• RIO M Series Spec Sheet

    The RIO M Series produces Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) chemistry for water disinfection and is systematically optimized for ease of use, reliability, and performance. The RIO is modular which means MOS disinfection chemistry output can be easily expanded 5X without increasing the footprint – just add more cells to the cabinet! Leading the industry in salt and energy conversion, the RIO can ensure the lowest life-cycle cost for your facility.

  • Non-metallic trashracks
    Non-metallic trashracks With over 300 installations in the USA & Canada and 12 new projects in Finland & Sweden during 1999, Hydrothane Systems has proven its effectiveness as a reliable alternative to conventional steel trashracks
  • The Sterling Model HS Deaerator
    The Sterling Model HS Deaerator The Sterling Model HS Deaerator
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Humidification Pump
    Hydrogen Fuel Cell Humidification Pump This valveless piston pump precisely humidifies air going into the fuel cell by accurately recirculating deionized
  • TeleCycle TeleCycle systems eliminate all PV components and operate methodically using intelligent system controllers
  • Computer Modeling OCE performs detailed computer modeling of components, quantifying structural integrity and useful life. Our team is skilled in the use of advanced engineering and design/drafting software
  • Series WD 200 Shaft Seals
    Series WD 200 Shaft Seals Series WD 200 shaft seals are completely preassembled units designed for use in fans, blowers, steam turbines and vapour machines...
  • Pulsed RF Microwave Frequency Counter/Analyzer: CNT-90XL
    Pulsed RF Microwave Frequency Counter/Analyzer: CNT-90XL

    This RF/Microwave frequency counter/analyzer can be used to measure, analyze, and calibrate microwave frequency, power, and pulsed RF time parameters like pulse width and PRI. This system features a graphical display and improved control over measurement.

  • Metacaulk Pipe Collars
    Metacaulk Pipe Collars Metacaulk Pipe Collars are prefabricated for through-penetration firestop systems using PVC, CPVC, ABS, Poly Pro, PVC foam core and ABS foam core pipe
  • Multipower 44 - NM750/44 Wind Turbines
    Multipower 44 - NM750/44 Wind Turbines NEG Micon's wind turbines have proven to be strong performers at high wind speed sites.
  • Power Generation - Gas Generator Set - Cat G3516C
    Power Generation - Gas Generator Set - Cat G3516C

    Caterpillar introduces its G3516C gaseous-fueled continuous duty package generator sets, featuring a Gas Engine Control Module that enables engine control from one source

  • Radiometric Products
    Radiometric Products

    Terahertz radiometric products include: Optical Chopper C-995, and the Photodiode Amplifier PDA-750.

  • Plantronics Model SR1 Headset
    Plantronics Model SR1 Headset Plantronics Model SR1 provides ultimate comfort and superior speech recognition performance. The high-
  • R&D Test Facility/ Pilot Program
    R&D Test Facility/ Pilot Program EPI entered the marketplace as a supplier of fluid bed technology to the wood products industry in the 1970's
  • Compressor Valves
    Compressor Valves Our assortment of valve products covers all applications of reciprocating compressors from industrial air compressors,
  • Wireless Broadband Solutions For The Enterprise
    Wireless Broadband Solutions For The Enterprise Motorola’s wi4 Fixed Point-to-Multipoint Canopy® solutions help organizations and institutions of all sizes realize all the benefits of high-speed wireless connectivity. Canopy systems can be deployed faster, easier and more cost-effectively, helping enterprises meet and exceed their business objectives by streamlining and enhancing communications.
  • Dianodic III Halogen Stable Treatment Program Corrosion, fouling, and scale can be controlled in neutral or near neutral pH cooling water systems
  • Jenbacher Energiesysteme Introduces Gas Engine J 620 Jenbacher Energiesysteme Ltd. will announce at POWER-GEN International ´97 the introduction of the new gas engine J 620
  • Series 500 Expansion Joints
    Series 500 Expansion Joints Series 500 Expansion Joints
  • MaxiPass: Maximum Free Passage Full Cone Nozzles
    MaxiPass: Maximum Free Passage Full Cone Nozzles MaxiPass: Maximum Free Passage Full Cone Nozzles by BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc.
  • VG Series
    VG Series The VG Series are GAS fuel metering valves for engines up to 12,000 horsepower
  • Solutions to operate
    Solutions to operate WPT “Smart” technology has revolutionized the time and money demands for efficient plant operation
  • DS3 High-Speed Fiber Optic Modems
    DS3 High-Speed Fiber Optic Modems Mention Fiber Optics Online and save $100.00 through 9/30/03...
  • Portable Flowmeter with Enhanced Multi-phase Flow Capability The handheld TransPort PT868-R uses clamp-on transducers the PT868-R to measure flow rate through ...
  • Smart-UPS 1000
    Smart-UPS 1000 Smart-UPS 1000 protects your data by supplying network-grade battery backup when power fails
  • ENDURANCE® Sanitary Flange Conductivity Sensors
    ENDURANCE® Sanitary Flange Conductivity Sensors

    ENDURANCE Model 403 and 403VP sensors are contacting sensors. They are available in cell constants of 0.01, 0.1, 1.0, and 10/cm. The choice of cell constant depends on conductivity. High conductivity samples require larger cell constants.

