• Comprehensive Products Catalog
    Comprehensive Products Catalog This new full-color, comprehensive products catalog profiles new products presented with photographs, technical
  • Integrated Rack System Protection
    Integrated Rack System Protection The Little Glass House combines the elements necessary to ensure the long-term viability of a network server
  • FurmaSeal
    FurmaSeal Furmanite's "FurmaSeal" Self Sealing Repair Clamps (SSRC) are a high integrity split pressure vessel utilizing a perimeter elastomer seal system, specifically engineered for long term repairs of pipelines, encapsulation of leaking valves, encapsulation of leaking flanges, and advance remediation of potential problem areas both onshore and offshore
  • Control Valve Service & Repair
    Control Valve Service & Repair This company offers a complete control valve service program featuring repair, diagnostics, field services, and training
  • Quantum Low NO<sub>x</sub> Burners
    Quantum Low NOx Burners The Quantum Low NOx (QLN) burner is designed for general industrial boiler applications
  • Electric Power Supply
    Electric Power Supply The EPSM system is a comprehensive electricity consumption management system providing the utility with a total solution
  • Manual Transfer Switch and Load Center
    Manual Transfer Switch and Load Center Whether retrofitting existing towers (microwave, cell) and relay stations or building new ones, the new UniTran Manual
  • Compsee OpenWMS&reg; Warehouse Management System
    Compsee OpenWMS® Warehouse Management System OpenWMS® helps contain costs and improve operations in your supply chain. No longer do you need to bear the expense of excess merchandise, raw materials or finished goods inventories.
  • Bar Code Scanner
    Bar Code Scanner Bar Code Scanner
  • Sulfur Dioxide Analyzer
    Sulfur Dioxide Analyzer The 9850 Sulfur Dioxide Analyzer uses UV fluorescence technology to measure concentrations of SO2
  • Load Management System
    Load Management System Direct Load Control is a form of load management in which the electric utility manages the homeowner's power usage
  • Field Metallography Replicas may be produced on welds or base metal to identify the level of creep damage present or on a surface-connected indication to determine whether creep is the damage mechanism involved
  • Gas Power System
    Gas Power System The 1.2MW Innovator Genset utilizes an overhauled Lycoming T-53 turbine engine (with a shaft output of 6,300 RPM) fitted with a Cotta Transmission gearbox that provides a reduction of approximately 3.32:1
  • Cable Isolators All metal construction resists destructive environments
  • Chromium-Aluminum Diffusion Coating
    Chromium-Aluminum Diffusion Coating ELCOAT 37 is a coating developed for the protection of nickel and cobaltbase superalloys against attack at high
  • Model US Sootblower For Large Utility Boilers
    Model US Sootblower For Large Utility Boilers The Clyde Bergemann model US Long Retractable sootblower is designed specifically for the needs of the large Fossil Fired Utility Boiler with inside wall-to-wall widths of 60 feet up to 150 feet. The US can also be used in boilers
  • Circulating Water Screens
    Circulating Water Screens By the year 2001, the EPA is expected to provide guidelines for Section 316(b) of the 1972 Amendments to the Federal
  • Fog Cooling Systems
    Fog Cooling Systems A series of stainless steel tubing arrays distribute demineralized water under high (2000 to 3500 psi) pressure
  • Power Generation - Gas Generator Set - Cat G3516C
    Power Generation - Gas Generator Set - Cat G3516C

    Caterpillar introduces its G3516C gaseous-fueled continuous duty package generator sets, featuring a Gas Engine Control Module that enables engine control from one source

  • Switchgear/Circuit Breaker Parts
    Switchgear/Circuit Breaker Parts Utilities possess the vast majority of high voltage switchgear, which is used in conjunction with large transformers
  • AMS-3 Acoustic Monitoring System
    AMS-3 Acoustic Monitoring System The AMS-3 Acoustic Monitoring System monitors Recovery Boilers
  • Bidirectional Analog/Digital Fiber Optic Link: LTX 72X5 Series
    Bidirectional Analog/Digital Fiber Optic Link: LTX 72X5 Series The LTX-72X5 series will of Signal Transport Fiber Links, from Terahertz Technologies, converts and transmits your analog and digital electronic signals over fiber for up to 10 km bi-directionally over a single fiber. These fiber links are designed for applications involving signal transmission and control of equipment at high voltage potentials, precise noise-free signal transmission in hostile EMI environments, data acquisition for plasma physics experiments, and operations through Faraday shields.
  • Parson Sealcrete
    Parson Sealcrete Waterproofing for brick, block or concrete, above or below grade. Parson Sealcrete is a polymer modified, powder formulation that when mixed with our Sealcrete Liquid concentrate can be applied by brush or spray to waterproof all types of masonry structures.
