• TF - Full And Hollow Cone Spiral Nozzles
    TF - Full And Hollow Cone Spiral Nozzles Features of the TF Series include high-energy efficiency, high discharge velocity, and clog-resistant performance
  • ProPanel MP2500
    ProPanel MP2500 The ProPanel MP2500 was introduced in 1997 as the world's first fully sealed
  • Gas Generators
    Gas Generators Kohler Power Systems introduces emission-compliant standby generators for industrial, commercial and residential applications
  • Model 560 Automatic Engine Control Module
    Model 560 Automatic Engine Control Module The Model 560 is an Automatic Engine Control Module, which has been designed to allow the OEM to meet most of the industry’s complex specifications
  • General Purpose Verabar Sensor Models-Flowmeters
    General Purpose Verabar Sensor Models-Flowmeters Developed from aerospace technology, the Verabar averaging pitot flow sensor provides unsurpassed accuracy and reliability.
  • UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply - 300kVA From Caterpillar
    UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply - 300kVA From Caterpillar Caterpillar provides the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) 300 kVA System with flywheel-based technology that eliminates the need for backup batteries, reduces floor space requirements and minimizes system maintenance
  • Transformer Sac
    Transformer Sac The Transformer Sac encapsulates leaking transformers while still on the pole,
  • Waltron 9033X Sodium Analyzer
    Waltron 9033X Sodium Analyzer

    Waltron’s 9033X Sodium Analyzer delivers exceptional results in a streamlined low-cost package. An enhanced color touch screen user interface makes the 9033X easy to operate and easy to maintain.

  • Double-duty Accumulator
    Double-duty Accumulator Flexicraft Industries' Hydropad is an accumulator that eliminates water hammer and surge, while dampening reciprocating-pump pulsation...
  • Valve Insertion Assemblies For The Model 228 Sensor
    Valve Insertion Assemblies For The Model 228 Sensor

    The Rosemount Mechanical and Manual Valve Insertion Assemblies are available for use with the Model 228 Toroidal Conductivity Sensor for processes where the measured solution tends to coat, plug, or abrade the sensor.

  • Monitor AMI pH-Redox
    Monitor AMI pH-Redox

    Monitor for continuous measurement of pH or redox (ORP) in potable water and effluents.

  • Pioneer PK1 Pocket-Strobe
    Pioneer PK1 Pocket-Strobe Pioneer PK1 Pocket-Strobe At a quarter the size of other strobes, Pioneer's PK1 Pocket-Strobe is the world's smallest industrial stroboscope
  • MAXSIL Molten Metal Filters
    MAXSIL Molten Metal Filters Maxsil Molten Metal Filters are made from amorphous silica yarn, leno woven to a uniform mesh size, and coated with a proprietary resin
  • LUV Boiler Recirculation Pump
    LUV Boiler Recirculation Pump

    The LUV boiler recirculation pump is specially designed for use in supercritical power stations. Features include bearings designed for the highest loads under transient operating conditions, optimized rotor-dynamic behavior with low vibrations, and long, reduced-shank studs to cope with most severe pressure and temperature transients.