  • Navigator 500 Sodium Analyzer
    Navigator 500 Sodium Analyzer

    The Navigator 500 Sodium analyzer provides a continuous measurement of the sodium ion concentration in demineralization plants and in the steam / water cycle of steam-raising plants.

  • Fossil Generation Solutions
    Fossil Generation Solutions The electrical power generation industry is demanding much more of its control and instrumentation suppliers - and Foxboro is delivering.
  • Hazardous Remote Handling
    Hazardous Remote Handling A radiation-hardened Telerobotic, TR Manipulator loads and unloads a Tarjet Ion Source and "unplugs" itself during bombardment
  • Commpac Generator Sets
    Commpac Generator Sets Compact standby generator sets 8.2 through 23KW for residential, small business or camps
  • PI-Profile Displays (Client) Effectively Representing Your Two Dimensional Data
  • Thermo Scientific Model 410i Carbon Dioxide Analyzer
    Thermo Scientific Model 410i Carbon Dioxide Analyzer

    The Thermo Scientific Model 410i Carbon Dioxide Analyzer utilizes advanced NDIR optical filter technology to measure the concentration of Carbon Dioxide in stack gas levels. Reporting capabilities are user-selectable for either of the accepted industry standards, straight extractive or dilution sampling methods.

  • Intake Services
    Intake Services

    Keeping your intake system equipment in working order is mission critical for municipal drinking water, power generation plants and water dependent industries. That’s why we offer full service and maintenance for your water intake.

  • Turbin: Uni-power 1.0-1.5 MW a series of wind turbines specially adapted for sites far from the coast
  • Battery Charge Manager
    Battery Charge Manager Never worry when your battery bank is called upon to meet your needs
  • Tutorial on Hi-Tech Equipment Protection and Interference Control System tips, equipment evaluation and configuration suggestions are presented in multi-part format and offered
  • ACF-NT Continuous Emission Monitoring Solutions
    ACF-NT Continuous Emission Monitoring Solutions World leader in stack gas monitoring systems for more than 40 years and pioneer in FTIR technology, ABB Analytical is offering an inexpensive and forward-looking system with the ACF-NT (former Advance Cemas FTIR) multi-component emission and process monitoring system.
  • Power Generation Gears
    Power Generation Gears The power generation industry demands products which provide high performance under extreme operating conditions
  • Switchgear
    Switchgear Spectrum's Series DLGS switchgear operates up to six generator sets in parallel...
  • Stock-Aide Stores Allocation System
    Stock-Aide Stores Allocation System Every transaction is recorded with the onboard software providing a detailed report of daily usage
  • POWER-GEN 2000: Electro-Hydraulic Actuators
    POWER-GEN 2000: Electro-Hydraulic Actuators The GoldLine series of electro-hydraulic actuators are designed to offer speed, accuracy and durability in a
  • Onsite Advertising TransTours coordinates mill/plant visits to bring the exhibitor to the plant site with their products and new technology
  • Tracer Tight Leak Detection Commercial Leak Detection
  • Orbisphere 3100 Optical Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer
    Orbisphere 3100 Optical Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer Hach’s Orbisphere 3100 is the most rugged, reliable and long-lasting portable optical oxygen analyzer in the industry designed to withstand the harshest environments with a stainless steel enclosure.
  • Parsonpoxy FS2 PARSONPOXY FS2 is a 100% solids, moisture insensitive, non-sag epoxy paste that sets up in approximately 25 minutes and can be applied vertically, horizontally or overhead. Use to repair leaking or damaged manhole inverts.
  • Cogeneration Economic Analysis Program
    Cogeneration Economic Analysis Program This program calculates the return on investment, present worth, and payback for a power plant that produces
  • Meteor Hammer Mills
    Meteor Hammer Mills The Williams Meteor Mill is characterized by high hammer-tip speed to permit a fine product or to obtain specific characteristics in the finished product
  • Tank Gauges
    Tank Gauges Preferred Instruments brings the latest in innovation to tank gauging and leak detection with the all new D4
  • Digestion System
    Digestion System The 36-well HotBlock is a corrosion proof digestion system for metals analysis
  • Bottom Ash
    Bottom Ash When coal is pulverized to the consistency of powder, blown into the boiler and burned, two by-products are generated
  • Silent Keyboards
    Silent Keyboards Silent Keyboards For Your Court Room or Board Room
  • Kalcor
    Kalcor Kalcor is a formula of alumina, zirconia and silica that can be cast in cylinders, tiles of various types and custom designed shapes...
  • Psychrometrics
    Psychrometrics This program calculates the properties of a mixture of air
  • Fluid Flow Analysis Solutions
    Fluid Flow Analysis Solutions The CFX suit of software products for CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and the 64-bit Itanium(tm) processor have
  • RIO Gila
    RIO Gila