  • TTH300 and TTF300 Temperature Transmitters
    TTH300 and TTF300 Temperature Transmitters

    ABB Instrumentation introduces a new generation of smart HART temperature transmitters.

  • RF and Video Coaxial Protection
    RF and Video Coaxial Protection DEHN Inc. DGA G N and DGA AG N are designed to provide critical surge and lightning protection for RF transceivers
  • MicroLamp
    MicroLamp The MicroLamp system from Lumatech features a precision wound magnetic ballast rated at 70,000 hours average rated life.
  • Condensate Polisher Systems
    Condensate Polisher Systems Condensate polishers are used to maintain a proper quality of water by removing impurities from return Condensate. The decision to polish return condensate for re-use is purely economical. The condensate can be returned to an ultra pure state by simple polishing rather than using fresh make up process water.
  • MH15 Series
    MH15 Series Head mounted with position feedback for Modulating Gate or Globe valves.
  • Feedwater Make-up Systems
    Feedwater Make-up Systems The make-up water treatment system must continuously produce high-quality demineralized water to ensure efficient plant operation
  • 50Hz Gas Generators
    50Hz Gas Generators Features of the 6520-kWe, 750-rpm, 50-Hz GCM34 include spark ignition, lean burn combustion, and pre-chamber design. The unit features the proven Cat electronic control system, precise fuel delivery, and long stroke design.
  • LT3700/LT3710 RS-232/RS-485 Fiber Optic Modems
    LT3700/LT3710 RS-232/RS-485 Fiber Optic Modems The model 3520 is a T1/E1 Fiber Optic modem that offers advanced features such as jitter removal and a replaceable line interface module
  • Buckling Pin Pressure Vent
    Buckling Pin Pressure Vent The Buckling Pin Relief Vent (BPRV) is reset without removal from the process stream
  • Machinery Rebuilds and Repair
    Machinery Rebuilds and Repair Complete shop facilities including full fabrication and machine shop with experienced mechanics to suit your needs
  • MT20T-12-C-1.2-460Ac
    MT20T-12-C-1.2-460Ac MT20T-12-C-1.2-460Ac Trunnion with position feedback for machine control application
  • EPA-Certifiable Smoke Opacity Monitor
    EPA-Certifiable Smoke Opacity Monitor Preferred's new smoke opacity monitor will bring a breath of fresh air to the industry
  • Parsonpoxy FG Parsonpoxy FG is a two component, flexible 100% solids polyamine epoxy. It is a high strength, corrosion resistant, waterproof epoxy that will bond to properly prepared concrete, metal, wood or fiberglass.
  • Filter Houses
    Filter Houses This inlet air treatment system is designed to provide clean, tempered air for reliable, high-performance gas turbine operation
  • Current Transformer/Transducer
    Current Transformer/Transducer The SCT is a split-core current transformer and current transducer integrated into a single package
  • T10 Flourescents
    T10 Flourescents This fluorescent lamp has been around since 1984. It has been a well kept secret and because saving energy was not as important as it is today, nobody really noticed it.
  • RS-485 TeleData Modem
    RS-485 TeleData Modem The RS-485 fiber optic modem is the epitome of versatility. You can use it as a telephone modem, use it as a data modem, or use it as...
  • Fossil Generation Solutions
    Fossil Generation Solutions The electrical power generation industry is demanding much more of its control and instrumentation suppliers - and Foxboro is delivering.
  • PI-Manual Logger (PI-ML) PI-Manual Logger is a PC based PI client application used to manually log data into the PI system that are not collected automatically from instruments and control systems.
  • Calibration: Beamex® MC5-IS Intrinsically Safe Multifunction Calibrator
    Calibration: Beamex® MC5-IS Intrinsically Safe Multifunction Calibrator Calibrator: The Beamex® MC5-IS Intrinsically Safe Multifunction Calibrator is designed for use in potentially explosive environments such as offshore platforms, oil refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants where inflammable gases may be present.
  • Electronic Valve Tester
    Electronic Valve Tester The Electronic Valve Tester, (EVT), is a digital computerized, hydraulic assisted device, designed to test and set safety/relief valves while in service. The EVT is portable and can be used under normal operating conditions without over pressuring the system.
  • Professional Staffing Services
    Professional Staffing Services Day & Zimmermann is a leading provider of workforce solutions across a broad spectrum of industries. We assist companies with their supervisory, technical, professional, administrative, and customer service personnel needs.
