• Explosion-proof Grinder Pumps
    Explosion-proof Grinder Pumps Mid Atlantic Pump and Equipment Company offers Myers' WG20 and WGX20 explosion-proof
  • Articulating Videoborescope
    Articulating Videoborescope The Fibercam 400 Advanced Articulation (AA) videoborescope features four-way, 270° articulation
  • Gas-fueled Generator Set
    Gas-fueled Generator Set The 1.2MW Innovator Genset utilizes an overhauled Lycoming
  • Chemical Filters
    Chemical Filters Ducon supplies custom engineered chemical srtippers to remove benzene, ammonia, volatile organic compunds and other inorganic chemicals and gases from water and waste water streams
  • Toshiba Motors
    Toshiba Motors Toshiba Motors have a reputation that is built on Quality, Performance
  • Fog Cooling Systems
    Fog Cooling Systems A series of stainless steel tubing arrays distribute demineralized water under high (2000 to 3500 psi) pressure
  • DESS Design/Management Suite
    DESS Design/Management Suite DESS is an integrated software package for the design, management, and optimization of electrical distribution systems...
  • Fluidized Service Brochure
    Fluidized Service Brochure This new brochure, Bayer’s WS Technologies – Fluidized Service, Downflow Regeneration, outlines the manufacturer’s
  • Return Track System
    Return Track System FMC's J-Track, the non-metallic return track system, can be used in new and existing rectangular sludge collector installations...
  • LMG100 Econolev Magnetic Level Gauge
    LMG100 Econolev Magnetic Level Gauge

    The ECONOLEV LMG100 is a magnetic liquid level gauge specifically designed for the OEM / commercial storage tank, and light industrial market. It is engineered to meet most liquid measurement applications where a simple, non custom armored level gauge is required. The ECONOLEV provides an economical solution to traditional exposed glass level gauges.

  • IFS Wins Another Customer in Migration from TCM™ Software to IFS e-Business and Enterprise Solutions New web-based components will manage the entire supply chain for leading bird feeder business, Opus Inc.
  • CODECALC Component Design for Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers CODECALC analyzes all of the individual components of a typical pressure vessel or heat exchanger, including shells, heads, nozzles (with strength path calculations), cones, floating heads, tubesheets (both TEMA and ASME) and flanges
  • PI-ProcessBook (Client) PI-ProcessBook is the premier graphical user interface for the PI System industrial desktop.
  • Parallel Shaft Gear Units
    Parallel Shaft Gear Units A wide range of single stage and two stage parallel shaft gearboxes are available for applications from 700 - 270,000 HP (500 - 200,000 kW).
  • Actuators - Fluid Power
    Actuators - Fluid Power We offer a wide range of standard actuator assemblies that guarantee a fit to your unique turbine valve arrangement.
  • Chiller Chemistry ™ Hudson, the recognized national leader in Chiller Chemistry™, performs both an oil and refrigerant sampling program that is truly unique.
  • Gas Fired Duct Burner
    Gas Fired Duct Burner The company’s duct burner uses small modular burners to provide uniform downstream temperatures
  • Solar Fountain Pumps
    Solar Fountain Pumps Solar Fountain Pumps use natural light to run automatically for days regardless of the weather...
  • Digital Control Units
    Digital Control Units The Comverge Load Management System is a powerful Microsoft Windows -based software package installed on a dedicated desktop personal computer
  • Calibrator Certification Service
    Calibrator Certification Service

    The Thermo Scientific Calibrator Certification Service compares and validates the Thermo Scientific Model 81i Mercury Calibrator to a NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) traceable Vendor Prime or Field Reference Generator. The calibration method is based on the Interim Draft Traceability Protocol as set forth by NIST and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

