• Data Collection Device The SkyBox multi-point data collection device automatically reads up to 16 meters equipped with dry contact closure
  • Spectrophotometer Spectronic Instruments, Inc. announces the GENESYS 5 Spectrophotometer
  • Air-Cooled Products Compact, light-weight and highly efficient all-aluminum Bar & Plate design offering flexible construction in core
  • TEMA Type Heat Exchangers TEMA type heat exchangers provide twelve times or more the heat transfer surface per foot of tubing than comparable bare tube exchangers.
  • T-Mass 65F

    On board software freely allows the selection of up to 20 pure gases and creation of mixed gases with a maximum of 8 components (e. g. Biogas)

  • Smart-UPS 1000 Smart-UPS 1000 protects your data by supplying network-grade battery backup when power fails
  • Linemen's Body Belts Buckingham offers a full line of body belts to satisfy all demands and budgets
  • InfraSafe® Sediment Control Barrier Say goodbye to the lengthy set-up time, maintenance hassles and clean-up costs associated with bales and silt fences
  • Thermo Scientific Air Quality Instrument Service Offerings

    Thermo Scientific Air Quality Instruments Included Services provide a complete support package with the purchase of your instruments or systems. As your partner, we supply all the necessary resources needed to meet your product demands.

  • Activated Carbon Absorber Activated Carbon Absorber
  • Oil Contaminant Screening Tool Designed for use in a plant, the Navigator is a compact and lightweight oil contaminant screening tool
  • Optical To Electrical Converter: TIA-525 Terahertz Technologies’ TIA-525 optical receiver is a convenient, easy to use O/E converter. It is extremely useful in a variety of laboratory and field service situations where a quick check of the operation of a laser source, optical transmitter, or the output of a fiber optic communications link is required.
  • 50Hz/60Hz Diesel Generators The CM32 features a modular design and state-of-the-art material that minimizes mechanical wear and ensures long life of components. The unit is capable of operation up to 700 cSt/50° C fuel quality, according to CIMAC H55/K55.
  • Slide Gate U-Series A standard multi-purpose cast slide gate, often used as a maintenance gate upstream of Plattco flapgates.
  • Ozone Sensors Mettler-Toledo Thornton announces dissolved ozone sensors for optimal and reliable monitoring of pharmaceutical water sanitization. The sensors connect to Thornton’s new M300 transmitter - which also measures conductivity/resistivity, dissolved oxygen, flowrate, pH, ORP and temperature
  • Electro-Pneumatic Positioners

    Smart electro-pneumatic positioners form the vital link between the control system and the valve.

  • ORBISPHERE K1100 Luminescent Oxygen Sensor

    The K1100 oxygen sensor is the first optical sensor to measure low level oxygen in Power plants that requires no maintenance for an entire year.

  • Oil Supply and Trading Training Courses offered in the "Oil Supply and Trading" area include: Overview of Physical Crude Oil Trading and Operations, Overview of the Physical Trading of Petroleum Products, International Oil Supply, Transportation, Refining and Trading, and more
  • Harmony Series: AC & DC Power Supplies Since Robicon’s inception, we have designed and manufactured equipment utilizing the latest available device technology
  • Oxygen Sensor Module, Model 48i Series

    The Thermo Scientific Oxygen Sensor Module, Model 48i Series is a gas filter correlation analyzer with paramagnetic sensor technology.

  • Marine Switchboards & Controls Serving the Marine Industry for over 15 years, IPS Marine is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of electrical monitoring control and distribution systems for the marine industry
  • Web-Based Respirator-Selector Program 3M Select Software is now FREE on the Net.
  • Repairs We know that down time means money…your money. So GEA has established a worldwide network of representatives to give rapid response time for repairs
  • Pick-a-Port Modular Switch Mention Fiber Optics Online to receive a 5% discount on our most flexible popular fiber switch through 9/30/03...
  • Flame Stabilizers These patented circumferentially- and radially-staged flame stabilizers are designed to achieve dramatic NOx reduction
  • National Electrical Safety Code® (NESC®) Archives VuSpec™ CD-ROM Containing all editions of the National Electrical Safety Code from 1914 to 1972, NESC®: The Archives (1914-1972)
  • Fog Systems for Textile Mills Mee Fog systems are used for a wide variety of applications including humidification of textile mills and industrial plants
  • LMG100 Econolev Magnetic Level Gauge

    The ECONOLEV LMG100 is a magnetic liquid level gauge specifically designed for the OEM / commercial storage tank, and light industrial market. It is engineered to meet most liquid measurement applications where a simple, non custom armored level gauge is required. The ECONOLEV provides an economical solution to traditional exposed glass level gauges.

