• Recoflo® Integrated Water Treatment Systems
    Recoflo® Integrated Water Treatment Systems High Purity...Simple Package...Proven Reliability! Eco-Tec specializes in advanced, compact, integrated water treatment systems that require less space at lower costs than conventional systems.
  • 1.5 Megawatt Wind Turbine Gear Unit
    1.5 Megawatt Wind Turbine Gear Unit The most efficient, natural way to harness wind power just got better with the introduction of The Cincinnati Gear Group’s 1.5 Megawatt Wind Turbine Gear Unit.
  • DC-DC Converter
    DC-DC Converter Lambda Electronics, Inc. introduced the SM20, a 20W surface mountable DC-DC converter
  • Engineering Since many projects are completed on a turnkey basis, the need to address each technical discipline of the work scope is important
  • Multipower 48 - NM750/48 Wind Turbines
    Multipower 48 - NM750/48 Wind Turbines NEG Micon offers the broadest line available in high-quality 750-900kW wind turbines.
  •  Delta NO<sub>x</sub> Burners
    Delta NOx Burners Engineered for the industrial and utility markets, the Delta-NOx burner produces is capable of firing a variety of liquid and gaseous fuels
  • Load Tap Changer (LTC) Condition Assessment
    Load Tap Changer (LTC) Condition Assessment Major problems occur in Load Tap Changers, LTC’s, when the contacts become coated with oxides and/or sulfides
  • Low NOx Burner
    Low NOx Burner The FlamemastEER low NOx burner is designed for long
  • CIS Extension Service
    CIS Extension Service NEXTEND service extends the life of an energy company’s existing legacy Customer Information System (CIS) by
  • MOTOTRBO&trade; Professional Digital Two-Way Radio System
    MOTOTRBO™ Professional Digital Two-Way Radio System The next-generation professional two-way radio communications solution is here, with more performance, productivity and value—thanks to digital technology that delivers increased capacity and spectrum efficiency, integrated data communications and enhanced voice communications. MOTOTRBO is ideal for professional organizations that need a customizable, business-critical communication solution using licensed spectrum.
  • Meropa Lubricants Meropa lubricants are industrial gear lubricants that work hard in enclosed gear boxes and in many circulating systems to resist thickening caused by high temperatures.
  • Pulley Alignment Tool
    Pulley Alignment Tool The DotLine Laser combines V-belt pulley precision alignment with laser leveling in a single hand-held permanently calibrated tool
  • M2B Transmitter
    M2B Transmitter

    The Millennium II Basic (M2B) universal transmitter is a robust and reliable safety solution delivering highly accurate monitoring of toxic and combustible gases. Utilizing our state of-the-art sensor technology, it provides a flexible detection platform that includes all the advanced features users in the field demand with complete ease-of-use and operation.

  • EPN Pump
    EPN Pump Biach's "EPN" Series Electric/Hydraulic Pumping System is a major step forward in improving tensioner performance through the pumping unit
  • Heated NO/NOx Analyzer Module Wet Chemiluminescence Detection (WCLD)
    Heated NO/NOx Analyzer Module Wet Chemiluminescence Detection (WCLD)

    Emerson's Rosemount NGA Wet Chemiluminescence Detection Analyzer Module (WCLD) is the industry's first modular analyzer designed to meet stringent environmental regulations on NOx emissions. The loss of NO2 due to solubility in sample condensate typically encountered in standard sample handling systems has been eliminated. The WCLD's heated sample conversion module is designed to accept a hot/ wet gas sample directly from the source. External sample handling requirements are therefore minimized.

  • Desalination Technology
    Desalination Technology

    Aquatech can supply ANY technology that is available in the world today to tackle desalination issues

  • dP Flow Measurement
    dP Flow Measurement

    Differential pressure flow measurements with orifices and Deltabar differential pressure transmitter.

  • Power Training Courses offered in the "Power" area include: Introduction to the Power Industry (PI) - web-based training
  • Articulating Videoborescope
    Articulating Videoborescope The Fibercam 400 Advanced Articulation (AA) videoborescope features four-way, 270° articulation
  • LMG100 Econolev Magnetic Level Gauge
    LMG100 Econolev Magnetic Level Gauge

    The ECONOLEV LMG100 is a magnetic liquid level gauge specifically designed for the OEM / commercial storage tank, and light industrial market. It is engineered to meet most liquid measurement applications where a simple, non custom armored level gauge is required. The ECONOLEV provides an economical solution to traditional exposed glass level gauges.