  • Transformer Pumps
    Transformer Pumps Cardinal Transformer Oil Pumps are offered in both centrifugal and axial flow models
  • Cooling Tower Analysis Program
    Cooling Tower Analysis Program Cooling Tower Analysis is a user-friendly program for the analysis of induced, mechanical-draft, counterflow cooling towers
  • Air Amplifiers
    Air Amplifiers The company’s alternative to a dedicated high pressure compressor, the air amplifier is a compact unit that requires no electrical or mechanical drive connections, is powered by the same air that it amplifies, and can be mounted in any position
  • Cooling Towers
    Cooling Towers Pioneer Evap-Kool Aluminum housing and PVC fill Modular Cooling Towers offer the most cooling value for your capital investment
  • Prosonic Flow B200
    Prosonic Flow B200

    The biogas market is booming. No wonder, as the gas obtained from fermentation of energy crops, organic waste, liquid manure, sewage sludge or leftover plant materials can be used in a variety of beneficial ways – including fueling vehicles or generating heat and electricity in combined heat and power plants.

  • The Harmony Wireless Communication System
    The Harmony Wireless Communication System The Harmony Wireless Communication System is a digital wireless solution. It provides a complete private communications package for customers who own and want control of their 800 and 900 MHz frequencies.
  • Calibration: Beamex® MC5 Multifunction Calibrator
    Calibration: Beamex® MC5 Multifunction Calibrator Calibration: The modular construction of the Beamex® MC5 calibrator provides flexibility for user-specific requirements. For example, MC5 multifunction calibrator can be ordered as a pressure or temperature stand-alone calibrator, and then later be expanded into a data logging, versatile multifunction calibrator.
  • Evaporative Type (CE)
    Evaporative Type (CE) CE System uses the principle of evaporation to provide coolant temperatures comparable to an open cooling tower without the fouling, scaling, and chemical treatment problems
  • Container Impact And Tilt Indicators
    Container Impact And Tilt Indicators

    A Shockwatch impact indicator is a highly-visible device that will activate when an impact level exceeds a predetermined level. Mounted on a packaging container, the device visually alerts everyone involved in the package handling process that additional care is required.

  • Economy MicroLamp
    Economy MicroLamp A simple high quality modular compact fluorescent lamp and adapter system for replacing 25 to 60 watt incandescent lamps.
  • Phase-Fired SCR Power Controllers
    Phase-Fired SCR Power Controllers The PCI (phase-angle, cosine intercept) power controller series provides full wave output
  • Refrigerant Sales Hudson Technologies provides a complete line of packaged reclaimed or virgin CFC, HCFC, HFC and replacement blend refrigerants.
  • GM200 The GM200 includes all the functions of the GM100 plus Pre-Alarms for LOP, HWT, LWT, and Speed Sender Monitoring
  • Deltabar FMD72 Electronic Differential Pressure Measurement System
    Deltabar FMD72 Electronic Differential Pressure Measurement System

    Endress+Hauser announces the Deltabar FMD72 Electronic Differential Pressure measurement system. The Deltabar FMD72 uses two pressure sensor modules connected to a single transmitter—thus eliminating the need for impulse lines or capillaries.

  • SSR-6000 Interval Pulse Data Recorder with Internal CDMA Modem
    SSR-6000 Interval Pulse Data Recorder with Internal CDMA Modem 8-Channel, MV-90 Compatible Load Profiling Demand Recorder for Energy Metering Applications that readily accepts up to 4-KYZ or 8-KY Pulse Inputs with CDMA Digital Cellular and Telephone Modem options.
  • High Capacity Load Banks
    High Capacity Load Banks This high capacity load bank was specifically designed for high power
  • Variable Optical Attenuator: FTE-4000
    Variable Optical Attenuator: FTE-4000 Terahertz Technologies’ FTE-4000 Variable Optical Attenuator is ideal for balancing transmitter power, adjusting receiver attenuation settings, and can assist in the testing of system budget compliance. Depending on your needs, two models offering 40 dB attenuation level or 80 dB attenuation level are available.
  • ELS, EL and EL Extended Series Rotary Actuators
    ELS, EL and EL Extended Series Rotary Actuators Optimum Performance Under the Most Demanding On/Off and Regulating Conditions From aggressive chemicals
  • "Smart" Transmitter The Type EQS "smart" transmitter for temperature measurement in process-control applications such as water treatment accepts RTD, thermocouple, millivolt, and ohms inputs.
  • HD-28.1 Power Generation Balancer
    HD-28.1 Power Generation Balancer This 80,000 lb capacity horizontal machine is used for balancing large armatures, impellers, and blowers
  • CFX-4 Available on Windows NT
    CFX-4 Available on Windows NT AEA Technology has released the first Windows NT version of its CFX-4 software that will allow engineers to simulate fluid flows on high-end Intel-based PCs
  • Optical Sensor
    Optical Sensor The TP30 non-invasive optical sensor is designed to provide fast, accurate and reliable measurement of inlet gas combustion temperatures for industrial turbines
  • Condumax CLS 15
    Condumax CLS 15

