• Load Management System
    Load Management System Direct Load Control is a form of load management in which the electric utility manages the homeowner's power usage
  • Gas Turbine Power Analyzer
    Gas Turbine Power Analyzer Gas Research Institute, SEPRIL LLC and the Electric Power Research Institute added a gas turbine power analysis tool to the State-of-the-Art Power Plant (SOAPP)...
  • The Sterling Model VTHS Deaerator
    The Sterling Model VTHS Deaerator The Sterling Model VTHS Deaerator
  • Energy Management System/AMR
    Energy Management System/AMR The Turtle Energy Management System provides communications between the substation and the user’s office via standard
  • HERO™ (High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis) Technology
    HERO™ (High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis) Technology Aquatech offers HERO™, the highly innovative and patented technology delivers unmatched value for the treatment in a variety of industrial water and wastewater applications. Using HERO™ directly translates into improved plant performance and reduced overall costs.
  • Conductivity Transmitter
    Conductivity Transmitter Designed to continuously measure specific conductivity, resistivity, and salinity of a solution, the 7100 Conductivity Transmitter is a highly accurate transmitter for conductivity measurement
  • Particulate Respirator
    Particulate Respirator The Particulate Respirator 8514, N95, with Nuisance Level Welding Odor Relief is designed to provide comfortable and reliable worker protection.
  • Pressure Management
    Pressure Management

    Endress+Hauser's continuous measurement and switches of overpressure and absolute pressure in pipes and vessels - also in aggressive liquids, vapors, gases and dusts.

  • Scada-Mate CX Switches
    Scada-Mate CX Switches Automation needs change and grow with increased load, capacity, and demands for more reliable service. S&C’s Scada-Mate CX Switches can meet these changing needs...economically. They’re three-pole, group-operated interrupter switches specifically designed for automating overhead distribution systems
  • 170 Slurry Seal
    170 Slurry Seal

    The 170 Slurry seal is engineered to operate in serve slurry environments eliminating costly external seal flushes.

  • 4200C Gas Analyzer
    4200C Gas Analyzer The 4200C adds advancements to the popular, cost effective Xentra 4000 series of gas analyzers used by industrial gas producers
  • Mechanical and Equipment Survey
    Mechanical and Equipment Survey An infrared survey assesses the condition of boiler
  • Technical Bulletin Pressure generated loads in piping systems containing
  • AdaptiveSupplier™ AdaptiveSupplier is a powerful software solution designed for large Fortune 1000 suppliers
  • Low Cost Measurement Devices Hoffer Flow Controls is proud to announce their new low cost Lo-Co Series of inexpensive turbine flow meters
  • Elastic Support of Forging Hammers
    Elastic Support of Forging Hammers Previous forging hammer foundations required large, heavily reinforced concrete foundation to divert the extensive dynamic forces through the foundation into the soil
  • Gas Compressor
    Gas Compressor This program computes the power required to compress any gas, the temperature required and the cooling required
  • Navigator 500 Sodium Analyzer
    Navigator 500 Sodium Analyzer

    The Navigator 500 Sodium analyzer provides a continuous measurement of the sodium ion concentration in demineralization plants and in the steam / water cycle of steam-raising plants.