  • Metal-Clad Switchgear
    Metal-Clad Switchgear GSI manufactures Metal-Clad Switchgear to the strict standards of ANSI and NEMA, as well as international standards when required
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generator Program
    Heat Recovery Steam Generator Program This program calculates the amount of steam that can be generated by a fired or unfired waste heat boiler
  • Petroleum Sorbent Roll
    Petroleum Sorbent Roll The Petroleum Sorbent Roll, High Capacity is a selective sorbent which will "sorb" hydrocarbon-based liquids (oleophilic) and repel aqueous based liquids (hydrophobic).
  • LNG Directory
    LNG Directory Profiling more than 1,000 organizations from 55 countries, the World LNG Directory provides a comprehensive list of the organizations that comprise the world LNG industry
  • Crusher Feeders
    Crusher Feeders The Stamet Multi-Disk Crusher Feeder provides uniform feeding across their metering and response to demand changes resulting in uniform wear inside crushers...
  • Ast 3000 Series Transfer Switches
    Ast 3000 Series Transfer Switches When you require a complete basic automatic transfer switch, we have the solution
  • Electronic Register for Flowmeters The McPropeller Flowmeter is now available with an optional electronic register.
  • Forensic Services ANNA, Inc provides root cause investigation and analysis of power plant failures as a member of the Operational Experience Review Group (OERG) at nuclear power stations
  • Full Length Boiler Tube NDT
    Full Length Boiler Tube NDT TesTex, Inc. has three advanced systems for assessing the condition of the entire length of boiler tubes from the ID
  • Pipe Restoration
    Pipe Restoration The fluid-propelled, two section device has a machine-tooled, alloy steel design...
  • PI- Batch View (Client) Viewing Batch Data in the Microsoft Windows Environment PI-BatchView is the client portion of the PI Batch server package that lets the user view batch data in the Microsoft Windows environment.
  • Digital Interfacing In order to effectively share the mapping data with other departments, the GIS mapping system must be interfaced and linked with other in house operating systems such as
  • Power Supply Test System
    Power Supply Test System The UTS-625 Power Supply Test System provides the ultimate in ATE flexibility.
  • EMC Documentum Asset Operations
    EMC Documentum Asset Operations

    Ensure control and accessibility of as-built designs and documentation as well as standard operating procedures (SOPs) with the EMC Documentum Asset Operations solution.

  • Superskid
    Superskid WPT was the first to develop effective 3D-solids engineering technology for the water treatment industry
  • Photo Electric Controls
    Photo Electric Controls Photoelectric controls are devices capable of performing a range of tasks
  • Metal Bellows-Type Seal
    Metal Bellows-Type Seal The new TDGS elastomer-free, high-efficiency, gas-lubricated seal is well suited for use in single-stage
  • Filtration Brochure
    Filtration Brochure This brochure lists the different styles of the manufacturer’s complete line of air filtration products
  • DHH805 HART® Handheld Communicator
    DHH805 HART® Handheld Communicator

    DHH805 is a universal portable configuration tool that allows easy parameterization of ABB and third party HART® instruments.

  • Omnigrad S TMT 162C
    Omnigrad S TMT 162C

    Thermocouple assembly with HART®-, FOUNDATION Fieldbus™- or PROFIBUS® PA field transmitter

  • Versabrite 6 in 1 Flashlight
    Versabrite 6 in 1 Flashlight Versabrite 6 in 1 Flashlight
  • Toshiba Drives
    Toshiba Drives Toshiba's Adjustable Speed Drives are easily integrated into your control system
  • Parson Odoreator Manhole Insert
    Parson Odoreator Manhole Insert A specially designed Manhole Insert, with the addition of a canister containing 20 lbs. of activated carbon, which traps and stores unpleasant hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan odors.
  • O/E Converter Optical Oscilloscope Probe: TIA-4000
    O/E Converter Optical Oscilloscope Probe: TIA-4000 Terahertz Technologies’ O/E Converter Optical Oscilloscope Probe: TIA-4000 is comprised of a fiber coupled InGaAs APD detector combined with a variable reverse bias voltage network and fast transimpedance amplifier.
  • NOx Converter
    NOx Converter The 4992 NOx converter is designed to convert NO2 to NO in a quick-chilled, extracted flue gas sample for analysis by an emissions analyzer
  • Level-indicating Transmitter with Non-contacting Sensor The LIT25 level-indicating transmitter uses an ultrasonic sensor to measure tank levels in chemical ...
  • Navigator 500 Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer
    Navigator 500 Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer

    The Navigator 500 Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer accurately measures the levels of dissolved oxygen in process feed water.

