• The SUEZ IDEAS Center
    The SUEZ IDEAS Center

    The SUEZ IDEAS Center provides treatability, piloting and R&D services that comply with today’s ever-changing environmental regulations and anticipate the complex system challenges that await tomorrow’s industrial and municipal clients. SUEZ’ state-of-the-art laboratory is staffed by renowned research and development engineers and scientists who are equipped to analyze the composition of water and wastewater samples and develop the best technical, cost-effective solutions for SUEZ clients.

  • Coating Services
    Coating Services This line of metallic and ceramic coatings provides protective components against wear, heat corrosion and oxidation attack for a full range of industrial applications...
  • Paraflo Series
    Paraflo Series Superior Design Increases Efficiency and Improves Filter Cartridge Life
  • AS 25 The AS 25 is a versitile autostart that is popular with small engines and gensets
  • Calibrator Meter
    Calibrator Meter The combination calibrator/laboratory meter measures conductivity, cation conductivity, reboiled (degassed) conductivity, pH, and ORP
  • Flood Certificate and Maps The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Flood Certificate provides certification of a property's location in relation to identified flood zones
  • Filtration Brochure
    Filtration Brochure This brochure lists the different styles of the manufacturer’s complete line of air filtration products
  • Sliding-Shoe Pump
    Sliding-Shoe Pump We make a pump that works harder and longer than any comparable models made by other manufacturers.
  • Single Phase Inverters
    Single Phase Inverters SSPlus Series Inverters are true on-line ferroresonant transformer-based designs intended for use in UPS systems or in stand-alone applications
  • ID-CSI 456 Series Current Source Drive
    ID-CSI 456 Series Current Source Drive The ID-CSI 456 Series units are rugged Variable Frequency Drives known for high performance
  • HM-16.1J Balancer for Small Turbine Rotors
    HM-16.1J Balancer for Small Turbine Rotors This small horizontal balancing system is used for helicopter and APU applications
  • Subsea Motor Pump Systems In support of the Petrobras' SBMS-500 Subsea multiphase pumping system, Westinghouse will provide the Subsea motor-pump subsystem, including a 6.9kv, 1700hp submerged motor
  • 2600T Pressure Transmitter
    2600T Pressure Transmitter

    The ABB 2600T unique pressure transmitters family is built upon the experience of leading names like Bailey, Hartmann & Braun, Fisher & Porter, Schoppe and Faeser, Kent and Taylor. Therefore 2600T offers the widest choice of pressure transmitters features available on the market.

  • Preventol Corrosion Inhibitors Preventol CI products create a barrier against many corrosive agents
  • Integrated Rack System Protection
    Integrated Rack System Protection The Little Glass House combines the elements necessary to ensure the long-term viability of a network server
  • MC Series Contactor and Starter Test Systems
    MC Series Contactor and Starter Test Systems The MC Series is used on contactor production lines to maximize throughput and to achieve the highest product quality. It is based on a modular platform that is easily expandable upon demand.
  • PI-ProcessBook (Client) PI-ProcessBook is the premier graphical user interface for the PI System industrial desktop.
  • Supercomputing Systems
    Supercomputing Systems The Cray T90 Series of supercomputers provides nearly 60 billion calculations per second (gigaflops) of peak
  • Multiturn Electric Acutators
    Multiturn Electric Acutators Multiturn Electric Acutators
  • SALINO® Pressure Center
    SALINO® Pressure Center

    In small to medium-sized desalination systems the SALINO® Pressure Center proves that greatness has nothing to do with size. The 4-in-1 technology combines all relevant components needed for pressure boosting and energy recovery in one RO system.

  • Power Generation Evaporative Cooling Application
    Power Generation Evaporative Cooling Application McGuffy Systems has designed and fabricated the air inlet, turbine enclosure and exhaust silencer for an ongoing project that supplies generating stations in all parts of the world.
  • Advanced Automatic Circuit Restoration System
    Advanced Automatic Circuit Restoration System This device has the speed, accuracy, and advanced distributed processing power—and is available with S&C’s new SpeedNet Radio—required by S&C’s IntelliTEAM II™ Automatic Restoration System
  • NOx Reduction Technology
    NOx Reduction Technology Green Diesel Technology is a new technology that utilizes the benefits of a catalyzed particulate filter and low-
  • J-Press® Overhead Filter Press
    J-Press® Overhead Filter Press

    State-of-the-Art Filter Press engineered to meet your specific dewatering application needs.

