KSB Sanitary Pumps - The Vita Pumps


KSB's series of Vita pumps offers a hygienic, safe, and reliable solution for sterile applications.  All pumps meet the requiremens of European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) and are made of FDA certified materials. 

The Vita pump range transport any fluid to the exact requirements, be it gentle handling, pumping of highly viscous fluids, pressure boosting, or self-priming. Additionally, the Vita range for hygienic applications extends the use-by life of the final product, has almost no dead volume, and allows optimized cleaning processes. The high quality materials and components incorporated in the Vita Pump design ensures a long lifetime of reliable service.

The Vita series includes five to cover all life sciences applications: Vitachrom is a rolled steel centrifugal pump; Vitacast is an investment cast centrifugal pump; Vitaprime is a self-priming centrifugal pump; Vitastage is a multistage centrifugal pump; and Vitalobe is a rotary lobe pump.

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