    750 → 3,000+ lb/day MOS
    Frac-on-the-fly water disinfection! Providing residual disinfection down-hole where it counts most.

  • Diesel Generator Sets
    Diesel Generator Sets Standby power is critical in many applications around the world
  • Zebra® QL™ Series Direct Thermal Mobile Printers
    Zebra® QL™ Series Direct Thermal Mobile Printers The QL series of direct thermal mobile printers have been designed with the most advanced technology in rubberized over-molding to maintain both rugged construction and minimal weight. With center-loading media, smart battery monitoring and an optional LCD, they provide user-friendly options to keep your business moving.
  • Smart-UPS 2200 RM
    Smart-UPS 2200 RM Smart-UPS deliver premium uninterruptible power and the most advanced performance features available
  • Power Industry Training Courses offered in the "Power" area include: Overview of the North American Electric Power Industry (ET), Introduction to the Electricity Industry (IEI) and Principles of Power and Gas Trading...
  • Locating PCB'S in Transformers A procedure for detection of liquid in transformer vacuum braces has been developed by Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. (SI),
  • Turbines and Generators
    Turbines and Generators The Belyea Company specializes in seeking out surplus electrical power equipment for placement with companies in need of generation units
  • Compliance Check Service
    Compliance Check Service The BLR Environmental Compliance Service is a reference that covers both federal- and state-compliance requirements for environmental topics
  • Cartridge Seal Family
    Cartridge Seal Family The ISC Series seals are designed for general purpose applications on ANSI and DIN process pumps serving chemical processing, pulp and paper, oil and refining, food and beverage, water and wastewater, and other industries
  • Travel and Alignment Sensing System
    Travel and Alignment Sensing System FMC Corporation’s Travel and Alignment Sensing System (TAS) was designed to electronically monitor retangular sludge collector systems...
  • Cable Tester Software
    Cable Tester Software This software for the CableEye cable tester documents, tests, and labels cables of
  • Leavey Pilot Pump AK114
    Leavey Pilot Pump AK114 Leavey Pilot Pump AK114
  • API Process Pump Upgrades
    API Process Pump Upgrades This company offers upgrades, retrofits, and re-rates for singles stage overhung process pumps
  • Hard Hat
    Hard Hat RAM Cap Suspension #14738 has the following features
  • X-STREAM Enhanced XEFD - Flameproof Gas Analyzer
    X-STREAM Enhanced XEFD - Flameproof Gas Analyzer

    The X-STREAM Enhanced flameproof analyzer provides powerful analytical technology in a wall mountable NEMA 4X/IP66 cast aluminum housing. Worldwide approvals enable operation in Class I, Zone 1, Group IIB+H2 and Class I Division 2 BCD hazardous areas.

  • MC Series Contactor and Starter Test Systems
    MC Series Contactor and Starter Test Systems The MC Series is used on contactor production lines to maximize throughput and to achieve the highest product quality. It is based on a modular platform that is easily expandable upon demand.
  • RF Level Control
    RF Level Control Bindicator has introduced a new RF level control assembly configuration to handle difficult process applications
  • VIP Services Verification, Investigation, and Pricing
  • Commercial Kitchen Emission Collector - Smog-Hog PSG
    Commercial Kitchen Emission Collector - Smog-Hog PSG The Smog-Hog PSG electrostatic precipitator (ESP) eliminates cooking odors and grease from commercial kitchens used at hotels, restaurants, malls, stadiums and office buildings. This customized kitchen ventilation system can be mounted inside or outside a facility, and can be fitted in a new or existing structure.
  • Toshiba UPS
    Toshiba UPS Toshiba's full line of Uninterruptible Power Systems provide the best way to preserve equipment
  • Promag 50W
    Promag 50W

