• Thermo Scientific Arke SO3 System
    Thermo Scientific Arke SO3 System

    The Thermo Scientific Arke SO3 System, with built-in SO3 generator, uses an advanced Quantum Cascade (QC) Laser-based platform to provide high sensitivity, optimum selectivity and a continuous, direct measurement of SO3 within tough industrial-plant process environments.

  • Zero Liquid Discharge Systems
    Zero Liquid Discharge Systems

    HPD, with decades of innovation in evaporation and crystallization technology, provides a wide array of experience in volume reduction and zero liquid discharge over many applications

  • Laser Monitoring System
    Laser Monitoring System The laser system measures and monitors alignment changes, or thermal growth, of rotating machinery during operation
  • Vent and In-Line Silencers
  • Refrigerant Buy Back Hudson will purchase virtually all used CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants nationwide and provide empty recovery cylinders.
  • Preventol Corrosion Inhibitors Preventol CI products create a barrier against many corrosive agents
  • Combustion Technology Product Kits
    Combustion Technology Product Kits To better serve utility and industrial plants needing to meet federal and state NOx emissions regulations with their
  • Steam Coil Air Heating
    Steam Coil Air Heating Unifin offers the design of large composite framed assemblies of multiple steam heating coils, collectively referred to as Steam Coil Air Heaters.
  • BioTector B7000 TOC Analyzer
    BioTector B7000 TOC Analyzer

    Hach BioTector TOC Analyzers provide maximum uptime and reliability due to a patented self-cleaning oxidation technology that easily handles difficult samples and significantly reduces maintenance. Unlike traditional TOC analyzers, the BioTector eliminates build up issues from salts, particulates, fats, oils and greases that lead to drift and high maintenance. With reliable, continuous monitoring and real-time process control, plant operators can optimize their processes to lower overall plant operating costs. The most advanced system in its class, BioTector products achieve precise results from the simplest to the most demanding applications.

  • Fibercam Lens Kit
    Fibercam Lens Kit The Fibercam Lens Kit contains six interchangeable lenses. Each lens differs in size and iris size/f-stop, giving the lenses different viewing characteristics. By changing the lens on the tip of the probe, the applications, which support the lens kit, change.
  • R-Side® Solution - Hermetic Motor Burnout Hermetic motor burnouts commonly occur from the effects of moisture and heat which break down refrigerants causing the formation of acids.
  • Ozone Analyzer
    Ozone Analyzer The 9810 Ozone Analyzer is a UV photometer which measures ozone concentrations in ambient air
  • Continuous Electrodeionization
    Continuous Electrodeionization USFilter CDI-LX® systems provide continuous, high-purity water without the problems and costs associated with hazardous regeneration chemicals and waste neutralization
  • Power Generation Evaporative Cooling Application
    Power Generation Evaporative Cooling Application McGuffy Systems has designed and fabricated the air inlet, turbine enclosure and exhaust silencer for an ongoing project that supplies generating stations in all parts of the world.
  • Onsite Emergency Service
    Onsite Emergency Service Our team is ready for you next emergency or onsite consultation project.
  • Centrifugal Pumps and Mechanical Seals Course
    Centrifugal Pumps and Mechanical Seals Course This five day course, “Take the Mystery out of Pumps and Mechanical Seals”, will provide the attendee with a strong understanding of both centrifugal pumps and mechanical seals
  • Demo CD
    Demo CD This free CD allows users to preview the PID analysis tools
  • Training Program
    Training Program PowerMaster Interactive is a comprehensive, customizable CD-ROM training program that focuses on safety-related work
  • HDR-20/TCB Turbo Gharger Final Balance Test
    HDR-20/TCB Turbo Gharger Final Balance Test The standard end-of-line balancing system to verify that core assemblies are within tolerances for balance and other parameters
  • Fluidized Service Brochure
    Fluidized Service Brochure This new brochure, Bayer’s WS Technologies – Fluidized Service, Downflow Regeneration, outlines the manufacturer’s
    OCLANSORB OCLANSORB is a nontoxic, nonabrasive organic blonde sphagnum peat moss harvested from the bogs of Newfoundland. It is a lightweight, natural hydrocarbon absorbent: more cost effective, more efficient absorbency power, and easier to use than any other products.
  • New Wear Strip for Sludge Collector Tracks
    New Wear Strip for Sludge Collector Tracks FMC has developed a new, non-metallic floor rail system to compliment its J-Track non-metallic return track system. C-Rail...
  • Phase Comparator
    Phase Comparator The Model FPX-JPM-1074 is a wideband phase comparator operating over an RF frequency range of 2250-2750 MHz at a nominal input power of –1 ± dBm
  • Gas Analyzers: 510 Series
    Gas Analyzers: 510 Series The 510 series of general-purpose gas analyzers provides continuous monitoring of concentrations of the specific sample gas. The analyzers can be operated from controls on the front panel or by commands from a remote computer.
  • Parson CA Liner 100 Parson CA Liner 100 is a structural, corrosion resistant lining to restore deteriorated sewage structures.
  • Mechanical and Equipment Survey
    Mechanical and Equipment Survey An infrared survey assesses the condition of boiler
  • Activated Carbon Absorber
    Activated Carbon Absorber Activated Carbon Absorber
  • Quarter-Turn Pinch Valve
    Quarter-Turn Pinch Valve A quarter-turn pinch valve combines the operation of a quarter-turn valve with a pinch valve's features for slurries, abrasives and corrosives
  • Metal Fatigue And Fracture Mechanics Training Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. (SI), is pleased to announce a course on Metal Fatigue & Fracture Mechanics to be held September 22-24, 1999 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Energy Management System/AMR
    Energy Management System/AMR The Turtle Energy Management System provides communications between the substation and the user’s office via standard
  • Predictor Modeling Software
    Predictor Modeling Software This new capability predicts outcomes by building models based on...
  • Pole Climbers
    Pole Climbers Product manufacture has changed a great deal since Wilmont Stevens, our founder, made his first climber in 1896
  • Travel and Alignment Sensing System
    Travel and Alignment Sensing System FMC Corporation’s Travel and Alignment Sensing System (TAS) was designed to electronically monitor retangular sludge collector systems...
  • CC Series Current Sources
    CC Series Current Sources The CC Series delivers reliable levels of high current without interruption. It is used for lab and production testing of curcuit breakers, fuses, contactor overloads, connectors, bus bar networks, temperature rise cable testing and ground connection integrity
  • ID-CSI 456 Series Current Source Drive
    ID-CSI 456 Series Current Source Drive The ID-CSI 456 Series units are rugged Variable Frequency Drives known for high performance
  • Load Management System
    Load Management System Direct Load Control is a form of load management in which the electric utility manages the homeowner's power usage
  • Pipe Support Systems
    Pipe Support Systems Shaw Pipe Support Systems is known throughout the world for its ability to accurately analyze piping stress, then engineer, design and manufacture the required piping hangers and support systems.
  • ORBISPHERE K1100 Luminescent Oxygen Sensor
    ORBISPHERE K1100 Luminescent Oxygen Sensor