    Condumax W CLS15 is a conductivity sensor equipped with fixed cable or plug-in versions with integrated temperature sensor Pt 100. The sensor has a cell constant k = 0.01 cm-1 or k = 0.1 cm-1.

  • Ash Drag Conveyors
    Ash Drag Conveyors Ehrsam Submerged Ash Drag Conveyors (SDC's) collect, cool, convey and de-water hot bottom ash from industrial, circulating fluidized-bed and utility boilers and incinerators
  • POWER-GEN 2000: Slip Analyzer for Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
    POWER-GEN 2000: Slip Analyzer for Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) AltOptronic’s LDS 3000 analyzer is designed to handle the very rough industrial environment consisting of high
  • Instruments Galore Catalog
    Instruments Galore Catalog This catalog has 44 full-color pages filled with ISO 9001-certified instruments for testing, measuring,...
  • RF Remote Level Controls Brochure
    RF Remote Level Controls Brochure Bindicator has released a new brochure covering the company's RF remote level controls for sensing and control of bulk solids,
  • QbD1200 Laboratory Total Organic Carbon Analyzer
    QbD1200 Laboratory Total Organic Carbon Analyzer

    The Hach QbD1200 takes the pain out of TOC analysis and lowers your total cost of ownership.

  • SmartRack 30/30 (84)
    SmartRack 30/30 (84) AFC Industries is the leading US manufacturer of medical furniture today.
  • Digital Interfacing In order to effectively share the mapping data with other departments, the GIS mapping system must be interfaced and linked with other in house operating systems such as
  • System-3
    System-3 Megator System-3 is a three-unit, integrated system for handling water pollution problems, especially water contaminated with oil and effluents.
  • Pressure Vessel Software
    Pressure Vessel Software PVElite Version 4.00 is an enhanced edition of a Windows (95/98/NT) integrated vessel design and stress analysis
  • Boiler Tube De-Slagging Solution
    Boiler Tube De-Slagging Solution Cleaning in fouled boiler sections with tight tube spacing is achieved with NorthAmerican’s linear explosive cleaning
  • CH Bearing System
    CH Bearing System The Kingsbury CH Bearing System integrates a fully self-contained, flange-mounted, horizontal equalizing double thrust bearing with a self-aligning journal bearing (CH); and a remote, separately mounted journal bearing (C)
  • Elastic Support of Test Stands and Testing Equipment
    Elastic Support of Test Stands and Testing Equipment Test stands and other testing equipment are being used worldwide to study dynamic behaviors
  • QLA Ultra Low Nox Burner
    QLA Ultra Low Nox Burner Coen Company goes the extra mile for you with superior burner designs offered by no one else
  • Battery Load Unit TORKEL 820 - Telecom
    Battery Load Unit TORKEL 820 - Telecom During a power outage, crucial telecommunication equipment must be operating by batteries
  • TUR-M-EPOXY Restoration Process
    TUR-M-EPOXY Restoration Process TUR-M-EPOXY is TMT’s patented process for the restoration of close tolerance surfaces through the application of an epoxy resin coating
  • Zero Liquid Discharge
    Zero Liquid Discharge

    Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) represents the ultimate cutting-edge treatment system for the total elimination of wastewater effluent into neighboring waterways.

