Parson Injectable Foam

Source: Parson Environmental Products, Inc.
Parson Injectable Foam is a CFC free polyurethane foam used to stop active hydrostatic leaks. Seals voids and stops infiltration of water into the sewage collection system. Sets in 45 seconds and functions as a permanent installation.
Parson Injectable Foam is a two part, CFC free polyurethane foam which will reach about 60% of full strength in 8 to 10 minutes after application. Expands to 15x its liquid volume in one to two minutes. Parson Injectable Foam exhibits excellent mechanical adhesion to most surfaces without primers and has good resistance to alkalis, dilute acids and moisture rot. Supplied in a disposable, self-contained kit for easy mixing and application.


  • Fast cure.
  • Functions as a permanent installation.
  • Stops infiltration of water into sewage system.
  • Holds piping, seals voids.
  • Easy mixing and application in the field.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Packaged in disposable cartridges.
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