    The K1100 oxygen sensor is the first optical sensor to measure low level oxygen in Power plants that requires no maintenance for an entire year.

  • Generator rotor temperature and load stability testing: Most generators that cause vibration problems going through certain megawatt load ranges, or are sensitive to certain reactive load ranges
  • AMI Sodium P
    AMI Sodium P The AMI Sodium P measures dissolved sodium in feedwater, steam and condensate. An ideal solution for our friends in the power industry, the Sodium P features a measurement range of 0.1 - 10,000 ppb.
  • Digital FM Telemetry System
    Digital FM Telemetry System The digital FM telemetry system is designed to be used with full-bridge, strain gage sensors
  • Thermo Scientific TVA2020 Toxic Vapor Analyzer
    Thermo Scientific TVA2020 Toxic Vapor Analyzer

    The Thermo Scientific™ TVA2020 Toxic Vapor analyzer is the only intrinsically safe, portable field analyzer using both Flame Ionization Detection (FID) and Photo Ionization Detection (PID) technologies.

  • Type UP Pneumatic Universal Rotary Actuators
    Type UP Pneumatic Universal Rotary Actuators

    Type UP Pneumatic Universal Rotary Actuators regulate dampers, fan inlet vanes, lever-operated valves, turbine governors, fluid drives and other final control elements.

  • PI-ODBC (Integration) PI-ODBC extends the reach of the Plant Information (PI) System, enabling a PI System to interoperate with all major, established database systems.
  • Free Chlorine Sensor
    Free Chlorine Sensor The Model 499ACL-01 sensor is intended for the continuous determination of free chlorine (hypochlorous acid plus hypochlorite ion) in water. The primary application is measuring chlorine levels in drinking water. The sensor can also be used to monitor dechlorination processes.
  • Retail Marketing Training Courses offered in the "Retail Marketing" area include:
  • Check Valves
    Check Valves Hoerbiger air and gas check valves are the answer for dependability
  • Instrument Assembly and Calibration The Jay Industrial Technologies Group is one of the largest distribution companies in the world offering a full service instrument calibration, certification, and repair facility. Capabilities include the assembly and filling of gauges/transmitters to chemical/ isolating seals
    ANSYS ANSYS provides a complete line of world class design analysis and optimization software
  • Roof Evaluation Reports/Consulting
    Roof Evaluation Reports/Consulting This roof moisture survey and visual roof inspection report provides a complete documented roof evaluation of the
  • VG Series
    VG Series The VG Series are GAS fuel metering valves for engines up to 12,000 horsepower
  • Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamics The numerical simulation of fluid mechanics and heat transfer problems is now a standard part of engineering
  • Vibration Monitoring
    Vibration Monitoring A strong advantage with the TSI family is the flexibility with graphics, trending and alarming within your DCS
  • L.E.D. & Exit Lighting
    L.E.D. & Exit Lighting It is really easy to underestimate the cost of exit lighting. There are so many factors involved that we often
  • Mobile Demineralizer Trailer
    Mobile Demineralizer Trailer

