• Engine Lubrication System The company’s engine lubrication system includes a pair of lubrication galleries that extend through the engine block between the ends of the engine crankshaft
  • GeoForm® Grout Bag Structure Guard GeoForm® grout bags represent a revolutionary step in the technology of
  • Helidyne Resistors The Helidyne resistors have been designed for low current industrial applications from 2 to 21 amps continuous with
  • Wonderware Skelta BPM

    Power generators and utilities must respond to changing market conditions to ensure zero fault tolerance while maintaining lower operating costs. To meet these challenges, they have to evaluate, optimize and improve their business processes across their organization. Wonderware Skelta BPM enables companies to meet these challenges.

  • Model 42i TL Trace Level NOX Analyzer

    Using chemiluminescence technology, the Model 42i-TL measures the amount of nitrogen oxides in the air from sub-ppb levels up to 1000ppb. The Model 42i-TL is a single chamber, single photomultiplier tube design that cycles between the NO, NOx and Zero modes

  • Model TB82 Two-Wire Conductivity Transmitters

    The ABB Type TB82 Series of two-wire conductivity transmitters are available in three base configurations to utilize ABB’s two-electrode, four-electrode or toroidal sensors, allowing for installations ranging from ultra-pure water to the most difficult chemical applications

  • Total Hydrocarbon Gas Analyzer, Model 51i

    Introducing The Thermo Scientific Model 51i Total Hydrocarbon (THC) Analyzer. The Model 51i combines proven Flame Ionization Detector (FID) technology with the commonality of our i Series product line platform delivering unsurpassed reliablilty, simplicity, and ease of use.

  • Olympian Generator The Olympian Generator's rugged construction allows it to withstand tough environmental conditions
  • Meteor Hammer Mills The Williams Meteor Mill is characterized by high hammer-tip speed to permit a fine product or to obtain specific characteristics in the finished product
  • Metacaulk Pipe Collars Metacaulk Pipe Collars are prefabricated for through-penetration firestop systems using PVC, CPVC, ABS, Poly Pro, PVC foam core and ABS foam core pipe
  • Variable Optical Attenuator: FTE-4000 Terahertz Technologies’ FTE-4000 Variable Optical Attenuator is ideal for balancing transmitter power, adjusting receiver attenuation settings, and can assist in the testing of system budget compliance. Depending on your needs, two models offering 40 dB attenuation level or 80 dB attenuation level are available.
  • Temperature Indicators For Shipping And Storage

    Monitor the temperatures that your perishable, fragile, or sensitive goods are subjected to during transit. ShockWatch Environmental Indicators monitor temperatures during shipping and storage, indicating whether goods have been subjected to unacceptable conditions.

  • Positive Displacement Pump Hose Piston Diaphragm Pumps are positive displacement pumps used in industrial applications where low flows and high heads are required
  • High Volume Air Sampler The TE-5200 Tri-pod High Volume Air Sampler features an aluminum blower motor assembly
  • FGD Wastewater Treatment

    With the changing regulatory and economic landscape impacting the Power Industry, SUEZ is committed to providing power producers with holistic, cost-effective water and process solutions.

  • Microfiltration Microporous membrane filtration should be distinguished from conventional (depth) filtration and such membrane separation processes as ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO)
  • Electricity Dispatch Center EMS, DMS, and SCADA Solutions Electricity dispatch centers everywhere are installing much-needed expanded dispatching capability.
  • Parson PermaSeal PARSON PERMA SEAL is a nonflammable, V.O.C. compliant polyurethane injection resin designed to control water and seal moving non-structural cracks in concrete. PARSON PERMA SEAL is a standard viscosity hydrophilic resin which, after coming into contact with water, expands quickly and cures to a flexible closed-cell foam.
  • Utility Management System This multi-tasking meter reading application package features state of the art, highly configurable software and
  • Thermo Scientific, iSeries Gas Analyzers

    Thermo Scientific has been providing the most innovative and easy to use instruments for over 40 years. Today, we offer the industry's widest choice of air quality instruments and systems. Our solutions add flexibility and convenience to the detection of a broad range of targeted gaseous pollutants for both source and ambient air monitoring.