  • DensityPRO Series Of Gauges

    Increase safety and lower capital costs with easy-to-use, non-contacting process density gauges. The Thermo Scientific™ DensityPRO series offers accurate density measurements, capable of the highest precision at the widest temperature range.

  • Load Management System Direct Load Control is a form of load management in which the electric utility manages the homeowner's power usage
  • Test Panel The PTB multi-function test panel was designed to measure and provide
  • Sensors- Mettler-Toledo Thornton Portable 550 TOC Sensor Sensors- Thornton's 550 Total Organic Carbon Analyzer sensor provides continuous online TOC analysis of pure and ultrapure waters, using proven UV-Oxidation/Differential Conductivity measurement technology, simultaneously displaying sample water TOC, resistivity or conductivity (un-compensated or compensated) and temperature.
  • Laser Distance Measuring Device The LEM 30 tool measures distance, area and volume without contact within a range of 8 in. (0.2m) to 100 ft.
  • Desalination Technology

    Aquatech can supply ANY technology that is available in the world today to tackle desalination issues

  • Tripod Data Systems releases SOLO 3.1 Tripod Data Systems (TDS) today released version 3.1 of both SOLO
  • Monitor AMI LineTOC

    Complete monitoring system for the automatic, continuous measurement of total organic carbon (TOC) in pure and high purity water.

  • Personal Gas Alarm Continuous monitoring of an atmosphere for potentially hazardous levels of Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfide or Oxygen is provided by the GasBadge personal gas alarm
  • High Temperature Resistant Coatings & Coatings Under Insulation (CUI) Sherwin-Williams offers a comprehensive line of ambient and heat-cured high-temperature-resistant coatings for stacks and boilers in a wide variety of colors.
  • CFX 4.1 Flow Solver Software Computational Fluid Dynamics Services (CFDS), a division of AEA Technology, has released the latest version of its general purpose CFD code, CFX 4, which is used throughout industry for the simulation of fluid-flow processes
  • Trailers Robinson Custom Enclosures can get your power generation needs moving in the right direction with made-to order trailers
  • High-Pressure Reducers Waters Equipment Co. introduces a new generation of high-pressure reducers for use in steam or hot water sampling in power plants, fossil fuel plants, pulp and paper mills and other applications.
  • Grinder Pumps Grinder pumps can be provided as individual units or in pre-packaged systems
  • NTB1P The NTB1P is an Engine and Generator control, protection, and monitoring system which utilizes the Newage Terminal Box for mounting
  • Guillotine Dampers Guillotine dampers are designed to isolate the flow of gases at elevated temperatures and in severe applications like power plants, pulp & paper mills, smelters, steel mills, incineration plants, and other combustion systems
  • Web Tool This new Internet tool shows customers how much money their organization could save by using an integrated, enterprise-wide Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) information
  • Deltabar M PMD 55 Transmitter in housing for field or top-hat rail mounting for up to 10 ultrasonic sensors FDU91/91F/92/93/95/96
  • Oxygenation | O2

    BlueInGreen technology utilizes a pressurized process to rapidly and efficiently dissolve oxygen in a side stream, offering multiple benefits in a host of municipal, industrial and ecological water treatment applications. Winner of the WEF Innovative Technology Award, BIG Oxygenation is the solution that started it all.