  • Evaporative Processes
    Evaporative Processes Aquatech’s experience with evaporative systems for the concentration of various industrial products is vast. Their experience includes a wide range of technologies that meet specific applications for thermal processes that are used for product concentration or re-concentration or process fluids.
  • Onsite Emergency Service
    Onsite Emergency Service Our team is ready for you next emergency or onsite consultation project.
  • Radley Barcode Data Collection for QAD
    Radley Barcode Data Collection for QAD More than ever, companies implementing Mfg/Pro are recognizing that Automatic Data Collection, including Bar Coding and Radio Frequency networks, is essential
  • Gas Station
    Gas Station Monitoring and Controls for Hydrogen-Cooled Generators in a Single, Integrated Station
  • Turbine Generator Here is a listing of the types of parts we can supply.
  • Generator Gas Monitoring
    Generator Gas Monitoring The importance of monitoring hydrogen impacts on safety -- and profitability.
  • Power Plants Committed to excellence in the cogeneration and prime power plant industry, we can satisfy any capability you may require, from 85kW to more than 20MW.
  • Wright Tool Professional Master Sets
    Wright Tool Professional Master Sets A selection of professional master sets, ranging from its Mega Master Set containing 560 individual tools, to its smaller Apprentice and Basic Service Sets
  • Plume Abatement Tower
    Plume Abatement Tower ClearFlow effectively eliminates cooling tower plume at a substantial cost savings over conventional plume abatement systems
  • Universal Ground/Insulation Resistance Tester
    Universal Ground/Insulation Resistance Tester Designed to meet the demanding needs of the electrical contractor and safety inspector, the STERLING/METREL model
  • Surface-Mount Multiple Voltage Power Source The company offers the AK40/42A Series, designed to deliver a high-power density (15W/in.3), 24/48 VDC power solution for embedded DC/DC applications
  • Electric Linear Actuators
    Electric Linear Actuators Jordan Controls, Inc., Milwaukee,Wis., announces linear electricactuators that directly replace pneumatic drives
  • Inspection and Repair Database Component Assessment Management System (CAMS) is a PC compatible database program that organizes and displays component inspection and repair data for multiple power stations
  • Tangential Fired Burners
    Tangential Fired Burners The high-performance solution for your T-Fired boiler retrofit
  • Electrostatic Dust Monitor
    Electrostatic Dust Monitor Using the triboelectric principle, the Model 201 electrostatic dust monitor includes an intrinsically safe five in. stainless steel probe (up to 1550°F) and a NEMA 4 control unit
  • Class W400 Cooling Tower
    Class W400 Cooling Tower Its low pump head, high-performance fill, and high-efficiency fans deliver state-of-the-art performance in a wood-framed counterflow tower
  • OSHA Training Software:  Electric Utilities
    OSHA Training Software: Electric Utilities This version of Instant OSHA Plus is an occupational training program for safety and health specifically for public power utilities
  • Project Management Software
    Project Management Software Primavera's SureTrak Project Manager 2.0 helps users develop a solid plan for achieving project goals and managing them to a successful finish
  • Prosonic Flow 92F
    Prosonic Flow 92F

    Ultrasonic Flow Measuring System 2-Wire loop powered inline flowmeter

  • ITA Tank Level Gauge
    ITA Tank Level Gauge ITA Tank Level Gauge for simple hassle free and safe liquid level indication
  • Gas Cylinder Sling
    Gas Cylinder Sling The BoaGrip gas cylinder sling is an adjustable tool for gripping, carrying and suspending gas cylinders
  • TF - Full And Hollow Cone Spiral Nozzles
    TF - Full And Hollow Cone Spiral Nozzles Features of the TF Series include high-energy efficiency, high discharge velocity, and clog-resistant performance
  • EM200 The EM200 contains all the features of the EM100 plus Pre-Alarms for Oil Pressure and Water Temperature
  • Closed Loop Ambient Air Cooling
    Closed Loop Ambient Air Cooling PIONEER AQUA SAVER closed loop cooling systems use virtually FREE ambient air to cool water, which in turn cools the VOC gases
  • The AR Clinker Grinder
    The AR Clinker Grinder With the exclusive heavy duty AR rotor...
  • Solicap S FTI 77
    Solicap S FTI 77

    Use in safety systems requiring functional safety to SIL2/SIL3 in combination with electronic insert FEI55