  • P-C II U-V Scanner Protection Controls P-C II Ultra-Violet Scanner. Detects any flame which contains ultra-violet.
  • Integrated Software SmartPlant Explorer is web browser-based software.
  • Sauereisen High Temperature Membrane No. 89 Sauereisen High Temperature Membrane No. 89 is a single-component, asphaltic mastic recommended as an impervious membrane under corrosionresistant monolithic linings or acid-resistant brick masonry for the protection of metal or concrete substrates.
  • Trailer-Mounted Load Bank The K580 resistive load bank provides high-capacity testing in a
  • Slide Gate U-Series A standard multi-purpose cast slide gate, often used as a maintenance gate upstream of Plattco flapgates.
  • Trend Link Trend Link for RTXHDB is a Microsoft Windows program
  • Supply of Substation Structures & Erection Drawings We can custom design a structure in lattice type or low profile type design
  • Repairs We know that down time means money…your money. So GEA has established a worldwide network of representatives to give rapid response time for repairs
  • Soil Stabilizer SoilSet, a coal combustion product, has cementitious binding properties that make it effective in soil
  • Videoprobe XL The company offers the “C” generation 6mm VideoProbe XL featuring the extremely high resolution image among 6mm-diameter videoborescopes available today.
  • The Sterling Model DTDeaerator The Sterling Model DTDeaerator
  • Design Exploration Technology iSIGHT 5.5, the latest version of iSIGHT, includes two additional optimization techniques, parallel processing
  • Radiator and Duct Mounted Load Banks These load banks have been designed for duct or direct radiator mounting on
  • HWS-30.3 Turbine Blade Movement Scale Complete packages for single axis and three axis moment weighing are available with scale, blade distribution hardware and software, tables, weights, calibration adapters, and windage enclosure
  • Industrial Applications Cummins Onan on-site power generation systems are the result of integrated design and manufacturing intended to fully satisfy our customer's requirements for reliability
  • Mimic Control System The Mimic Control System allows you to control shipboard devices from your computer console
  • Run Tester The 905D Functional Run Tester, RUNCHEK, can make measurements of input voltage, amperage, power (watts) and
  • RTS-FasTest RTS-FasTest is a powerful system designed for freedom--freedom from obstacles that keep you from getting on with what’s important: maintaining total system reliability
  • Clean Power Series AC Drives The Clean Power Series is a new generation of AC Drives designed to operate at near unity power factor, prevent harmonic problems and meet the requirements of IEEE 519 1992...
  • WATERTRAK™ Mixed Bed Mixed Bed deionizers are quite superior to two column deionizers in terms of the water quality they produce. As water passes through the mixed bed it has millions of chances to contact a cation bead, then an anion, then another cation and so on
  • Ad Specialties The company's imprinting services include
  • Thermal Barrier Coating Elcoat 1694 Thermal Barrier Coating is used to insulate and protect components from the hot gas turbine combustion
  • MaxiPass™ Low Flow (MPL) MaxiPass™ Low Flow (MPL) By BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc.
  • Aquatech Ion Exchange Pure Water Treatment systems remove dissolved minerals from process water used in steam generation and other industrial applications
  • SideStreamCleanPLUS Systems SideStreamCleanPLUS is a packaged system using ILB, HTH, or a HTX separator and also including a pump, Solids Recovery Vessel, and other components assembled on a steel skid
  • Data Collection Device The SkyBox multi-point data collection device automatically reads up to 16 meters equipped with dry contact closure
  • New Volumetric or Gravimetric Vibratory Tray Mini-Feeder Announced The type KDA-VV/45 feeder was developed to answer the need to feed color concentrate micropellets at very low feed rates...
  • Industrial E7 Engine The MackPower business unit of Mack Trucks, Inc. has introduced an industrial version of the popular Mack® E7 E-Tech engine.
  • PROSPEC Foam PROSPEC Foam in willtec is ideal for lining compartments and enclosures that contain sources of excessive noise
  • Pressure Transducers The KPSI 700 Series are submersible pressure transducers that have...
  • Hydrostatic Testing & Cylinder Maintenance We eliminate the headaches and hassles of cylinder testing and refurbishing - and save you money at the same time.
  • General vibration survey: At a minimum, the following vibration data points will be monitored at various speeds and loads during a controlled series of tests on your turbine-generator (or by changing operating conditions
  • 7800 Series Full Facepiece The 3M 7800 Full Facepiece respirator is an excellent choice for protection against a wide variety of gas and vapor applications...
  • RS101 ACT Switch Receiver Absolutely the best quality powerline carrier switch receiver in the industry today. This receiver is used for 2-
  • 6000 Series Respirators Available in both half-facepiece and full-facepiece configurations, 6000 Series Respirators provide versatility with comfort and ease of use.
  • Model 146i Multi-Gas Calibrator