  • Tanks
    Tanks Robinson Custom Enclosures can help fuel a complete gen-set package with a variety of single and double wall custom tank designs
  • SmartCart 483630 v.a With Ergonomic Work Surface
    SmartCart 483630 v.a With Ergonomic Work Surface AFC Industries is the leading US manufacturer of medical furniture today.
  • Stud Elongation Measurement System (SEMS)
    Stud Elongation Measurement System (SEMS) Fast and accurate system for acquiring stud elongation data
  • Multi-Gas CEMS Instrument: Model XE
    Multi-Gas CEMS Instrument: Model XE The Horiba Model XE is the most advanced instrument available for Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) applications. The instrument combines gas analysis, I/O for system control and alarms, data storage, diagnostics and a simple user interface in a single, compact case. The front panel multi-line LCD display is menu driven, allowing the user to easily view a series of screens showing gas concentrations, calibration information and operation mode.
  • Debris booms / boat barriers
    Debris booms / boat barriers Tuffloat booms are manufactured by RRS Industries , Inc. who specializes in the high production output of custom molding and other proprietary products from polyethylene. Each boom is 11’ in length, weighs about 110 pounds, filled with polystyrene foam and sealed for durability
  • DayCor(R) Classic DayCor® Classic is a robust bi-spectral UV-Visible imaging system, designed to assist the power industry in their routine, predictive and preventive maintenance tasks performed during testing and research. Supported by a tripod and equipped with a special set of close up lenses Classic is an ideal indoors inspection device. Being absolute solar blind permits working in full illuminated areas. The integral bright LCD, narrow optical angle and high sensitivity enable noticing, imaging and capturing small details. The Classic has a fully functional remote control and an optional documentation package to record the findings for later processing and reporting. DayCor® Classic is most fit for high QA testing by grid components manufacturers.
  • Field Metallography Replicas may be produced on welds or base metal to identify the level of creep damage present or on a surface-connected indication to determine whether creep is the damage mechanism involved
  • TANK Design and Evaluation Software TANK is a comprehensive engineering software program for PC-compatible computers that designs and analyzes oil storage tanks according to the latest API-650 and API-653 codes
  • Fog Systems for Textile Mills
    Fog Systems for Textile Mills Mee Fog systems are used for a wide variety of applications including humidification of textile mills and industrial plants
  • PI Integration Tools - Overview PI is commonly used as the underlying infrastructure for plant information integration projects.
  • Coating Services
    Coating Services This line of metallic and ceramic coatings provides protective components against wear, heat corrosion and oxidation attack for a full range of industrial applications...
  • International Testing Services
    International Testing Services International Testing Services
  • HDV-T5/WS Turbocharger Component Balancer
    HDV-T5/WS Turbocharger Component Balancer The industry standard. Two models are available: the T2 for rotor weights less than one lb. and the T5 for rotor weights up to four lbs.
  • Opto-Electric Equipment: Optical Chopper C-995
    Opto-Electric Equipment: Optical Chopper C-995 The C-995 phase-locked-loop optical chopper incorporates Direct Digital Synthesis in order to provide rock-solid, crystal controlled accuracy and stability. Its chopping frequency can be controlled to a precision of .001 Hz and has effectively zero frequency drift.
  • System-3
    System-3 Megator System-3 is a three-unit, integrated system for handling water pollution problems, especially water contaminated with oil and effluents.
  • Surgeless Centrifugal Blowers In many heavy-duty equipment applications, centrifugal blowers must perform consistently and reliably over a range of operations at or near constant turn down pressure
  • Advanced Power Analytical Systems
    Advanced Power Analytical Systems

    Leading-edge instruments; applications expertise; unmatched customer service; worldwide support – that’s what makes Emerson instruments the world leader in power plant analysis. We offer a complete range of analyzers, transmitters and sensors for continuous on-line measurement of liquid and gas processes as well as flame and gas safety monitoring for process industries. To review the Advanced Power Analytical Solutions brochure click HERE, and continue reading for additional technology information.