  • Water Utility Survey Results
    Water Utility Survey Results An independent survey of water utility companies across the United States and Canada has concluded that the cost of operations and maintenance (O&M) for concrete pressure pipe are low.
  • Industrial PC for Power/Generator Systems OEMs
    Industrial PC for Power/Generator Systems OEMs These systems are designed as workstation solutions for
  • Digtial Load Monitor
    Digtial Load Monitor The Digtial Load Monitor offers high accuracy mesurements with a backlighted LCD display and serial communications
  • Cleaning Services for Lubricating Oil Systems
    Cleaning Services for Lubricating Oil Systems This company offers various services to the lubricating oil system of the turbine generator...
  • Online Condition Monitoring System
    Online Condition Monitoring System Bainbridge Island, WA - PREDICT/DLI launches its new DLI Watchman DCX Online Intelligent Condition Monitoring systems
  • Dual-Flow Water Screens
    Dual-Flow Water Screens Installed in a vertical chamber that forms part of the intake well, the screening surface of the Dual-Flow Traveling Water Screen
  • CAESAR II Piping System Design and Stress Analysis CAESAR II incorporates capabilities from piping codes to expansion joint, valve and flange, and structural data bases to structural and buried pipe modeling, to equipment and vessel nozzle evaluation, to spectrum and time history analysis
  • Trola-Dyne Inc. Trola-Dyne Inc.
  • Gas Compressor
    Gas Compressor This program computes the power required to compress any
  • Oil Purifier The HNP 021 Oil Purifier is said to remove essentially all free water, free gases, and entrained gases, and as much as 80% of dissolved water and dissolved gases from liquids
  • hubenergy
    hubenergy hubenergy can be used for billing of electricity or gas and is designed for customer billing with multiple levels of detail
  • Property Specific Reports A detailed search about the company and a specific address produces a comprehensive report providing information
  • PowerCommand Automatic and Bypass Isolation Transfer Switches
    PowerCommand Automatic and Bypass Isolation Transfer Switches Cummins Onan transfer switches maintain the critical link between the normal power source and the power generation system
  • Calibration Software: Beamex® CMX - Calibration History Analysis
    Calibration Software: Beamex® CMX - Calibration History Analysis Would you like to know what the optimal calibration interval for an instrument is? Analyzing the optimal calibration interval is easy and efficient with the help of Beamex® CMX Calibration Software. The History Trend functionality of the CMX allows you to analyze the instrument's drift over a certain time period.
  • Temperature Measurement
    Temperature Measurement

    They are the Thermometers which cover the widest range of use, from factory utilities to chemical processes.

  • CoronaMeter The CoronaMeter locates and measures corona intensity using a non-contact optical method
  • Power Systems Remote Monitoring - Cat PointGuard
    Power Systems Remote Monitoring - Cat PointGuard PointGuard™ equipment monitoring and management services use web-based software, remote communications technologies and on-site hardware to connect Caterpillar® power solution users with their generator sets and related equipment
  • Quarterturn Electric Acuators
    Quarterturn Electric Acuators Model SG electric actuator
  • HWS-30.3 Turbine Blade Movement Scale
    HWS-30.3 Turbine Blade Movement Scale Complete packages for single axis and three axis moment weighing are available with scale, blade distribution hardware and software, tables, weights, calibration adapters, and windage enclosure
  • Monitor AMI LineTOC
    Monitor AMI LineTOC

    Complete monitoring system for the automatic, continuous measurement of total organic carbon (TOC) in pure and high purity water.

  • Opti-Check™ Optically Activated Pigments
    Opti-Check™ Optically Activated Pigments Holidays. Pinholes. Imperfections. Whatever you call them the results are always the same—catastrophic.
  • Flame Sensor
    Flame Sensor A new non-invasive flame sensor, the 8TP10 LMXI, is designed to be reliable, easy to install, and provide long
  • Pipe Lining System
    Pipe Lining System AM-LINER II is a PVC pipe lining system, which allows for repair of broken and leaking underground sewer lines
  • DensityPRO Series Of Gauges
    DensityPRO Series Of Gauges

    Increase safety and lower capital costs with easy-to-use, non-contacting process density gauges. The Thermo Scientific™ DensityPRO series offers accurate density measurements, capable of the highest precision at the widest temperature range.

  • Retubing & Rebuilding Before you replace costly equipment, talk to an American professional about our proven, cost-effective retubing and rebuilding services. American repairs can extend the life of existing equipment 20 to 30 years, helping you avoid a major capital expense
  • Self-Seal MW-300
    Self-Seal MW-300 Self Seal MW-300 is a specially formulated, pre-sized, semi-rigid mineral felt strip with a 4.5 pcf (72 kg/m3) density
  • Liquid Analysis
    Liquid Analysis

    Analysis instruments for pH / ORP, conductivity, oxygen, turbidity, sludge level, disinfection, nutrients, TOC, sum parameters metals and other indicators in liquids.