    For over 30 years, Evoqua Water Technologies has met the temporary water and emergency water needs of our customers using mobile demineralizer (DI) trailers.

  • Motorola Point-to-Point 400 Series: Wireless Ethernet Bridges
    Motorola Point-to-Point 400 Series: Wireless Ethernet Bridges High-Availability Wireless Ethernet Bridges for Obstructed and High-Interference. Environments As Well As Long-Range Line-of-Sight Links, Including Those Over Water.
  • Oil Debris Monitor This oil debris monitor (ODM) is an advanced aircraft condition assessment system that continuously monitors
  • Industrial Applications
    Industrial Applications Cummins Onan on-site power generation systems are the result of integrated design and manufacturing intended to fully satisfy our customer's requirements for reliability
  • Manhole Inserts
    Manhole Inserts Parson Manhole Inserts are made of high density polyethylene and have been proven effective in reducing or preventing surface water inflow to the collection system, through the manhole lid
  • Pipe Stress Analysis Software
    Pipe Stress Analysis Software The CAESAR II software for pipe stress analysis and design has been approved by Transco's Stress Analysis Workgroup for use on projects requiring the IGE/TD/12 piping code
  • MacWrap
    MacWrap MacWrap, an external seal for pipe and manhole joints, is a strong, multi-layered, reinforced collar that is waterproof and flexible. It can be used with joints that have been damaged in handling, which may otherwise be rejected.
  • Bearing Reliability
    Bearing Reliability Bearing reliability can be greatly improved by using the correct grease, applied in the correct time and amount.
  • Display Package
    Display Package The PI-Profile display package is used to display and analyze arrays of data
  • UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply - 150kVA From Caterpillar
    UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply - 150kVA From Caterpillar Caterpillar provides the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) 150 kVA System with flywheel-based technology. The integrated system eliminates the need for backup batteries, reduces floor space requirements and minimizes system maintenance
  • Membrane Separation
    Membrane Separation Where required, PIONEER offers Membrane Separation systems for separating undesirable substances e.g. treatment of Natural Gas or Landfill Gas (CO2 Removal).
  • Shorted-Turn Condition Monitoring Program
    Shorted-Turn Condition Monitoring Program When planning the installation of permanent probes, the following advance planning subjects should be addressed
  • U-50 Series Multi-parameter Water Quality Meters
    U-50 Series Multi-parameter Water Quality Meters Measure and display all parameters simultaneously with innovative features, a newly designed control unit, and sensor technology. Intuitive software assures ease of use and operation efficiency.
  • Fossil Plant Maintenance
    Fossil Plant Maintenance Day & Zimmermann is a leading provider of a broad portfolio of plant maintenance, modification and construction services to the fossil power sector.
  • Personal Gas Alarm
    Personal Gas Alarm Continuous monitoring of an atmosphere for potentially hazardous levels of Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfide or Oxygen is provided by the GasBadge personal gas alarm
  • VM 500 Monitor The VM 500 Monitor includes the following features...
  • Engine Filter Papers automotive air, oil, fuel - HD air, oil, fuel
  • Boresconic Testing and Generating Retaining Rings NISI provides inspection services to both fossil and nuclear power plants
  • Acidproof Concrete - Structural Grade No. 54 SG
    Acidproof Concrete - Structural Grade No. 54 SG

    Sauereisen Acidproof Concrete No. 54 SG - Structural Grade is a potassium silicate castable refractory for chemical resistant construction of sumps, dikes, containment pads, trenches, walls and other structural support columns or bases. Since No. 54 SG is fast-setting and strong, it eliminates the requirement for a Portland cement foundation in new construction and maintenance applications