  • Electric Power Supply
    Electric Power Supply The EPSM system is a comprehensive electricity consumption management system providing the utility with a total solution
  • Waste to Energy The specialized bacteria that converts various wastes into energy are used in the OAT (Optimized Anaerobic Treatment) Process of Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment
  • Wall Thickness Meter
    Wall Thickness Meter The DMS 2 has expanded measurement capabilities from the original DMS to solve remaining wall thickness applications
  • VideoProbe XL
    VideoProbe XL The VideoProbe XL from Everest Imaging was designed to inspect generators, tubes, pipes, and pump motors...
  • AcuRisk, Energy Risk Analysis and Portfolio Enhancement
    AcuRisk, Energy Risk Analysis and Portfolio Enhancement AcuRisk helps provide answers for the uncertainty in the market, by measurably improving profits by 5 to 20%.
  • Comfort-Brite High Visibility Rainwear
    Comfort-Brite High Visibility Rainwear The affordable solution for high visibility rainwear that meets the new ANSI/ISEA 107-1999 standard.
  • Ash Handling System
    Ash Handling System Detroit Ash Handling Systems are designed for effective, economical and trouble free disposal of ash from units burning coal or solid refuse fuels.
  • Damper Drives
    Damper Drives AUMA manufactures a broad range of drives for a variety of damper applications including quarterturn dampers
  • Refractory Heat-up / Dry Out Forced Curing, Heat Treatment
    Refractory Heat-up / Dry Out Forced Curing, Heat Treatment Large steel vessels fabricated on-site and impractical to transport when complete, and of necessity requiring postweld heat treatment, are insulated externally as soon as the fabrication is complete
  • Package Cooling Towers
    Package Cooling Towers Corrosion-free package cooling towers for all kind of industries. Built from stainless steel, GRP or hot-dipped galvanized steel.
  • Gas Turbine Oils (ISO VG 32, 46) Gas Turbine 32 and 46 are high performance, specially inhibited petroleum oils for the lubrication of heavy-duty stationary gas and steam turbines that require long, trouble-free service.
  • Heat Exchanger Performance
    Heat Exchanger Performance Heat Exchanger Performance is a user-friendly program for the analysis of two types of heat exchangers: shell and
  • Opacity Monitor
    Opacity Monitor Featuring a back-lit LCD with keypad programmable items, the Model 90AS is a microprocessor based, short-span (10 ft or less) EPA compliance opacity monitor
  • Toshiba Motors
    Toshiba Motors Toshiba Motors have a reputation that is built on Quality, Performance
  • Model 42i HL High Level NO-NO2-NOX Gas Analyzer
    Model 42i HL High Level NO-NO2-NOX Gas Analyzer

    Using chemiluminescence technology, the Model 42i HL measures the amount of nitrogen oxides in the air from sub-ppb levels up to 100ppm.The Model 42i HLis a single Chamber, single photomultiplier tube design that cycles between the NO and NOX modes

  • Strobe Power Supply
    Strobe Power Supply The C8120 strobe power supply offers a 120-watt, 8 outlet/12 flash patterns, 10-30 volt operation, and selectable switching
  • Smart-UPS 2200 RM
    Smart-UPS 2200 RM Smart-UPS deliver premium uninterruptible power and the most advanced performance features available
  • IEEE Green Book: IEEE Std 142-2007 -- Recommended Practice For Grounding Of Industrial And Commercial Power Systems
    IEEE Green Book: IEEE Std 142-2007 -- Recommended Practice For Grounding Of Industrial And Commercial Power Systems The IEEE Green Book reviews practices and methods of system grounding in detail. A thorough investigation of grounding problems, and the methods for solving these problems, is presented. In presenting these problems and solutions to electrical engineers worldwide, the IEEE Green Book provides a basic framework for applying fundamental principles to specific work situations and applications
  • CFX-BladeGen Interactive Rotating Machinery Design Tool
    CFX-BladeGen Interactive Rotating Machinery Design Tool CFX-BladeGen, an interactive blade design tool for turbomachinery, incorporates turbomachinery design and analysis knowledge into a user-friendly graphical environment with terminology familiar to engineers working in this industry
  • Actuator Controls
    Actuator Controls AUMA offers many variations of motor controls including both integral and remote motor control packages
  • Laser Shaft/Coupling Alignment System
    Laser Shaft/Coupling Alignment System The new ROTALIGN PRO system is water, shock, and dustproof, designed to take professional alignment to a higher level.
  • Slide Gate I-Series
    Slide Gate I-Series Designed as an extra heavy duty burner isolation gate valve that reliably seals when power fails
  • Power Quality Monitor
    Power Quality Monitor The PQPager uses the IEEE 1159 standard to measure single or three-phase voltage sags, swells, interruption transients, waveform snapshots, and RMS strip charts
  • Portable Visual Inspection System
    Portable Visual Inspection System The BTX-Quick-Look portable visual inspection system makes inspections more efficient. It is stored on an integrated slip-ring cable/reel camera control unit that measures 12 in. diameter and weighs 17 lbs.
  • ZTS High Pressure Gate Valve
    ZTS High Pressure Gate Valve