  • 442 Split Seal
    442 Split Seal Chesterton, the world leader in split seal technology, has the largest installed base globally. Our broad experience in split sealing enables a wide array of uses to improve plant efficiencies.
  • EnergyC3I™ Product Suite The EnergyC3I product suite puts enterprise-wide, real-time energy and water usage information on any PC or web-enabled device at your fingertips, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Packaged Chillers
    Packaged Chillers Chillers are available in water-cooled, air-cooled, or split system designs, manufactured complete with vaporator, condenser, compressor, control panel, and interconnecting
  • Split Case Pumps
    Split Case Pumps A wide array of split case pumps are offered and provide an alternative for booster service
  • Measurement & Control Protection - DIN Rail Mounted
    Measurement & Control Protection - DIN Rail Mounted The BLITZDUCTOR®CT series is intended for installation in Measurement and Control Systems for the protection of PLCs, DCSs, instrumentation, measuring, sensing and signaling circuits
  • Lancer Prop
    Lancer Prop Used exclusively on the Cutlass Side-entry Mixer. The Lancer Prop utilizes the latest in fluid dynamics to produce a highly efficient jet stream (focused flow)...
  • Switchgear
    Switchgear Spectrum's Series DLGS switchgear operates up to six generator sets in parallel...
  • Industrial E7 Engine The MackPower business unit of Mack Trucks, Inc. has introduced an industrial version of the popular Mack® E7 E-Tech engine.
  • Distribution Analysis Program
    Distribution Analysis Program The DAPPER Program (Distribution Analysis for Power Planning Evaluation and Reporting) provides a consistent
  • Air Dynamometers
    Air Dynamometers VAROC Air Dynamometers have been used for testing US military helicopter engines
  • CADWorx/P&ID
    CADWorx/P&ID CADWorx/P&ID is a easy-to-use program for creating comprehensive Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID)
  • Lauren Constructors
    Lauren Constructors Founded in 1984, Lauren Constructors, has become a leader in the construction of polymer production facilities, carbon fiber lines, power generation plants, and other heavy industrial facilities
  • IFS Applications
    IFS Applications

    IFS Applications offers powerful solutions that quickly provide real-world results to today's critical business issues.


