• Infrared Surveys
    Infrared Surveys Infrared (thermograghic) surveys are extremely cost effective and an excellent prelude to a comprehensive Preventive Maintenance program
  • Motorola Point-to-Point 600 Series: Wireless Ethernet Bridges
    Motorola Point-to-Point 600 Series: Wireless Ethernet Bridges Motorola changed all that with its unlicensed wi4 Fixed Point-to-Point (PTP) 600 Series Wireless Ethernet Bridges. Operating in the 5.4 and 5.8 GHz bands, PTP 600 bridges combine the speed and reliability of licensed wireless with the flexibility of the unlicensed space, sparing you the delay and expense of applying for a license to set up IP and circuit-switched wireless networks.
  • Retubing & Rebuilding Before you replace costly equipment, talk to an American professional about our proven, cost-effective retubing and rebuilding services
  • SONEXone Panels
    SONEXone Panels SONEXone Panels are one of the most popular illbruck products because they are suitable for a wide variety of applications and environments
  • Total Hydrocarbon Gas Analyzer, Model 51i
    Total Hydrocarbon Gas Analyzer, Model 51i

    Introducing The Thermo Scientific Model 51i Total Hydrocarbon (THC) Analyzer. The Model 51i combines proven Flame Ionization Detector (FID) technology with the commonality of our i Series product line platform delivering unsurpassed reliablilty, simplicity, and ease of use.

  • Motorola XTS® 2500 Digital Portable Radio
    Motorola XTS® 2500 Digital Portable Radio When trying to restore service or respond to an emergency situation reliable communication is imperative. Motorola's XTS 2500 digital portable radio helps mobile workers to communicate, coordinate and interoperate together as one.
  • G2 Software
    G2 Software National Power PLC has implemented Gensym Corp.'s intelligent G2 software in a new operator advisory system
  • Power Line Protection - DIN Rail mounted<P>
    Power Line Protection - DIN Rail mounted

    The DEHNguard® series consists of the basic DEHNguard® model, a single pole SPD (TVSS), single MOV modular device, with a thermal disconnect, in a sealed thermoplastic enclosure for DIN-3 rail mounting

  • Thermo Scientific Model 15i Hydrogen Chloride Analyzer
    Thermo Scientific Model 15i Hydrogen Chloride Analyzer

    The Thermo Scientific Model 15i Hydrogen Chloride (HCl) Analyzer utilizes gas filter correlation technology to measure the amount of Hydrogen Chloride in the sample.