    The Thermo Scientific Model 146i Dynamic Gas Calibrator supplies precise levels of ozone, carbon monoxide, non-methane hydrocarbons, sulfur dioxide, nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide or other gases that a user may require

  • Desuperheating System The design features of the company’s de-superheating system include a patented static mixing module placed in-line immediately after a water spray injector
  • High Pressure Valves, Fittings and Tubes These high pressure valves, fittings and tubing offer a comprehensive range in the industry combining simple principles of operation with rugged construction suitable for the most demanding industrial applications
  • Gauging Drill Kit Gauging Drill Kit
  • CD-ROM Client Training This version of the PI Client Applications Interactive Tutorials on CD-ROM has been updated to include ProcessBook 2.0, including 5 hours of material on ActiveX Scripting, using ActiveX controls in ProcessBook, PI-BatchView, and PI Control Monitor
  • Measurement & Control Protection - DIN Rail Mounted The BLITZDUCTOR®CT series is intended for installation in Measurement and Control Systems for the protection of PLCs, DCSs, instrumentation, measuring, sensing and signaling circuits
  • Radiological Services Day & Zimmermann provides radiological services to meet the unique demands of the nuclear power industry. We deliver all levels of health physics, decontamination technicians and radiological support as a trusted partner to numerous commercial nuclear power stations across the U.S.
  • SureTrak 3.0 SureTrak Project Manager is ideal for resource planning and control on small-to medium-sized projects
  • JayIndustrial.com Asset Management Asset management was never easier, more flexible, as exacting, or as widely accessible and inexpensive.Qualified customers are given access to the most advanced web-based asset tracking and management system available in the industrial marketplace today.
  • HydroSwage System and Tooling The HydroSwage System is designed to hydraulically expand heat exchanger tubes into tube sheets through the direct application of high internal hydraulic pressure within an established expansion zone
  • U-50 Series Multi-parameter Water Quality Meters Measure and display all parameters simultaneously with innovative features, a newly designed control unit, and sensor technology. Intuitive software assures ease of use and operation efficiency.
  • Prosonic S FDU 91

    Ultrasonic sensor for non-contact continuous level and flow measurement; for connection to the transmitter FMU90/FMU95

  • Linear Electric Actuators Model SA/LE electric actuator
  • Inlet Silencers & Ductwork Inlet systems and ductwork can be custom designed to requirements including pressure drop and acoustic needs
  • Syntha 2000 v2 Software Syntha 2000 helps electric utilities and independent power producers operate more efficiently by simulating the precise physical and performance conditions of existing or proposed plants
  • CABA Win Circuit Breaker Analysis Software By connecting a TM1600/MA61 Breaker Analyzer System or an EGIL Breaker Analyzer to a PC that is running the CABA Win Circuit Breaker Analysis Software you can test circuit breakers even faster and more reliably
  • MM15 mini series MM15 mini series features Clevis mounted 12 or 24Vdc
  • Computer Seminars Two seminars are being offered to assist companies in keeping up to date with their computer software systems
  • Abresist Abresist is fused cast basalt volcanic rock, melted at temperatures of 2400° F and cast into shaped tiles...
  • GCM-X The GCM-X sets the new standard for generator overheat monitoring, built upon Environment One's GCM field-proven technology that has served the power generation community for three decades.
  • Small / Quantity Gearbox Assemblies Small to medium sized gearbox assemblies are the newest product-line at Chicago Gear-D.O. James
  • Deltabar S PMD 70