  • NOx Control
    NOx Control Reburn is a NOx control process which reduces NOx by “staging” the fuel injection into the furnace to produce
  • GCM-X
    GCM-X The GCM-X sets the new standard for generator overheat monitoring, built upon Environment One's GCM field-proven technology that has served the power generation community for three decades.
  • NTB1P The NTB1P is an Engine and Generator control, protection, and monitoring system which utilizes the Newage Terminal Box for mounting
  • The Multi-Fold Conveyor System
    The Multi-Fold Conveyor System The Multi-Fold™ Conveyor System is designed for steep-angle or environmentally sensitive applications
  • Dynamic Sag Corrector
    Dynamic Sag Corrector SoftSwitching Technologies' award-winning Dynamic Sag Corrector (DySC - pronounced 'disk') offers
  • Clamp-on Multi-meter
    Clamp-on Multi-meter Clamp-on Multi-meter
  • Piping Pressure Loss Program
    Piping Pressure Loss Program This program calculates the pressure loss of fluids flowing
  • wi4 Fixed 5 GHz Canopy&reg; 400 Series
    wi4 Fixed 5 GHz Canopy® 400 Series The Canopy® 400 Series from Motorola delivers Near Line-of-Sight (nLOS) and Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) connectivity, coupled with high throughput, increased range and exceptionally low cost of ownership.
  • Mechanical Problem Solving in Operating Plants OCE is dedicated to minimizing down-time, developing sound, cost-effective engineering solutions, and achieving complete customer satisfaction
    PULVERIZERS Williams Roller Mills granulate or pulverize and air classify chemicals, minerals, coal, limestone, phosphate rock, pigments, tobacco, clay, and barytes
  • Fixed Satellite Phone
    Fixed Satellite Phone This GSP 2800/2900 Fixed Satellite Phone offers an innovative wireless solution for the quick and efficient
  • Combustion Optimization - NOxTrol
    Combustion Optimization - NOxTrol NOxTrol is ABB's advanced system for reducing NOx emissions on tangentially fired units with over-fire air
  • Wireless Submeter
    Wireless Submeter The Resi-Mon wireless, radio frequency-based, single-phase electric kWh meter is well suited for apartments and
  • AdaptiveBuyer™ AdaptiveBuyer is a powerful software solution designed for Fortune 1000 companies that buy large quantities of commodities, substitutable or blendable items, and/or raw materials
  • Workshop/Production Line Testing Equipment
    Workshop/Production Line Testing Equipment Designed for workshop and production line testing of finished electrical products, the Megger MHP1 and MHP2 HiPots perform dielectric strength tests in conformance with UL and similar quality control standards
  • Aquatower Cooling Tower
    Aquatower Cooling Tower Reliable performance has made this design the industry standard for over 50 years.
  • Vibration Screening Tool
    Vibration Screening Tool The DLI Watchman ST-101 vibration screening tool provides detailed machine diagnostics
  • Hot Isostatic Pressing Bodycote IMT, Inc. is the premier Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) provider in North America
  • Eclipse Butterfly Valve
    Eclipse Butterfly Valve Eclipse Butterfly Valves are designed to control air and gas flow to all types of combustion systems.
  • Mettler-Toledo Thornton Process Analytical Power Solutions
    Mettler-Toledo Thornton Process Analytical Power Solutions Mettler-Toledo Thornton's fundamental innovations in high purity water measurements since 1964 have brought significant progress into the power industry. Thornton developed the robust coaxial conductivity sensor which completely replaced the traditional fragile glass/platinum cells for process use. Thornton also pioneered microprocessor-based conductivity/resistivity instrumentation with computed ultrapure water temperature compensation for the semiconductor industry, paving the way for similar capabilities in power applications.
  • Metal Stamping
    Metal Stamping Progressive dies
  • Test plugs
    Test plugs Standard Plugs are available for Low Pressure up to 2,000 psig and High Pressure up to 10,000 psig applications
  • Utility Billing Management System
    Utility Billing Management System This utility billing management system (UBMS) is a utility billing system for small to moderately sized water, gas,
  • Buckling Pin Pressure Vent
    Buckling Pin Pressure Vent The Buckling Pin Relief Vent (BPRV) is reset without removal from the process stream
  • Gas Turbine Compressor Cleaning
    Gas Turbine Compressor Cleaning The new Gas Turbine Efficiency (GTE) cleaning system for gas turbines provides field proven, on-line washing
  • Two-Wire pH/ORP Transmitter TBI-Bailey announces the release of the Model TB82 pH/ORP transmitter, the first instrument in its new Advantage Series...
  • Program for Process Control and Optimization Honeywell Hi-Spec Solutions introduced a replacement program for users of advanced process control and optimization technologies
  • TW - Tank Washing Nozzles
    TW - Tank Washing Nozzles TW - Tank Washing Nozzles by BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc
  • Multipower 52 - NM900/52 Wind Turbines
    Multipower 52 - NM900/52 Wind Turbines With the Multipower 52 (NM900/52), NEG Micon has again set new standards for the relationship between cost, quality and performance for utility scale wind turbines.
  • Kalcret
    Kalcret Kalcret hard compound is a family of cement-bonded wear-protective materials, utilizing hard inorganic minerals of high compressive strength and good wear resistance...
  • Millennium ST Toxic Gas Detector
    Millennium ST Toxic Gas Detector

    Net Safety's Millennium ST Series of toxic gas detectors utilize electrochemical sensing technology to continuously monitor your site for a wide range of toxic gas types. The Millennium ST is fast , accurate, and requires only periodic calibration and maintenance with a typical sensor life of 3–5 years.

  • Mobile Separator Unit
    Mobile Separator Unit A compact mobile separator unit cleans a range of oils including hydraulic oils and lube oils in a single operation
  • Chemiluminescent Nitrogen Analyzer
    Chemiluminescent Nitrogen Analyzer The Model 501 is a chemiluminescent analyzer that can measure NOx or NO with use of a three-way solenoid valve that can be remotely controlled
  • Actuators - Fluid Power
    Actuators - Fluid Power We offer a wide range of standard actuator assemblies that guarantee a fit to your unique turbine valve arrangement.
  • Trenchless Replacement System
    Trenchless Replacement System The IMPIPE system crushes existing clay, non-reinforced concrete or cast iron pipe and replaces it with high density polyethylene pipe of the same or larger diameter
  • Serial-to-Ethernet Converter
    Serial-to-Ethernet Converter Software for a variety of user requirements is a standard feature on the EDAS serial-to-Ethernet converter
  • Packed Tower Scrubber
    Packed Tower Scrubber The Packed Tower Scrubber utilizes a vertical counter-current design for efficient absorption of a variety of toxic gases
  • Broken Bag Detector
    Broken Bag Detector The Flo-Guard broken bag detector from Bindicator uses a digital "floating reference" circuit that maintains stable operation...
  • RTO - Regenerative Oxidizer Systems
    RTO - Regenerative Oxidizer Systems The Retox regenerative incinerator systems that CEE installs have higher destruction efficiencies (99% and higher) without using any expensive catalysts or metal heat exchangers