  • Sonic Cleaner The Infrafone sonic cleaning device utilizes low frequency sound energy as a medium for the cleaning of air preheaters, economizers, refinery CO boilers and other applications
  • Steam Turbine Program
    Steam Turbine Program This program calculates the performance of a steam turbine section given the inlet steam temperature, pressure, flow and the exit pressure
  • Progressing Cavity Pumps
    Progressing Cavity Pumps Progressing cavity pumps are used for applications requiring the transport of heavy sludges
  • Compressor Valves
    Compressor Valves Our assortment of valve products covers all applications of reciprocating compressors from industrial air compressors,
  • TIVAR® AntiStatic With a surface resistivity range of 105 to 109 (ohms/cm2) TIVAR® AntiStatic handles tough conditions where dust and static electricity can cause problems.
  • Coal Flow Monitoring and Balancing Systems These two new methods for monitoring and balancing coal flow systems for power generation applications provide
  • Aquatech Ion Exchange
    Aquatech Ion Exchange Pure Water Treatment systems remove dissolved minerals from process water used in steam generation and other industrial applications
  • Hydraulic Oils TELLUS Oils are proprietary and formulated with an effective anti-wear compound compatible with copper bearing components for hydraulic or circulating systems calling for anti-wear oils, such as those recommended by hydraulic pump and machine tool manufacturers.
  • Part-Turn Actuators
    Part-Turn Actuators Part-turn actuators with rated torque of 100 Nm ... 16000 Nm for the operation of final control elements with preferably 90° rotary movement such as flaps, cocks, dampers, etc.
  • Fixed Satellite Phone
    Fixed Satellite Phone This GSP 2800/2900 Fixed Satellite Phone offers an innovative wireless solution for the quick and efficient
  • Brochure on Radar-Tracker Radar Transmitter
    Brochure on Radar-Tracker Radar Transmitter Bindicator produced a new brochure covering the company's new Radar Tracker Radar level transmitter.
  • Plume Abatement Tower
    Plume Abatement Tower ClearFlow effectively eliminates cooling tower plume at a substantial cost savings over conventional plume abatement systems
  • DLI Watchman DCA -31
    DLI Watchman DCA -31 Bainbridge Island, WA - The DLI Watchman DCA-31 is a lightweight but rugged data collector capable of capturing a wide range of dynamic and process data
  • Multichannel Vibration/Temperature Transmitter Dual-channel signal conditioners in the PMC/BETA Model 5000 multichannel transmitter accept...
  • HD-26/18.1Repair Shop Balancing System
    HD-26/18.1Repair Shop Balancing System The versatile HDplus microprocessor can be used to balance rotors on two different size balancing stands with one control unit
  • <B>Packaged Water Treatment Products</B>
    Packaged Water Treatment Products Based upon all of the necessary components such as filtration, demineralization, reverse osmosis, and electrodeionization systems, WATERTRAK™ delivers the most cost-effective and timely solution for your pure water treatment needs today
  • TMC 2001d Battery Management System
    TMC 2001d Battery Management System The TMC 2001d Battery Management System facilitates battery maintenance and makes it more effective
  • Tubular and Finned Tubular Duct Heaters
    Tubular and Finned Tubular Duct Heaters Heatrex High Temperature Tubular Duct Heaters are designed for installations requiring higher air temperature to accomplish drying, baking, preheating, annealing, dehumidification and similar applications
  • Integrated Rack System Protection
    Integrated Rack System Protection The Little Glass House combines the elements necessary to ensure the long-term viability of a network server
  • Calibration Software: Beamex® CMX ENTERPRISE
    Calibration Software: Beamex® CMX ENTERPRISE Calibration Software: The Beamex® CMX Enterprise takes calibration management to a higher level. One floating server installation of CMX Enterprise calibration software in the corporate server and all plants can share the same calibration system and database worldwide. With an unlimited number of positions in a database and all the features of CMX calibration software as standard, CMX Enterprise meets the needs of corporations with large calibration assets and multiple plants.
  • Millennium III
    Millennium III Rover Data is a small company with 12 years of experience and many satisfied users
  • Machinery Unbalance Wall Chart
    Machinery Unbalance Wall Chart The Machinery Unbalance Wall Chart measures 24.5 x 34.25 inches and contains over 30 diagrams and explanations about machinery unbalance conditions
  • Power Center
    Power Center The Precision Power Center offers the benefits of a customized power system, with the convenience of a pre-packaged, factory-tested system
  • GPSteam Add-in for RTXHDB GPSteam Add-in for RTXHDB is a Microsoft Excel Version 7.0 Add-in file.
  • 8576, P95 Particulate Respirator
    8576, P95 Particulate Respirator The 8576, P95 Particulate Respirator is designed to protect the worker against certain oil and non-oil based aerosol particles including those present with nuisance levels of acid gases
  • AcuVal, Asset Valuation System
    AcuVal, Asset Valuation System AcuOption is designed to provide comprehensive, innovative
  • Pipe Liner Subtitled, "U-Liner(The Pipe Within A Pipe)", this four-color, four-page product literature describes the ...