    Differential pressure transmitter with ceramic sensor: Overload-resistant and function-monitored, Communication via HART, PROFIBUS PA or FOUNDATION Fieldbus

  • Thermo Scientific Air Quality Instruments Field Service Offerings

    Thermo Scientific Air Quality Instruments Field Service Offerings are designed to meet the technical and budgetary needs of your organization and optimize instrument performance.

  • Current Sensor The CTG Hall Effect Current Sensor incorporates a Hall effect device and the flexibility of a standard transducer output
  • Concrete Gabions™ Retaining Wall System Concrete GabionsTM retaining wall system is a combination of non-corrosive, interchangeable, stackable blocks with transverse ducts
  • Parsonpoxy FG Parsonpoxy FG is a two component, flexible 100% solids polyamine epoxy. It is a high strength, corrosion resistant, waterproof epoxy that will bond to properly prepared concrete, metal, wood or fiberglass.
  • Preventive Maintenance & Testing Preventive Maintenance and Testing programs are custom tailored to suit customers needs and budgets
  • Containers For high structural integrity or semi-portability applications, Robinson Custom Enclosures can supply and customize a variety of high-strength steel containers
  • Dry Electrostatic Precipitators The Dry Electric Precipitator (DESP) is designed as a solution for industrial and commercial applications
  • Potting and Encapsulation Selector Guide A new 2-page application selector guide on potting and
  • Jet Venturi Scrubber The Jet Venturi Scrubber utilizes a liquid motivated ejector design to entrain contaminated gases, generally without the need for a blower
  • Drive Speed Control The Infinite Ratio Drive is an adjustable speed coupling system for variable speed control in utility and large
  • Century Manhole® Containment Cover Hydrogen sulfide gas has devastating effects on concrete
  • Phase-Fired SCR Power Controllers The SSR P series power control are reliable and economical
  • Battery Load Unit TORKEL 820 - Telecom During a power outage, crucial telecommunication equipment must be operating by batteries
  • Independent Monitors Designed to display gas concentrations and indicate whether low- and/or high-alarm levels have been exceeded, the WorksAlone 6200 unit is an independent monitor that outputs a 4-20 mA control loop signal
  • MOTOMESH™ Duo: Two Radio Meshed WiFi Network With 5.4GHz For Backhaul The MOTOMESH product series makes wireless cities a reality with robust and future-proof wireless broadband technologies. Whether providing wireless access to a campus, business, neighborhood or city, MOTOMESH delivers real-time data to your residents, employees, and customers, enabling vital wireless broadband applications.
  • Bulk Front End Power Supply The modular HPS Series bulk front end switching power supply is designed to address the demanding needs of
  • FCCU Expansion Joints EJS has many years of experience designing and manufacturing FCCU expansion joints
  • Commpac Generator Sets Compact standby generator sets 8.2 through 23KW for residential, small business or camps
  • 170 Slurry Seal

    The 170 Slurry seal is engineered to operate in serve slurry environments eliminating costly external seal flushes.

  • Fusion Tape FUSION TAPE bonds into a permanent, inseparable, cohesive insulator at room temperature and has a dielectric strength
  • Parson Injectable Foam Parson Injectable Foam is a CFC free polyurethane foam used to stop active hydrostatic leaks. Seals voids and stops infiltration of water into the sewage collection system. Sets in 45 seconds and functions as a permanent installation.
  • TriCel Barrier Final Filters This high efficiency barrier filter is specifically designed for gas turbine air intake applications...
  • IEEE Std 493-2007 Gold Book The objective of this book is to present the fundamentals of reliability analysis applied to the planning and design of industrial and commercial electric power distribution systems