Electronic Register for Flowmeters

Source: McCrometer, Inc.

The McPropeller Flowmeter is now available with an optional electronic register.
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McCrometer, Inc.Propeller Flowmeter is now available with an optional electronic register.

The electronic register features a non-volatile memory. When the battery is removed, the register keeps the totalized flow and programming information in its memory. Also, the register's lithium battery is said to last five years.

The register is capable of displaying both rate and total flow on a two-line LCD display. It can also be re-programmed in the field. Furthermore, the register can be mounted up to 50 feet from the flowmeter.

An optional 4-20mA add-on module sends a flow signal to irrigation controllers. The module includes an optically-isolated transistor pulse output for totalization. There is also a mechanical version of the register.

The flowmeters come in sizes for line diameters from two feet to over 96 feet. It offers +2% of true flow accuracy and repeatability of +.25% over a flowrange of up to 25 to 1.

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