  • Automatic Solar Operated Turn-Off Device
    Automatic Solar Operated Turn-Off Device U.S. Gaslight Company, a Division of TrimbleHouse Corp. has developed and patented a second generation automatic solar operated turn-off device for gas lights that is designed as a retrofit for gaslights that are already in operation or for new installati
  • Xendos Systems
    Xendos Systems The Xendos 1800/1900 process oxygen analyzer systems are based on the renowned Servomex paramagnetic technology.
  • Model 7915 Cavitation Monitoring System
    Model 7915 Cavitation Monitoring System The Accusonic Model 7915 Cavitation Monitoring System (CMS) monitors the cavitation that occurs on the surface of turbine runner blades
  • Condensate Treatment Systems
    Condensate Treatment Systems Condensate streams normally contain corrosion products and/or dissolved mineral, which may reduce the efficiency of the thermal cycle or cause internal chemical or physical damage to the system.
  • Thermo Scientific Monitoring Solutions Demonstration Trailers
    Thermo Scientific Monitoring Solutions Demonstration Trailers Ideal for on-site tours, the ambient or source solutions demonstration trailer can be scheduled for facility visits, demonstrations and/or educational sessions.
  • Engineering and Design
    Engineering and Design Projects contracted by our company are reviewed in detail to determine the equipment and accessories required to ensure a safe but cost effective methodology to complete the job
  • Fog Cooling Systems
    Fog Cooling Systems Fog cooling systems are a series of stainless steel tubing arrays precisely distributing demineralized water under high pressure to specialized nozzles...
  • Portable Pressure Calibrator
    Portable Pressure Calibrator The portable pressure calibrator series incorporates a high/low feature for pressure readings
  • Environmental Law Handbook
    Environmental Law Handbook The fourteenth Edition of the Environmental Law Handbook is now available from Government Institutes...
  • Meteor Hammer Mills
    Meteor Hammer Mills The Williams Meteor Mill is characterized by high hammer-tip speed to permit a fine product or to obtain specific characteristics in the finished product
  • Energy Management Service
    Energy Management Service eDM CARE integrates Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems with back-office applications enabling
  • Solids Removal Centrifuge
    Solids Removal Centrifuge Developed to remove solids down to five micron from grinding fluids, the LiquiPac HS/2 centrifuge produces a dry solid cake, reducing waste volume
  • 8C175 Roots Gas Meter
    8C175 Roots Gas Meter Permanent accuracy, rugged construction, wide rangeability and simple field testing add up to the best investment in gas measurement equipment your company can make.
  • ID-CSI 456 Series Current Source Drive
    ID-CSI 456 Series Current Source Drive The ID-CSI 456 Series units are rugged Variable Frequency Drives known for high performance
  • Metal-Enclosed Load Interrupter Switchgear
    Metal-Enclosed Load Interrupter Switchgear From single section fused switches to service entrance line-ups with utility metering compartments
  • Deltatop DO75F
    Deltatop DO75F Differential pressure flow measurements with orifices and Deltabar differential pressure transmitter.
  • Infra-View Infrared Thermometers
    Infra-View Infrared Thermometers Infra-View Infrared Thermometers are remote sensing infrared detectors that are permanently flange mounted on any port, door or penetration into the boiler or furnance
  • Plant Vibration Solutions Training Course Structural Integrity is offering a course on Plant Vibration Solutions March 22-24, 2000 in San Diego, CA
  • LP - Solid Stream Nozzle
    LP - Solid Stream Nozzle LP - Solid Stream Nozzle
  • Bearing Reliability
    Bearing Reliability Bearing reliability can be greatly improved by using the correct grease, applied in the correct time and amount.
  • 24-Port 10/100 Managed Fiber Optic Gigabit Switch—Now with more options!
    24-Port 10/100 Managed Fiber Optic Gigabit Switch—Now with more options! Move more data 10 times faster with VERSITRON’S new 24 port gigabit fiber optic switch
  • REACH Technology
    REACH Technology The Reduced Emissions and Advanced Combustion Hardware (REACH) technology reduces emissions in oil- and gas-fired boilers through hardware changes such as upgraded atomizers and flame stabilizers that provide combustion conditions conducive to emissions reductions.
  • Sybase iAnywhere Mobility Platform
    Sybase iAnywhere Mobility Platform The rapid and enthusiastic adoption of mobile technology in the healthcare industry comes as no surprise. This is an industry that while steeped in tradition, is also driven by discovery and innovation.
  • GCM-A
    GCM-A The probability of overheating in today's air-cooled apparatus has increased as designs are pushed ever closer to critical limits.
  • RF Level Control
    RF Level Control Bindicator has introduced a new RF level control assembly configuration to handle difficult process applications
  • Solicap S FTI 77
    Solicap S FTI 77