  • Type UW-4
    Type UW-4 This Ducon Patented UW-4 Scrubber is a maintenance free unit, complete with integral wet fan, achieving high efficiency with medium pressure drop in applications involving heavy dust loads, and abrasive materials.
  • New Wear Strip for Sludge Collector Tracks
    New Wear Strip for Sludge Collector Tracks FMC has developed a new, non-metallic floor rail system to compliment its J-Track non-metallic return track system. C-Rail...
  • Soft Sensor/On-Line Analyzer Modeling Tool
    Soft Sensor/On-Line Analyzer Modeling Tool The Property Predicator inferential modeling tool facilitates rapid development and deployment of soft sensor models and on-line analyzers
  • Edgewound Resistors
    Edgewound Resistors Edgewound resistors have been designed for medium current industrial applications from
  • Flame Sensor
    Flame Sensor A new non-invasive flame sensor, the 8TP10 LMXI, is designed to be reliable, easy to install, and provide long
  • Mobile Sludge Dewatering Onyx Industrial specializes in providing effective dewatering solutions for each particular type of sludge...
  • Trola-Dyne Inc. Trola-Dyne Inc.
  • Starters/Contactors
    Starters/Contactors The Spectra 700 and Spectra CA5F Control consists of contractors, overload relays, starters, control relays and accessories
  • Generator rotor temperature and load stability testing: Most generators that cause vibration problems going through certain megawatt load ranges, or are sensitive to certain reactive load ranges
  • ACE3600 Remote Terminal Unit
    ACE3600 Remote Terminal Unit ACE3600 is an all-in-one package that includes the RTU, radio and software for quick installation. The ACE3600 features a graphical user interface (GUI) that minimizes training time by allowing system configurations and network operations to be managed through simple, user-friendly applications. The GUI includes program and system self-maintenance software tools.
  • Opacity/Dust Monitor
    Opacity/Dust Monitor The Model 550 opacity/dust monitor features an electronically modulated solid state LED to ensure stable operation
  • KiloWeather, Consensus Weather Forecast
    KiloWeather, Consensus Weather Forecast e-Acumen aggregates weather forecasts for major US cities and publishes a consensus forecast, the results of which are
  • Diesel Generator Sets
    Diesel Generator Sets Standby power is critical in many applications around the world
  • Power Supply Tester
    Power Supply Tester The UTS-325 bench-top power supply test system offers a flexible and comprehensive instrument package to meet most power supply testing needs
  • Motorola Deployable Solutions
    Motorola Deployable Solutions Designed for rapid response in mission-critical public safety applications, Motorola's Vital Response deployable and interoperable response solutions can tie together disparate agency systems, provide extra support for special events, run specialized applications or provide back-up support to primary systems in the event of an emergency. Together, they comprise a vital part of Motorola's extensive portfolio of public safety and security solutions for mission-critical integrated communications, information management, regional coordination and incident command.
  • FurmaSeal
    FurmaSeal Furmanite's "FurmaSeal" Self Sealing Repair Clamps (SSRC) are a high integrity split pressure vessel utilizing a perimeter elastomer seal system, specifically engineered for long term repairs of pipelines, encapsulation of leaking valves, encapsulation of leaking flanges, and advance remediation of potential problem areas both onshore and offshore
  • Harmony Wireless Communication System: Enhance Workforce Productivity And Reduce Mobile Communication Costs
    Harmony Wireless Communication System: Enhance Workforce Productivity And Reduce Mobile Communication Costs Today, successful operations depend on reliable, secure and seamless communications. The Harmony Wireless Communication System from Motorola combines the best features of digital twoway radio, cellular telephone, packet data and paging in a single integrated system.
  • PI-SDK (Integration) The PI Software Development Kit (PI-SDK) is a programming tool providing access to PI servers.
  • Dissolved Oxygen: Hach LDO&reg; Probe, Model 2
    Dissolved Oxygen: Hach LDO® Probe, Model 2

    Take “No” for an answer when measuring dissolved oxygen with the next generation Hach LDO probe.

  • Fury 400 Tank Washers
    Fury 400 Tank Washers The Fury 400 tank washer is for cleaning food grade tanks. Constructed of stainless steel
  • CellReader&reg;
    CellReader® The iDEN CellReader is the ideal wireless communication solution for commercial and industrial solid state electric meters. It provides these meters with RF communications capabilities and complements the effectiveness of meter data collection and monitoring of electrical commercial and industrial customers.
  • Damper Drives
    Damper Drives AUMA manufactures a broad range of drives for a variety of damper applications including quarterturn dampers
  • RF Remote Level Controls Brochure
    RF Remote Level Controls Brochure Bindicator has released a new brochure covering the company's RF remote level controls for sensing and control of bulk solids,
  • Scraper Strainers
    Scraper Strainers Acme Engineering Products, Inc. introduced their line of automatic scraper-strainers. The
  • Structure Guard GeoForm Bags
    Structure Guard GeoForm Bags Structure Guard GeoForm Bags represent a revolutionary step in the technology of underwater grout bag repairs
  • Elastic Support of Turbo Generator Foundations
    Elastic Support of Turbo Generator Foundations Many years ago, GERB, together with leading turbine manufacturers, designed an elastic support system for turbine generator foundations
  • Communitors
    Communitors Comminutors can be supplied with direct drive or shaft driven motors as well as hydraulic driven units
  • Weighfeeders
    Weighfeeders The Series 400 Weighfeeders are used to add lime during the water treatment process
  • Pulsed RF Microwave Frequency Counter/Analyzer: CNT-90XL
    Pulsed RF Microwave Frequency Counter/Analyzer: CNT-90XL

    This RF/Microwave frequency counter/analyzer can be used to measure, analyze, and calibrate microwave frequency, power, and pulsed RF time parameters like pulse width and PRI. This system features a graphical display and improved control over measurement.