  • Ammonia-on-Demand Systems (AOD)
    Ammonia-on-Demand Systems (AOD) EEC’s Ammonia-On-Demand (AOD) process offers you a way to supply the ammonia your SCR
  • EPSM Customer Interface Device (CID)
    EPSM Customer Interface Device (CID) Powercom Control Systems Ltd.("Powercom") has developed an Electric Power Supply Management ("EPSM") system
  • Outage Management
    Outage Management Our Strategic Performance Improvement (SPI) Methodologies for shutdown and project management and control have been tested in hundreds of complex major production plant shutdowns, outages, and equipment overhauls
  • PI-Data Archive (Server) The process data historian, PI Data Archive is one of the most significant components of the PI System.
  • Model 7915 Cavitation Monitoring System
    Model 7915 Cavitation Monitoring System The Accusonic Model 7915 Cavitation Monitoring System (CMS) monitors the cavitation that occurs on the surface of turbine runner blades
  • Refrigeration Products
    Refrigeration Products Off the shelf standard Evaporators and Condensers designed with the latest technology enhanced tubing engineered specifically for refrigeration applications
  • Opto-Electric Equipment: Optical Chopper C-995
    Opto-Electric Equipment: Optical Chopper C-995 The C-995 phase-locked-loop optical chopper incorporates Direct Digital Synthesis in order to provide rock-solid, crystal controlled accuracy and stability. Its chopping frequency can be controlled to a precision of .001 Hz and has effectively zero frequency drift.
  • CLUMP - Tank Cleaning Nozzle
    CLUMP - Tank Cleaning Nozzle Each nozzle in the stationary cluster is a BETE clog-resistant spiral nozzle of the TF series
  • Revolving Inventory The Utilitywarehouse.com connects buyers and sellers direct, worldwide, in the Utility Surplus Market
  • Adjustable-frequency Drives This literature covers the VLT Series 3000 adjustable frequency 1- to 250-hp constant torque ...
  • Gas Boosters
    Gas Boosters Haskel Gas boosters consist of a large area reciprocating air drive piston directly coupled by a connecting rod to a small area gas piston
  • Technology Course
    Technology Course The "Corona Technology Course" seminars, beginning in January, 2001, are available both scheduled and open to all
  • Paving Risers For Manholes, Catch Basins & Valve Boxes
    Paving Risers For Manholes, Catch Basins & Valve Boxes Paving Risers for Manholes, Catch Basins & Valve Boxes. The cost-effective alternative to manually raising grates and covers.
  • Gas Turbine Oils (ISO VG 32, 46) Gas Turbine 32 and 46 are high performance, specially inhibited petroleum oils for the lubrication of heavy-duty stationary gas and steam turbines that require long, trouble-free service.
  • Subsea Motor Pump Systems In support of the Petrobras' SBMS-500 Subsea multiphase pumping system, Westinghouse will provide the Subsea motor-pump subsystem, including a 6.9kv, 1700hp submerged motor
  • Pipe Stress Analysis Software
    Pipe Stress Analysis Software The CAESAR II software for pipe stress analysis and design has been approved by Transco's Stress Analysis Workgroup for use on projects requiring the IGE/TD/12 piping code
  • Turbine Flow Meters
    Turbine Flow Meters These flow meters are ideal for measuring water and most
  • TeleCycle TeleCycle systems eliminate all PV components and operate methodically using intelligent system controllers
  • Power Plus Once again, COEN continues to raise the standard for the entire combustion industry
  • DIALA Electrical Oils
    DIALA Electrical Oils These products have high electrical resistance and are thermally and oxidatively stable.
  • CADWorx/PIPE
    CADWorx/PIPE CADWorx/PIPE has been developed by designers and engineers for designers and engineers
  • Laser Shaft/Coupling Alignment System
    Laser Shaft/Coupling Alignment System The new ROTALIGN PRO system is water, shock, and dustproof, designed to take professional alignment to a higher level.
  • ES51/52 AutoStart Engine Controllers
    ES51/52 AutoStart Engine Controllers The ES51/52 AutoStart Engine Controllers provide automatic start/stop and protection for all types of engine-driven equipment
  • LNG Industry Publication
    LNG Industry Publication The LNG industry continues to evolve to new levels of energy competition
  • Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems
    Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems Peerless is the country's leading SCR system supplier, providing sole-source responsibility for NOx emission guarantees
  • Cogeneration with renewables
    Cogeneration with renewables The costumary used primary fuel for cogeneration is natural gas
  • Pipe Fabrication
    Pipe Fabrication The entire Phillips, Getschow Co. organization is geared to customer satisfaction - from receipt of order through final delivery
  • Direct Inlet Spray Cooler Since 1990, Fern Engineering has been contractor to the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
  • Portable Sampler
    Portable Sampler Waters Equipment Co. has introduced a completely portable sampler that can be conveniently used to monitor any point within the steam and water cycle of a power plant or boiler room.
  • Porta-Safe Load Sensors
    Porta-Safe Load Sensors Electric load distribution centers for temporary and permanent jobsite power requirements
  • Methane & Non-Methane Analyzer, Model 55i
    Methane & Non-Methane Analyzer, Model 55i

    The Model 55i's measurement of methane and non-methane hydrocarbons (NMHC's) is based on the well established method of gas chromatography, utilizes flame ionization detection and features a proprietary column design to achieve ultimate separation of methane from all C2 compounds.

  • Heat Exchanger Repair and Rebuild Services
    Heat Exchanger Repair and Rebuild Services Since 1973, HydroThrift has been providing industry and utilities with the know-how and quality workmanship necessary to maintain the wide variety of heat exchanger's in today's work place
  • Zero Liquid Discharge
    Zero Liquid Discharge Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) technologies by Aquatech help you achieve environmental compliance, reduce your carbon footprint, create positive public perception, and recover high purity water for reuse.
  • Plate Products
    Plate Products Our Plate line includes Gasketed designs in six series of plate corrugations in stainless steel, titanium, SMO 254, Incoloy 825, nickel, Hastelloy, and others
  • Cyclone Dust Collector - C Series
    Cyclone Dust Collector - C Series The C Series cyclone dust collector effectively removes large to moderate size particles from metal grinding, sawing and other dust producing processes. These high-efficiency dust collectors can be used alone or in conjunction with an after-filter collector, cand can be installed inside or outside of any facility.
  • Switch Push Buttons
    Switch Push Buttons The Oiltight Manual Control Push Buttons feature a square, front-packaged appearance
  • Liquisys M CUM 253
    Liquisys M CUM 253

    CUM253 is a transmitter for turbidity and suspended solids mesurement. The modular design of the transmitter allows easy adaption to a variety of customer requirements.