  • The Sterling Model VTHS Deaerator
    The Sterling Model VTHS Deaerator The Sterling Model VTHS Deaerator
  • Reciprocating Pumps
    Reciprocating Pumps A large variety of high pressure reciprocating plunger pumps is available for a diverse range of applications
  • Double Flap Airlock Valves- H series
    Double Flap Airlock Valves- H series The original Plattco double flap airlock valve continues to be the standard of excellence for heavy duty solid processing applications
  • High Pressure Fluid System Vertical Pump Upgrade
    High Pressure Fluid System Vertical Pump Upgrade The high pressure fluid system vertical pump upgrade is designed to replace existing horizontally mounted pumps
  • Automated Remote Sentry System
    Automated Remote Sentry System HotWire, a multi-channel electronic sentry system, offers a simple means of remotely monitoring equipment alarm
  • Smart UPS Rack Mount
    Smart UPS Rack Mount APC’s slim line rack-mount Smart-UPS deliver premium uninterruptible power and the most advanced performance features available
  • Auxiliary Services Our Support Shop provides the following services for each of the Shops at Oregon
  • Historical Database
    Historical Database The RTXHDB system software packages run on the Process Computers, the RTXHDB Gateway, RTXHDB Data Server and end
  • Soft Sensor/On-Line Analyzer Modeling Tool
    Soft Sensor/On-Line Analyzer Modeling Tool The Property Predicator inferential modeling tool facilitates rapid development and deployment of soft sensor models and on-line analyzers
  • Thermocouple Assemblies
    Thermocouple Assemblies Thermocouple Technology, Inc. introduces their new Kwik-Ship Thermowell Assemblies
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies - SE Plus Series
    Uninterruptible Power Supplies - SE Plus Series SEPlus UPS Systems are true on-line ferroresonant systems which provide regulated, clean, continuous power for critical AC loads
  • Cold End System
    Cold End System Balcke-Dürr Energietechnik is the only supplier to design and construct both watercooled surface condensers and cooling towers. Thus BDE is perfectly prepared to handle the cold end as a complete package.
  • Startup Services
    Startup Services Experienced ANNA field engineers perform startup of new or modified systems and equipment
  • Membrane Module
    Membrane Module This new membrane module, the GENERON 7200HP, is tailored for applications where high-pressure nitrogen delivery is
  • Hood with Polycoated Tyvek
    Hood with Polycoated Tyvek The Hood with Polycoated Tyvek is used on Air-Mate HEPA, Breathe Easy and Supplied Air Hood Systems.
  • Electro-Pneumatic Positioners
    Electro-Pneumatic Positioners Smart electro-pneumatic positioners form the vital link between the control system and the valve.
  • Deaerator
    Deaerator This program calculates the amount of steam required to
  • Gas Compressor Coolers
    Gas Compressor Coolers Three stage Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) compressor package with compressor oil cooling loop incorporated into the air cooler
  • Superheater, Reheater and Economizer Scanning
    Superheater, Reheater and Economizer Scanning TesTex scans superheater and reheater bends. Data is collected on the entire bend -- from the straight section around the bend to the other vertical straight section of a pendant tube
  • ProPanel MP2030
    ProPanel MP2030 The ProPanel MP2030 was introduced in 1994 as a full-featured ProPanel
  • Scraper Strainers
    Scraper Strainers Acme Engineering Products, Inc. introduced their line of automatic scraper-strainers. The
  • Deionization &mdash; Demineralization: <b>Recoflo&reg; Demineralizer</b>
    Deionization — Demineralization: Recoflo® Demineralizer Reduce costs, reduce space requirements, and produce high purity water with innovative Recoflo® technology. Eco-Tec’s Recoflo® Demineralizer offers proven efficiency, reduced waste generation, and low operating costs without the need for a mixed-bed polisher.
  • Injection Molding Machines
    Injection Molding Machines The Milacron-Apex-Quantum consortium recently collaborated on an injection molding that is designed to cut the cost
  • Desuperheaters / Fume Scrubbers
    Desuperheaters / Fume Scrubbers For cooling steam or gases, three pipeline types available: steam-atomizing, single or double-Venturi
  • Analysis: Model 1056 Analyzer: Dual-Input Intelligent Analyzer
    Analysis: Model 1056 Analyzer: Dual-Input Intelligent Analyzer The Model 1056 dual-input analyzer offers single or dual sensor input analysis with an unrestricted choice of dual measurements, thus reducing the cost per loop and saving panel space.
  • GeoForm® Grout Bag
    GeoForm® Grout Bag Structure Guard GeoForm® grout bags represent a revolutionary step in the technology of
  •  Millennium Load Bank
    Millennium Load Bank Avtron Manufacturing, Inc. of Cleveland, Ohio has introduced a new line of resistive load banks
  • GPSteam Add-in for RTXHDB GPSteam Add-in for RTXHDB is a Microsoft Excel Version 7.0 Add-in file.