  • Aquaray&reg; SLP-DW/PW
    Aquaray® SLP-DW/PW The Aquaray® SLP-DW (Drinking Water) and SLP-PW (Process Water) UV systems offer compact and high efficiency disinfection for small and medium application with a range of flowrates from 25 to 600 m3/h with exceptional reliability and ease of operation.
  • MOS (Mixed Oxidant Solution)
    MOS (Mixed Oxidant Solution)

    MOS is a high performing yet environmentally benign disinfectant. Revolutionary efficacy is derived from the 2nd oxidant present in the solution – Hydrogen Peroxide, which co-exists for 24-48 hours after electrolysis.

  • Portable Diesel generator sets
    Portable Diesel generator sets Our line of air cooled diesel generator sets incledes a 2500 watt, 3300 watt electric start & 5000 watt electric start
  • Fuel Handling
    Fuel Handling Since 1920, Preferred has specialized in the design and fabrication of combustion and fuel handling related systems
  • ARC S4+
    ARC S4+ An advanced polymer composite formulated to protect equipment from extreme chemical attack and corrosion. It is typically applied by spray, roller or brush at a nominal thickness of 375 microns (15 mils) per coat in a 2 coat system.
  • Circuit Breaker Retrofits Retrofitting of low voltage circuit breakers is often an extremely cost effective way to modernize existing switchgear
  • Water Utility Survey Results
    Water Utility Survey Results An independent survey of water utility companies across the United States and Canada has concluded that the cost of operations and maintenance (O&M) for concrete pressure pipe are low.
  • H Line Standard Gear Boxes
    H Line Standard Gear Boxes H Line Standard Gear Boxes
  • Tubesheet Cladding
    Tubesheet Cladding Epoxy Cladding for Tubesheets: A leak-tight joint between tube and tubesheet is critical to the proper operation of steam surface condensers and other heat exchange equipment
  • SpiralAir: High-Flow Air Atomizing Spray Nozzles
    SpiralAir: High-Flow Air Atomizing Spray Nozzles SpiralAir: High-Flow Air Atomizing Spray Nozzles by BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc.
  • Wedge Tightness Detector - WTD-501
    Wedge Tightness Detector - WTD-501 The WTD-501 is an improved version of the original WTD-123, the WTD-501 quickly and objectively measures the relative tightness of all stator wedges in a machine
  • Metal Fatigue And Fracture Mechanics Training Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. (SI), is pleased to announce a course on Metal Fatigue & Fracture Mechanics to be held September 22-24, 1999 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • PI Server Applications -Overview The Plant Information (PI) System is a set of software modules for plant-wide monitoring and analysis.
  • Radiometric Products
    Radiometric Products

    Terahertz radiometric products include: Optical Chopper C-995, and the Photodiode Amplifier PDA-750.