    Modular device and operating concept resulting in a higher degree of efficiency

  • Equalizing Thrust Bearings
    Equalizing Thrust Bearings Kingsbury thrust bearings are a product of many years of design refinement and application experience
  • Program for Process Control and Optimization Honeywell Hi-Spec Solutions introduced a replacement program for users of advanced process control and optimization technologies
  • Coupling Hole Alignment Tool
    Coupling Hole Alignment Tool The Coupling Hole Alignment Tool (CHAT) is a system of hydraulically expanding tools that provide time saving and
  • Non-Cyanide Silver Plating Kit
    Non-Cyanide Silver Plating Kit SIFCO Selective Plating introduces Non-Cyanide Silver Plating Kit for use on copper contacts
  • Plasta-Therm® Heat Maintenance
    Plasta-Therm® Heat Maintenance

    Plas-Tanks' Plasta-Therm® Thermal Retention System eliminates the heating concerns of old-fashioned wrap around tape or heating plates. It drastically reduces operating costs with a system that is simple, efficient, and trouble-free.

  • MSDS Management/EPA Reporting Software Solutions
    MSDS Management/EPA Reporting Software Solutions The manufacturer offers a variety of software programs designed to solve MSDS management problems and to ease
  • Independent Monitors
    Independent Monitors Designed to display gas concentrations and indicate whether low- and/or high-alarm levels have been exceeded, the WorksAlone 6200 unit is an independent monitor that outputs a 4-20 mA control loop signal
  • Condensing WESP
    Condensing WESP The self-cleaning condensing WESP achieves increased removal efficiency and reduced maintenance and operating costs by harnessing electrostatic forces and temperature differential to affect particle movement
  • Gas Station
    Gas Station Monitoring and Controls for Hydrogen-Cooled Generators in a Single, Integrated Station
  • Instrumentation and Calibration TMP services the process control and instrumentation systems and devices that are critical for the proper operation, safety and product quality
  • The Mercury Freedom System
    The Mercury Freedom System

    Ensure complete regulatory compliance with unattended, true continuous monitoring. The Thermo Scientific Mercury Freedom System integrated mercury emissions monitoring systems measures elemental, ionic and total mercury in exhaust stacks from coal-fired boilers, waste incinerators, cement kilns and other industrial combustion sources.

  • CADWorx/P&ID
    CADWorx/P&ID CADWorx/P&ID is a easy-to-use program for creating comprehensive Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID)
  • Gas Analyzers: 510 Series
    Gas Analyzers: 510 Series The 510 series of general-purpose gas analyzers provides continuous monitoring of concentrations of the specific sample gas. The analyzers can be operated from controls on the front panel or by commands from a remote computer.
  • Battest MDB - Battery Discharger With Controlled Current
    Battest MDB - Battery Discharger With Controlled Current Battery Discharger With Controlled Current
  • MAXSIL Silica Fabrics
    MAXSIL Silica Fabrics McAllister Mills also offers a line of Maxsil Silica fabrics for the ultimate heat protection
  • Level Switch
    Level Switch Bindicator recently released the Pulse Point LP-30 level switch that detects granular, solid or powder materials...
  • Problem Solver
    Problem Solver New shorted-turn detection technology has been developed which can identify the coils with shorted turns and the number of shorted turns in the effected coils
  • Performance Target Verification Kit PTV-01
    Performance Target Verification Kit PTV-01

    The PTV-01 provides an accurate method to test both functionality and performance of the Incus ultrasonic gas detectors.

  • Fury Line Tank Washers
    Fury Line Tank Washers The Fury Line of tank washers provides a solution for difficult tank cleaning problems
  • Cooling Tower Analysis Program
    Cooling Tower Analysis Program Cooling Tower Analysis is a user-friendly program for the analysis of induced, mechanical-draft, counterflow cooling towers
  • Flexible Rubber Connectors
    Flexible Rubber Connectors Substantially reduces noise and vibration of rigid metal pipe systems
  • Wood Towers
    Wood Towers For more than 78 years, GEA has been a recognized leader in building wooden structure cooling towers
  • Harmony Wireless Communication
    Harmony Wireless Communication A digital wireless solution, the Harmony system is a complete private communications system for customers who own 800 and 900MHz frequencies. Compact and scalable, Harmony delivers rapid return on investment through enhanced worker productivity.
  • Expert Witness Services Engineering analysis of structures to determine failure causation, presenting results that are easily understood by judges and juries
  • Thermo Scientific Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems
    Thermo Scientific Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems

    We have devoted nearly forty years to perfecting the design and execution of demanding operational and environmental monitoring systems. Our state of the art technologies, along with long term distinguished industry performance, are qualities incorporated with each delivered system.