    The ZTS high pressure gate valve features the following:

    Robust body made of billet forged steel

    • Dense, homogeneous, and fine-grained microstructure
    • Ideal for very high pressures and temperatures
  • North K2 Hard Hat Is a Contractor’s Favorite
    North K2 Hard Hat Is a Contractor’s Favorite North’s K2 Series hard hat saves the contractor money without compromising quality or versatility. This low cost unit offers a stylish profile and rigid shell design workers love.
  • One Way Valve Rescue Breather
    One Way Valve Rescue Breather Emersafe rescue breather
  • Cable Tester Software
    Cable Tester Software This software for the CableEye cable tester documents, tests, and labels cables of
  • Fibercam Lens Kit
    Fibercam Lens Kit The Fibercam Lens Kit contains six interchangeable lenses. Each lens differs in size and iris size/f-stop, giving the lenses different viewing characteristics. By changing the lens on the tip of the probe, the applications, which support the lens kit, change.
  • Microprocessor, PLC & Scada Systems
    Microprocessor, PLC & Scada Systems We can design the control software to suit your specific process applications
  • The Sterling Model VTHS Deaerator
    The Sterling Model VTHS Deaerator The Sterling Model VTHS Deaerator
  • MH15 Series
    MH15 Series Head mounted with position feedback for Modulating Gate or Globe valves.
  • Independent Monitors
    Independent Monitors Designed to display gas concentrations and indicate whether low- and/or high-alarm levels have been exceeded, the WorksAlone 6200 unit is an independent monitor that outputs a 4-20 mA control loop signal
  • GPSteam Add-in for RTXHDB GPSteam Add-in for RTXHDB is a Microsoft Excel Version 7.0 Add-in file.
  • Subsea Motor Pump Systems In support of the Petrobras' SBMS-500 Subsea multiphase pumping system, Westinghouse will provide the Subsea motor-pump subsystem, including a 6.9kv, 1700hp submerged motor
  • Waltron 9065 Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen
    Waltron 9065 Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen

    The 9065 Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer utilizes new luminescent technology for measuring dissolved oxygen in water at sub ppb levels.

  • Submersion/Insertion pH/ORP Sensors - Models 396P and 396PVP
    Submersion/Insertion pH/ORP Sensors - Models 396P and 396PVP The reference junction provides an electrical connection between the reference electrode and the sample, and helps maintain a stable reference potential, regardless of the change in sample pH. The TUpH reference electrode junction, (the entire plastic tip surrounding the glass pH electrode), maintains a steady reference signal even in the dirtiest of applications because it resists plugging (a common cause of pH signal drift).
  • BT Series Current Sources
    BT Series Current Sources The BT Series set the standards for durablility and flexibility in general purpose current sources. It is used for lab and production testing of circuit breakers, fuses, contactor overloads, connectors and ground connection integrity.
  • Plant Optimization Software
    Plant Optimization Software Operation startups, product switchovers, and steady state operation usually require different PID control system
  • Clamp-on Multi-meter
    Clamp-on Multi-meter Clamp-on Multi-meter
  • LNG Industry Publication
    LNG Industry Publication The LNG industry continues to evolve to new levels of energy competition
  • MinotaurTM 2500 Engine-Driven Generator
    MinotaurTM 2500 Engine-Driven Generator The MinotaurTM 2500 Electrical Power System is engineered to deliver unattended prime power with an long-life engine...
  • ProPanel MP3500
    ProPanel MP3500 The ProPanel MP3500 is the most compact full-featured industrial computer available
  • <B>Packaged Water Treatment Products</B>
    Packaged Water Treatment Products Based upon all of the necessary components such as filtration, demineralization, reverse osmosis, and electrodeionization systems, WATERTRAK™ delivers the most cost-effective and timely solution for your pure water treatment needs today
  • Liquiphant M FTL 51
    Liquiphant M FTL 51

    Wide variety of electronics, e.g. NAMUR, relay, thyristor, PFM signal output: the right connection for every process control system.