    Use in safety systems requiring functional safety to SIL2/SIL3 in combination with electronic insert FEI55

  • MT20T-12-C-1.2-460Ac
    MT20T-12-C-1.2-460Ac MT20T-12-C-1.2-460Ac Trunnion with position feedback for machine control application
  • Tideflex® Mixing System
    Tideflex® Mixing System Red Valve’s new Tideflex® Mixing System (TMS) greatly improves the quality of drinking water in finished water storage reservoirs.
  • Prowirl 73F
    Prowirl 73F

    Calculation of the mass flow from the measured variables volume flow and temperature in the integrated flow computer

  • Rovver 900 Crawler
    Rovver 900 Crawler The company offers the Rovver 900, a large-diameter pipe inspection crawler that features an adjustable viewing height range, excellent maneuverability and the power to inspect through rough terrain.
  • ORBISPHERE K1100 Luminescent Oxygen Sensor
    ORBISPHERE K1100 Luminescent Oxygen Sensor

    The K1100 oxygen sensor is the first optical sensor to measure low level oxygen in Power plants that requires no maintenance for an entire year.

  • Weighfeeders
    Weighfeeders The Series 400 Weighfeeders are used to add lime during the water treatment process
  • Power Plus Once again, COEN continues to raise the standard for the entire combustion industry
    OCLANSORB OCLANSORB is a nontoxic, nonabrasive organic blonde sphagnum peat moss harvested from the bogs of Newfoundland. It is a lightweight, natural hydrocarbon absorbent: more cost effective, more efficient absorbency power, and easier to use than any other products.
  • Personal Gas Alarm
    Personal Gas Alarm Continuous monitoring of an atmosphere for potentially hazardous levels of Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfide or Oxygen is provided by the GasBadge personal gas alarm
  • Welding
    Welding PCI has developed machine welding processes in accordance with ASME Section IX and expertise in manual, machine and remote machine welding with overlay, cladding, seal, butt and fillet weld applications
  • Optical To Electrical Converter: TIA-2000
    Optical To Electrical Converter: TIA-2000 Terahertz Technologies’ TIA-2000 Optical to Electrical Converter is a high speed photodetector module designed for direct optical-to-electrical conversion of RF-modulated optical signals and provides a typical bandwidth of DC-20 GHz.
  • Offshore Natural Gas Offshore Natural Gas features opportunities and challenges associated with offshore production, field development, processing, storage, transmission and/or disposal of natural gas in an environment increasingly sensitive to greenhouse gas emissions
  • Regal R&O Regal R&O oils are turbine-quality circulating and compressor oils formulated to perform over a wide range of operating temperatures.
  • Cable Concrete™ Block Mat System
    Cable Concrete™ Block Mat System Cable Concrete™ protects underlying subgrades while allowing beneficial vegetative growth
  • Boiler Work
    Boiler Work ASME "S" -Authorized by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers to Manufacture and Assemble Power Boilers