  • High Pressure Regulator
    High Pressure Regulator The HPR-1 Series Regulator is a versatile specialty pressure reducing control valve designed to fulfill a range of needs in instrumentation sample systems and other applications such as semiconductor processing gases
  • Custom Systems NPS has the capability to semi- custom tailor any system to any given set of specific custom requirements
  • Panel Instrumentation Catalog
    Panel Instrumentation Catalog The company introduces a new panel instrumentation catalog featuring indicators, controllers, transmitters, and calibrators
  • Combustion Optimization - NOxTrol
    Combustion Optimization - NOxTrol NOxTrol is ABB's advanced system for reducing NOx emissions on tangentially fired units with over-fire air
  • Long Term Value with Polymer Protection Manhole rehabilitation is an accepted cost-effective method to eliminate infiltration. But actual life spans of many rehab systems have fallen short of expectations due to poor application...
  • Class 600 Cooling Tower
    Class 600 Cooling Tower Splash-fill, wood-framed towers proven in hundreds of installations over the last thirty years
  • TUR-M-EPOXY Restoration Process
    TUR-M-EPOXY Restoration Process TUR-M-EPOXY is TMT’s patented process for the restoration of close tolerance surfaces through the application of an epoxy resin coating
  • Flash Tank Economics
    Flash Tank Economics This program calculates the economic results that can be achieved by using a flash tank and a heat exchanger to recover boiler blowdown
  • Wright Tool Combination Wrenches
    Wright Tool Combination Wrenches Wright Tool Company, a leading manufacturer of professional-quality sockets and wrenches, offers a complete line of combination wrenches
  • RIO Zuni
    RIO Zuni

    1 or 2 lb/day MOS
    Compact, easy to install, minimal maintenance

  • Unit Substations
    Unit Substations General Switchgear Inc. can package our switchboard and switchgear sections with transformers to provide Unit Substations
  • Historical Area Information The 1940! Package, along with a VISTAinfo Site Assessment or Transaction Screen report satisfies the 1940 requirements of the ASTM Phase I Standard
  • Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps
    Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps The Delta Series liquid ring vacuum pumps are a logical choice for process industry or general industrial vacuum applications.
  • Hard Hat
    Hard Hat RAM Cap Suspension #14738 has the following features
  • Foot Shaft Assembly
    Foot Shaft Assembly Instead of a fixed shaft on traveling water screens, which can result in sprocket wobble, this foot shaft assembly
  • Temperature Indicators For Shipping And Storage
    Temperature Indicators For Shipping And Storage

    Monitor the temperatures that your perishable, fragile, or sensitive goods are subjected to during transit. ShockWatch Environmental Indicators monitor temperatures during shipping and storage, indicating whether goods have been subjected to unacceptable conditions.

  • String Multi-Drop Fiber Optic Modems The LT3800/LT3801 String Multi-Drop Fiber Optic Modems interconnect multiple devices fitted with RS-232 or RS-485 interfaces
  • Instrumentation: OCX8800 Oxygen/Combustibles Transmitter
    Instrumentation: OCX8800 Oxygen/Combustibles Transmitter

    The OCX 8800 with its rugged design, stable sensor, electronics and software package, is the most dependable oxygen/combustibles transmitter on the market. The time-tested and world renowned zirconium oxide sensor is the basis for the oxygen measurement. This, coupled with the new combustibles sensor can detect oxygen and combustibles concentrations in flue gases with temperatures up to 2600°F (1427°C).

  • Pressure Vessel Software
    Pressure Vessel Software PVElite Version 4.00 is an enhanced edition of a Windows (95/98/NT) integrated vessel design and stress analysis
  • TM-225 Transfer Switch Mechanism
    TM-225 Transfer Switch Mechanism The TM-225 transfer switch mechanism consists of a mechanical switching assembly which can be configured to satisfy various application requirements
  • Filter Houses
    Filter Houses This inlet air treatment system is designed to provide clean, tempered air for reliable, high-performance gas turbine operation
  • Multi-Component Gas Analyzer And Sampling Unit : VA-3000/VS-3000
    Multi-Component Gas Analyzer And Sampling Unit : VA-3000/VS-3000 The VA-3000 Analyzer from Horiba Instruments features a modular design that allows the user to configure any combination of up to three detectors in one 19-inch rack mount case.
  • Turbochargers and Core Assemblies
    Turbochargers and Core Assemblies AMERICAN HOFMANN CORPORATION has been the leading supplier of balancing systems to the turbocharger industry for the past decade
  • HP7000 Cooling Tower Fan
    HP7000 Cooling Tower Fan The unique flared tip design of the HP7000 blade creates a performance advantage.
  • Ambient Air Analyzers
    Ambient Air Analyzers The ML9800B series analyzers are designed to meet the needs of users and system integrators
  • Slide Gate U-Series
    Slide Gate U-Series A standard multi-purpose cast slide gate, often used as a maintenance gate upstream of Plattco flapgates.
  • ENDURANCE® General Purpose Conductivity Sensors
    ENDURANCE® General Purpose Conductivity Sensors