  • Parson Seal-Tite PARSON SEAL-TITE is designed to stop large hydrostatic leaks up to 50 gpm in manholes, pump stations, vaults and conduits.
  • Series 450 Expansion Joints
    Series 450 Expansion Joints Series 450 Expansion Joints
  • Small / Quantity Gearbox Assemblies
    Small / Quantity Gearbox Assemblies Small to medium sized gearbox assemblies are the newest product-line at Chicago Gear-D.O. James
  • POWER-GEN 2000: Emergency Backup Power System The new Coleman Powermate 25-kilowatt PowerStation system will be unveiled at the Power-Gen International show in
  • Industrial Data Communication Products Catalog
    Industrial Data Communication Products Catalog Dataforth Corporation released its new Industrial Data Communications Product catalog...
  • Precision Transducer
    Precision Transducer The Model PC20 is a precision transducer that measure multiple quantities
  • Wright Drive 6 and 12 Point Sockets
    Wright Drive 6 and 12 Point Sockets Wright Tool Company, a leading manufacturer of professional-quality sockets and wrenches, announces their patented Wright Drive 6- and 12-point sockets
  • Host Our Show The “Product Showcase” featuring detailed product graphics, actual product displays and live product demonstrations by those companies staffing with factory representatives
  • VOD Series RB&trade;
    VOD Series RB™ Off gases from a process containing trace levels of unreacted ozone must be passed through a thermal or catalytic type vent ozone destruct for environmentally safe discharge.
  • Calibration Services

    From regular checking to validation and calibration generations, Endress+Hauser delivers cost-effective services that covers all your critical measuring points.

  • Trash Racks and Screens
    Trash Racks and Screens Resists All Classifications of
  • Handheld DWDM Optical Spectrum Analyzer / CWDM Channel Analyzer
    Handheld DWDM Optical Spectrum Analyzer / CWDM Channel Analyzer The FTE-8000 Optical Spectrum Analyzer is the most rugged and affordable full featured Mini optical spectrum analyzer on the market. It is designed for simple operation and is suited for field or lab use. The Mini OSA is available in up to 88 channels on the ITU Grid for C or L bands with 50 or 100 GHz channel spacing and displays a full scan twice a second. It is also available as an 18 channel CWDM channel analyzer.
  • WaterJet Precision Cutting
    WaterJet Precision Cutting Cuts virtually any alloy; any shape
  • Conveying systems There is little substitute for experience when it comes to building industrial grade bulk material handling systems
  • Silencers
    Silencers Special silencers that are needed to meet the noise and operational requirements of power plants and other industrial facilities are available
  • Heat Exchanger Performance
    Heat Exchanger Performance Heat Exchanger Performance is a user-friendly program for the analysis of two types of heat exchangers: shell and
  • PowerView
    PowerView PowerView is a set of regional reports and databases supporting development and asset valuation activities.
  • Oxygen Sensor Module, Model 43i Series
    Oxygen Sensor Module, Model 43i Series

    The Thermo Scientific Oxygen Sensor Module, Model 43i Series is a pulsed fluorescence gas analyzer with paramagnetic sensor technology.

  • Gas Barrier Seal
    Gas Barrier Seal The GX-200 gas barrier seal offers zero emissions and is specifically engineered to fit standard or small bore seal chambers without requiring pump modifications
  • Calibration Software: Beamex® CMX ENTERPRISE
    Calibration Software: Beamex® CMX ENTERPRISE Calibration Software: The Beamex® CMX Enterprise takes calibration management to a higher level. One floating server installation of CMX Enterprise calibration software in the corporate server and all plants can share the same calibration system and database worldwide. With an unlimited number of positions in a database and all the features of CMX calibration software as standard, CMX Enterprise meets the needs of corporations with large calibration assets and multiple plants.
  • FINZ Large - Air Nozzle
    FINZ Large - Air Nozzle FINZ Large - Air Nozzle by BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc.
  • Chiller Chemistry ™ Hudson, the recognized national leader in Chiller Chemistry™, performs both an oil and refrigerant sampling program that is truly unique.
  • Resource Recovery
    Resource Recovery The manufacturer has been involved in the design of systems
  • General vibration survey: At a minimum, the following vibration data points will be monitored at various speeds and loads during a controlled series of tests on your turbine-generator (or by changing operating conditions
  • MiniModule&reg; Degasifier
    MiniModule® Degasifier

    MiniModule® products can save the time and expense associated with inaccurate analyser readings in laboratories and testing facilities by removing dissolved gases from water and other fluids. By removing air, these devices also prevent bubble formation which can potentially alter to composition of the solution be analysed.