  • Heat Exchanger Repair and Rebuild Services
    Heat Exchanger Repair and Rebuild Services Since 1973, HydroThrift has been providing industry and utilities with the know-how and quality workmanship necessary to maintain the wide variety of heat exchanger's in today's work place
  • Hydraulic Crimping System New, safer, effective crimp-off of damaged, heavy wall reformer tubes.while reformer remains on stream 24-hours, 7-days-per-week
  • Monetizing Stranded Gas Reserves
    Monetizing Stranded Gas Reserves This unique event features opportunities and challenges for moving remote, associated and marginal gas to market without a pipeline as energy developers seek alternatives to flaring, reinjection and abandonment
  • Discharge Monitoring Report System
    Discharge Monitoring Report System The discharge monitoring report (DMR) system is a software application that automates the process of collecting data and preparing EPA Form 3320-1
  • Performance Summary Software
    Performance Summary Software Performance Summary allows brief previews of performance increase, robustness increase, valve travel, and valve reversal indices...
  • Power Control Systems
    Power Control Systems Power control and switchgear systems in low and medium voltage ratings for single- and multi-unit on-site power generators
  • Industrial Valve Sales & Service The company's Industrial Services Group provides a wide range of industrial valve sales and service, including the repair of line, control and safety/relief valves and full and quarter turn actuators.
  • Asset Valuation Services
    Asset Valuation Services Acumen energy experts divest, purchase, and build generating capacity. The team uses a proprietary system
  • DC Watt Transducer
    DC Watt Transducer The PC8 units were designed to provide accurate power measurements on sinusoidal or highly distorted waveforms
  • Series "G"
    Series "G" Heavy Industrial and Large HVAC Distribution Systems
  • Mycom S CLM153
    Mycom S CLM153

    Mycom S CLM153 is a one or two circuit transmitter for conductive or inductive conductivity, with controller and limit value functions, for Ex or non-Ex areas.

  • Power Center
    Power Center The Precision Power Center offers the benefits of a customized power system, with the convenience of a pre-packaged, factory-tested system
  • Series SB-SS - Seal Welded High Pressure Ball Valves
    Series SB-SS - Seal Welded High Pressure Ball Valves Seal Welded 2160WOG Stainless Steel Ball Valve, NACE Compliant, API 607 Fire Safe, ASME B16.34 Class 900 Compliant, API 608 Compliant, NPT Ends, Standard Locking 304SS Handle.
  • eDM CARE
    eDM CARE Knowing that effective customer relationship management hinges on integrating and automating back-end processes, SCG has developed eDM CARE
  • CM250 The CM250 is a complete control and communication system for your generator
  • Multiply Your Broadband Revenues By Serving Multi-Unit Locations
    Multiply Your Broadband Revenues By Serving Multi-Unit Locations Motorola’s Powerline MU BPL solution enables service providers to quickly and easily bring high-speed broadband access to business and residential customers in multi-unit buildings. By transforming a building’s existing electrical system into a powerful broadband communications network, Powerline MU helps you transform your revenue streams by reaching profitable customers you could never reach before.
  • Rigging
    Rigging Unlimited capability with documented history in excess of 500,000 lbs. single picks.
  • Supply of Substation Structures & Erection Drawings We can custom design a structure in lattice type or low profile type design
  • Portable Fuel Cell
    Portable Fuel Cell The Enable PFC, a 12-watt personal/portable fuel cell, provides portable, clean electrical power for virtually
  • Cable Concrete™ Block Mat System
    Cable Concrete™ Block Mat System Cable Concrete™ protects underlying subgrades while allowing beneficial vegetative growth
  • Multipower 52 - NM900/52 Wind Turbines
    Multipower 52 - NM900/52 Wind Turbines With the Multipower 52 (NM900/52), NEG Micon has again set new standards for the relationship between cost, quality and performance for utility scale wind turbines.
  • COMBUSTROL FACT Flue Gas Conditioning System
    COMBUSTROL FACT Flue Gas Conditioning System The Wheelabrator COMBUSTROL FACT Flue Gas Conditioning System is an efficient, flexible and cost-effective option
  • Containers
    Containers For high structural integrity or semi-portability applications, Robinson Custom Enclosures can supply and customize a variety of high-strength steel containers