  • Rotor Turning Units Rotor turning units can be used to facilitate the startup of turbomachinery shaft trains and to slowly rotate turbine rotors during system cool down
  • VPS Generator Set Packages These compact, lightweight and efficient units can easily be integrated into your existing power plant
  • Technical Training TransTours Onsite Training is currently developing a 40-foot custom Bluebird motorcoach as a mobile training center, which will be called the MTC
  • Outside Air Monitor The VOLU-flo/OAM is both a monitor for the measurement of minimum outside airflow requirements, and a three-mode
  • Series "B" Heavy Industrial and Large HVAC Distribution Systems
  • SCR Power Controllers Features of our SCR Power Controllers
  • Compact Flourescents Everyone has agreed for a long time that the "old" incandescent light bulb needed to be a little more
  • Electricity Dispatch Center EMS, DMS, and SCADA Solutions Electricity dispatch centers everywhere are installing much-needed expanded dispatching capability.
  • Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps The Delta Series liquid ring vacuum pumps are a logical choice for process industry or general industrial vacuum applications.
  • Deaerator This program calculates the amount of steam required to
  • 8362sc High Purity Water pH Panel The Hach 8362 sc High Purity Water pH/ORP Panel is designed for use in electric power generation, industrial boiler, pharmaceutical, microelectronics, and other applications that require excellent accuracy when measuring pH or ORP in ultrapure water.
  • Electrostatic Dust Monitor Using the triboelectric principle, the Model 201 electrostatic dust monitor includes an intrinsically safe five in. stainless steel probe (up to 1550°F) and a NEMA 4 control unit
  • Air/Gas Driven Chemical Injection Pumps This company hydraulic and pneumatic engineering experience in the design and manufacture of a range of air driven liquid pumps
  • WATERTRAK™ Ultrafiltration These filtration systems use hollow fiber membranes to remove particulate down to 0.1 micron (SDI normally <1). These systems normally operate at 90-95% recovery and can be offered as dead end or in cross flow configuration.
  • GCM-X The GCM-X sets the new standard for generator overheat monitoring, built upon Environment One's GCM field-proven technology that has served the power generation community for three decades.
  • WATERTRAK™ Mixed Bed Mixed Bed deionizers are quite superior to two column deionizers in terms of the water quality they produce. As water passes through the mixed bed it has millions of chances to contact a cation bead, then an anion, then another cation and so on
  • Plug Resistant Orifice The Model A-100 plug resistant orifice is designed to prevent inadvertent water induction into turbine cylinders
  • Design Services Anna, Inc provides experienced design engineering to developers, owners and operators of power plants throughout the world
  • Evaporative Type (CE) CE System uses the principle of evaporation to provide coolant temperatures comparable to an open cooling tower without the fouling, scaling, and chemical treatment problems
  • Self-Seal GG-200 Self Seal GG-200 is a single component, low modulus, non-slumping silicone sealant designed for wall applications
  • Power Engineering & Design Services Shaw has unique in-house engineering and design capabilities and expertise that enable the Company to provide value added services in the development of piping systems.
  • Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD)/Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Treatment Systems Aquatech's revolutionary Zero Liquid Discharge technology totally eliminates FGD wastewater discharge by converting it into disposable dry solids. Aquatech ZLD is environmentally friendly, highly reliable and offers extremely competitive lifecycle costs.
  • PI-ODBC (Server) The PI-ODBC Server for the PI Data Archive enables the PI database to appear and act like a relational database any ODBC-compliant client application.
  • Materials Sprayed & Substrates Coated Materials sprayed & substrates coated include: Pure Metals, Ceramics, Dry Films, Metal Alloys, USDA Approved Coatings. FDA Approved Coatings, Teflon Coatings.
  • Revolving Inventory The Utilitywarehouse.com connects buyers and sellers direct, worldwide, in the Utility Surplus Market
  • IR2100: Infrared Point Detector The Model IR2100 Infrared Point Detector is a microprocessor-based hydrocarbon gas detector that continuously monitors combustible gases and vapors within the lower explosive limit (LEL) and provides alarm indication
  • Circuit Breaker Parts High Voltage Switchgear is used in conjunction with large transformers to transmit power
  • Utility Monetization Americas Power Partners Inc. will purchase power plant assets for a specified value, incorporate site improvements in power production and distribution
  • Baskets Part of the company’s line of intake system replacement parts, the baskets are designed to perfectly match existing baskets.
  • Cooling Tower Analysis Program Cooling Tower Analysis is a user-friendly program for the analysis of induced, mechanical-draft, counterflow cooling towers
  • Relay Testing Unit SVERKER 760 SVERKER 760 incorporates the same features and functions as the SVERKER 750, one of the world's most widely used relay testing units
  • Stop It Pipe Repair System This in-field repair system is designed to fully cure in 30 minutes. Requiring no tools or hot work, the system includes pipe repair tape and hand-moldable epoxy...
  • Pipe Stress Analysis Software The CAESAR II software for pipe stress analysis and design has been approved by Transco's Stress Analysis Workgroup for use on projects requiring the IGE/TD/12 piping code
  • Base Turbine Control & Protection ABB combines powerful Symphony distributed process control hardware with our extensive turbine experience and hydraulic expertise to provide a full scope offering of turbine control systems
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Humidification Pump This valveless piston pump precisely humidifies air going into the fuel cell by accurately recirculating deionized
  • Cartridge Filters - Protura Nanofiber Protura Nanofiber cartridge filters are superior to 80/20 cellulose blend filters, as well as other Nanofiber cartridges. Protura Nanofiber filters last at least twice as long as commodity replacement filters, and provide a lower pressure drop--resulting in fewer filter replacements and less compressed air usage. And Protura cartridge filters are more efficient because they capture smaller dust particles that other nanofiber filters are unable to contain--even within the 0.3 to 1 micron in size. So, workers can breathe air and facilities stay cleaner.
  • Model 43i TLE Enhanced Trace Level SO2 Analyzer