  • SONEXsuper Wedges
    SONEXsuper Wedges SONEXsuper Wedges are designed for the most demanding applications with low-frequency problems
  • PI-ODBC (Server) The PI-ODBC Server for the PI Data Archive enables the PI database to appear and act like a relational database any ODBC-compliant client application.
  • MM15 mini series
    MM15 mini series MM15 mini series features Clevis mounted 12 or 24Vdc
  • Expansion Joints for Flue Gas Ducts
    Expansion Joints for Flue Gas Ducts The Flex-Gen 2000 PTFE expansion joints are manufactured as standard products for operating at temperatures of up to
  • Power Breaker
    Power Breaker The Magnum DS is a low voltage power breaker
  • Retrofit Circuit Breakers
    Retrofit Circuit Breakers Much of the existing switchgear in operation today in nearing the end of its reliable live expectancy
  • EM100 The EM100 is an engine control, protection, and monitoring system
  • PI- Batch View (Client) Viewing Batch Data in the Microsoft Windows Environment PI-BatchView is the client portion of the PI Batch server package that lets the user view batch data in the Microsoft Windows environment.
  • Optical To Electrical Converter: TIA-3000
    Optical To Electrical Converter: TIA-3000 Terahertz Technologies’ TIA-3000 is a versatile Optical to Electrical converter for laboratory or field use. This low profile Optical to Electrical converter will faithfully reproduce an optical signal on a wide range of oscilloscopes and digitizers.
  • Portable Fuel Cell
    Portable Fuel Cell The Enable PFC, a 12-watt personal/portable fuel cell, provides portable, clean electrical power for virtually
  • Polyaspartic Acid Polyaspartic acids are engineered to be dispersing agents for solid and effective stabilizers for elements that cause hardness in water
  • Multipower 52 - NM900/52 Wind Turbines
    Multipower 52 - NM900/52 Wind Turbines With the Multipower 52 (NM900/52), NEG Micon has again set new standards for the relationship between cost, quality and performance for utility scale wind turbines.
  • Enterprise Management System
    Enterprise Management System This system has received certification from SAP.
  • Navigator 600 Silica Analyzer AW641
    Navigator 600 Silica Analyzer AW641

    Many years of experience and innovation in the design and successful application of continuous chemical analyzers has been combined with the latest electronics and production technologies to produce the Navigator 600 Series of analyzers from ABB.

  • Steam Flex Steam Flex is a program based on Keenan & Keyes steam tables.
  • Large Exhaust Systems
    Large Exhaust Systems These exhaust systems are designed to meet acoustic, thermal, and pressure drop requirements
  • RheoVac Air In-Leak Monitor
    RheoVac Air In-Leak Monitor Condenser air in-leakage can be continuously and accurately metered with the RheoVac Air In-leak Monitor from Intek, Inc. This unique instrument measures mass flow and other parameters to provide valuable information about the condenser system. There is no more guessing about the
  • The Cyclonator
    The Cyclonator The Cyclonator is a modular, recycling, high-pressure wash rack system that provides a cost-effective means of cleaning equipment while preventing ground water contamination and reducing water/sewage costs.
  • Contracting Asbestos Removal; Lead, PCB and Mercury Removal; Biological Cleaning and Decontamination
  • EM200 The EM200 contains all the features of the EM100 plus Pre-Alarms for Oil Pressure and Water Temperature
  • Self-Seal SL-100
    Self-Seal SL-100 Self Seal SL-100 is a single component, low modulus, self-levelling silicone sealant designed for floor applications
  • 6888 In Situ Flue Gas Oxygen Transmitter
    6888 In Situ Flue Gas Oxygen Transmitter

    The 6888 in situ O2 transmitter provides accurate measurement of the oxygen remaining in the flue gases coming from any combustion process.

  • Static Transfer Switch
    Static Transfer Switch The Static Transfer Switch provides break-before-make switching between two independent AC power sources for uniterrupted power to sensitive electronic equipment
  • Softening
    Softening Water softeners exchange sodium ions for hardness (calcium and magnesium ions) by passing the influent through a bed of synthetic polymer beads that have an affinity for cations