    The Model 400/400VP, 401, 402/402VP, and 404 sensors are intended for the determination of electrolytic conductivity in applications ranging from high purity water to cooling water.

  • Technical Document Portal
    Technical Document Portal DrawingSearcher Version 2.0 is a technical document portal
  • Conveying systems There is little substitute for experience when it comes to building industrial grade bulk material handling systems
  • DayCor(R) Superb
    DayCor(R) Superb DayCor® Superb is a daytime solar blind corona and arcing detecting system designed to assist the power industry in their routine, predictive and preventive maintenance tasks performed during foot patrol. Special ergonomics developments make the Superb a comfortable hand held inspection device. A top quality LCD enables team work and relieves the eyes from strain or fatigue. A dedicated carrying vest relieves the arms from getting tired within few minutes, and frees them to do other necessary operations, without loosing the inspected subject. Superb has a keypad to activate its functions, with clear and readable tags. The inspection routine is recorded and stored internally for later reporting and analysis generation. Superb is light in weight and is most fit for substations' and generations' inspections. http://www.daycor.com/DayCor-Family/Superb.html
  • 56 Advanced Dual-Input Analyzer
    56 Advanced Dual-Input Analyzer

    The Smart Way to pH
    56 Advanced Input Analyzer - Click here for an informative article on Smart pH!

  • Diesel Generator Sets
    Diesel Generator Sets Standby power is critical in many applications around the world
  • Recoflo® Integrated Water Treatment Systems
    Recoflo® Integrated Water Treatment Systems High Purity...Simple Package...Proven Reliability! Eco-Tec specializes in advanced, compact, integrated water treatment systems that require less space at lower costs than conventional systems.
  • IntelliTEAM II Automatic Restoration System
    IntelliTEAM II Automatic Restoration System IntelliTEAM II is a modular system that uses distributed intelligence and peer-to-peer communication to dynamically track system conditions on overhead and underground distribution systems, and provide fast, fully automatic fault isolation and service restoration for critical customers
  • Deltabar S PMD 75
    Deltabar S PMD 75

    Differential pressure transmitter with metallic sensor
    Overload-resistant and function-monitored, Communication via HART, PROFIBUS PA or FOUNDATION Fieldbus

  • Beamex Workshop Solution
    Beamex Workshop Solution The ideal instrument and electrical workshop is designed to meet the specific needs of an industrial plant. In addition, it has high-performing, reliable measurement equipment and systems that deliver improved efficiency and quality.
  • Breath Alcohol Tester
    Breath Alcohol Tester Disposable breath alcohol tester.
  • Fog Cooling Systems
    Fog Cooling Systems Fog cooling systems are a series of stainless steel tubing arrays precisely distributing demineralized water under high pressure to specialized nozzles...
  • Alpha Skimmers
    Alpha Skimmers Megator was the first to develop the floating weir-type skimmer and the first to develop a Stainless Steel skimmer.
  • Turbine rotor & bearing pedestal support stability testing: If one or more of the turbine rotors on a unit runs smooth under some conditions and has vibration excursions under other conditions
  • CFX-TurboGrid Interactive Grid Generation Software Tool CFX-TurboGrid is interactive grid generation software tool for turbomachinery applications
  • Pulley Alignment Tool
    Pulley Alignment Tool The DotLine Laser combines V-belt pulley precision alignment with laser leveling in a single hand-held permanently calibrated tool
  • Tool Buildings
    Tool Buildings Made from “one trip” 20-ft. CONEX boxes, these tool units are hardwired with lights (dual 2 bulb and an 8-ft. safety
  • Valve Box Inserts
    Valve Box Inserts Parson Valve Box Inserts are made of high density polyethylene and have been proven effective in reducing or preventing surface water inflow, dirt and debris that collects in a water valve box
  • Waltron 9096 Degas Conductivity Analyzer
    Waltron 9096 Degas Conductivity Analyzer

    The NEW 9096 Degassed Acid Conductivity Analyzer delivers accurate measurement of specific, cation, and degassed cation conductivity with unprecedented degassing efficiency of 93.5% in 45 seconds.