    Using pulsed fluorescence technology, the Model 43i -TLE measures the amount of sulfur dioxide in the air down to 50 ppt. The pulsing of the U.V. source lamp serves to increase the optical intensity whereby a greater U.V. energy throughput and lower detectable SO2 concentration are realized

  • Reverse Osmosis Reverse osmosis is the process by which water under pressure is forced through a semi-permeable membrane from a more-concentrated to a less-concentrated solution
  • Handheld Thermometers The HH500 Series handheld Thermometers accept J/K/RTD inputs in both single and dual inputs and are C/F switchable with 0.1 degree resolution
  • Fiberglass Flight FMC Corporation developed a fiberglass flight for its rectangular sludge collector systems...
  • Expansion Joint Catalog This comprehensive catalog showcases the manufacturer’s line of expansion joints including rectangular metal, thick
  • Opacity and Dust Monitor An EPA-certified monitoring system, the KVB/MIP is a lightweight, efficient solution for determining opacity or
  • T10 Flourescents This fluorescent lamp has been around since 1984. It has been a well kept secret and because saving energy was not as important as it is today, nobody really noticed it.
  • Suparcase Connectors Supercase connectors ferrules are an old favorite in the heavy duty industrial applications...
  • Power Generation - Diesel Generator Set 25-60kW Powered By The Cat C4.4 The Caterpillar 25 to 60 ekW rated, diesel-fueled generator set, powered by the C4.4 engine, is designed for standby, stationary, and rental use. Utilizing elements of ACERT technology, it is capable of meeting EPA Tier 2 emissions compliance without sacrificing fuel economy or performance
  • IEEE Color Books Series VuSpec™ CD-ROM The IEEE Color Books: Complete Standards Series VuSpec CD-ROM incorporates the 12 volumes that comprise the IEEE Color Books standards series. It includes all 12 complete recommended practices for industrial and commercial power systems in PDF on a single convenient CD-ROM...
  • TTH300 and TTF300 Temperature Transmitters

    ABB Instrumentation introduces a new generation of smart HART temperature transmitters.

  • Compressor Valves Our assortment of valve products covers all applications of reciprocating compressors from industrial air compressors,
  • Fuel Cell Power Conversion System with Utility Grid Interface This new PowerGate Power Conversion System with GridLink Utility Grid Interface is for fuel cell distributed power
  • STC2000 Steam Turbine Control System The STC2000 is a digital controller designed for industrial and utility steam turbines. The system utilizes non-proprietary PLC hardware and integrates vibration monitoring, synchronization and connections to plant networks or DCS.
  • Model 42i Y NOy Analyzer

    Using chemiluminescence technology the Model 42i-Y measures the amount of nitrogen oxides in the air from sub ppb levels up to 100ppm. The Model 42i-Y is a single photomultiplier tube design that measures NOy which includes most oxides of nitrogen with the exception of NH3 and N2O

  • Container Impact And Tilt Indicators

    A Shockwatch impact indicator is a highly-visible device that will activate when an impact level exceeds a predetermined level. Mounted on a packaging container, the device visually alerts everyone involved in the package handling process that additional care is required.