  • Data Collector/Real-Time Analyzer
    Data Collector/Real-Time Analyzer Bainbridge Island, WA – PREDICT/DLI introduces the new DLI Watchman DCX Hammerhead (HH) Diagnostic Data Collector / Real Time Analyzer
  • DIALA Electrical Oils
    DIALA Electrical Oils These products have high electrical resistance and are thermally and oxidatively stable.
  • CD-ROM Client Training
    CD-ROM Client Training This version of the PI Client Applications Interactive Tutorials on CD-ROM has been updated to include ProcessBook 2.0, including 5 hours of material on ActiveX Scripting, using ActiveX controls in ProcessBook, PI-BatchView, and PI Control Monitor
  • PowerCommand Automatic and Bypass Isolation Transfer Switches
    PowerCommand Automatic and Bypass Isolation Transfer Switches Cummins Onan transfer switches maintain the critical link between the normal power source and the power generation system
  • Revolving Inventory The Utilitywarehouse.com connects buyers and sellers direct, worldwide, in the Utility Surplus Market
  • NC Series <i>WideBody</i>
    NC Series WideBody The NC Series has added 22 new models to its existing line with the introduction of the new "Wide Body" models.
  • Energy Management Service
    Energy Management Service eDM CARE integrates Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems with back-office applications enabling
  • Sample Coolers
    Sample Coolers These sample coolers are available with a choice of heat transfer area, materials of construction, and shell design.
  • Hard Hat
    Hard Hat RAM Cap Suspension #14738 has the following features
  • Decarbonators
    Decarbonators Removing CO2 from feed water is an important step for ensuring ultra pure water contains or entrained CO2 gas.
  • Hazardous Remote Handling
    Hazardous Remote Handling A radiation-hardened Telerobotic, TR Manipulator loads and unloads a Tarjet Ion Source and "unplugs" itself during bombardment
  • Turbine Flow Meters
    Turbine Flow Meters These flow meters are ideal for measuring water and most
  • Intralaminar Heat Cure
    Intralaminar Heat Cure The Inralaminar Heat Cure is designed to repair damaged existing pipelines without extensive excavation
    FCC CYCLONES FOR REFINERIES Available in several design configurations, Ducon Cyclones, (Duclones)meet a broad range of industrial applications.
  • Instrument Assembly and Calibration The Jay Industrial Technologies Group is one of the largest distribution companies in the world offering a full service instrument calibration, certification, and repair facility. Capabilities include the assembly and filling of gauges/transmitters to chemical/ isolating seals
  • Switch Push Buttons
    Switch Push Buttons The Oiltight Manual Control Push Buttons feature a square, front-packaged appearance
  • Canister Kit
    Canister Kit This kit provides early detection of any excessive
  • Main Carrying Chain
    Main Carrying Chain Part of the company’s line of intake system replacement parts, the chain is designed to meet or exceed the performance of the original.
  • The Optilator
    The Optilator Man's best friend against lightning on telephone lines
  • Power Quality Instrument
    Power Quality Instrument The PP1-R power quality instrument connects directly to Ethernet 10baseT and 10base2 networks
  • Portable Digital Video System
    Portable Digital Video System The QuickView is a portable digital video system designed to make inspections quicker and easier to perform. The unitized camera system, with a telescoping pole that extends out to 18’, allows a single operator to inspect inside tanks, vessels, manholes, and related wastewater and storm water lines, without the need to physically enter hazardous or confined spaces.
  • Hydrostatic Testing & Cylinder Maintenance
    Hydrostatic Testing & Cylinder Maintenance We eliminate the headaches and hassles of cylinder testing and refurbishing - and save you money at the same time.
  • Chlorine (hypochlorite) The Colorimetric Method. CHEMetrics' method is applicable to the direct determination of hypochlorite concentrations in various cleaning preparations and disinfectants prior to their dilution.
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