolaK No. 218 FibreCrete - Epoxy NovolaK No. 218 is a fiber-reinforced, chemically-resistant, 100% solids, epoxy novolak lining system used to protect concrete and steel from chemical and physical abuse
  • Tangential Fired Burners
    Tangential Fired Burners The high-performance solution for your T-Fired boiler retrofit