  • Thermal Spray Coating Applications & Manufacturing Industries
    Thermal Spray Coating Applications & Manufacturing Industries Thermal spray coating applications & manufacturing industries include Aerospace, Semiconductor, Power Generation, Textile
  • Plant Performance Software Optimax Performance software is a high-fidelity system that executes real-time performance calculations on all plant components
  • Compsee PowerTrack&reg; Mobile Workforce Solutions For Construction
    Compsee PowerTrack® Mobile Workforce Solutions For Construction Streamline operations and boost productivity by using PowerTrack mobile software to automate your paper reporting requirements.
  • Plate Products
    Plate Products Our Plate line includes Gasketed designs in six series of plate corrugations in stainless steel, titanium, SMO 254, Incoloy 825, nickel, Hastelloy, and others
  • Power Flow 38 with fuel injection
    Power Flow 38 with fuel injection Barber-Colman has developed an integrated valve actuator for throttling the intake of internal combustion engines.
  • Electro Spark Deposition
    Electro Spark Deposition Electro Spark Deposition involves the transfer of minute molten droplets of the desired coating material from a contacting electrode to the surface of the part
  • Zero Liquid Discharge
    Zero Liquid Discharge Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) technologies by Aquatech help you achieve environmental compliance, reduce your carbon footprint, create positive public perception, and recover high purity water for reuse.
  • ControlTech™ Tank Linings, Secondary Containment And Corrosion Control Systems
    ControlTech™ Tank Linings, Secondary Containment And Corrosion Control Systems The ControlTech family of coatings Includes thin film systems, medium film systems, flexible systems, laminate systems, mortar systems, and mortar laminate systems.
  • ProcessDoctor
    ProcessDoctor ProcessDoctor is an easy to use applications platform for Control Loop Performance.
  • Gas-fueled Generator Set
    Gas-fueled Generator Set The 1.2MW Innovator Genset utilizes an overhauled Lycoming
  • Back-UPS 1250 Back-UPS 1250 allows you to work through brief power outages or to shut down your system in the event of an extended outage
  • Heat Balance Software Enter Software, Inc.’s GateCycle 5.0 for Windows 95/NT is a heat balanced software for the design and analysis of combined cycle and conventional steam plants...
  • GREENLEAF® Filter System
    GREENLEAF® Filter System

    The Greenleaf® Filter Control uses low-maintenance siphon technology to control the operation of multiple granular media gravity filters. Our unique design eliminates bulky piping and valves and complex instrumentation, delivering low-cost, trouble-free performance proven in hundreds of installations.

  • Disposable Lens Cleaning Stations By North Safety Products Increase Safety, Compliance and Eyewear Cost Savings
    Disposable Lens Cleaning Stations By North Safety Products Increase Safety, Compliance and Eyewear Cost Savings Lens Cleaning Stations save time and money. Regular cleaning of safety eyewear prolongs the useful life of eyewear and increases safety and compliance. North’s Disposable Lens Cleaning Stations offer users a “nothing to fill, ready to use” eyewear cleansing solution.
  • WATER<I>TRAK</i>&trade; Ion Exchangers
    WATERTRAK™ Ion Exchangers Aquatech's Ion exchange process uses Packed Bed Design. When the water enters the bed during the service cycle, it progressively comes into contact with more highly regenerated resin, which ensures production of a high quality demineralized water, minimizes chances of ionic leakage and maximizes resin bed operating capacity.
  • Turbine Combustor Flame Scanner
    Turbine Combustor Flame Scanner The Model 8TP10LMX1 Flame Scanner is derived from heavy duty turbine applications and uses advanced solid state
  • QLA Ultra Low Nox Burner
    QLA Ultra Low Nox Burner Coen Company goes the extra mile for you with superior burner designs offered by no one else
  • Panel Instrumentation Catalog
    Panel Instrumentation Catalog The company introduces a new panel instrumentation catalog featuring indicators, controllers, transmitters, and calibrators
  • Oil Supply and Trading Training Courses offered in the "Oil Supply and Trading" area include: Overview of Physical Crude Oil Trading and Operations, Overview of the Physical Trading of Petroleum Products, International Oil Supply, Transportation, Refining and Trading, and more
  • National Electrical Safety Code® (NESC®) VuSpec™ CD-ROM Plus Pack Featuring the NESC+2007 Preprint Proposals
    National Electrical Safety Code® (NESC®) VuSpec™ CD-ROM Plus Pack Featuring the NESC+2007 Preprint Proposals Utilities, Consultants, Designers, Engineers, and Non-Engineers alike will welcome this exciting new easy-to-use VuSpec(TM) edition of the official NESC® featuring a preview of the 2007 NESC®.
  • Wirewound Resistors
    Wirewound Resistors Wirewound resistors have been specifically designed for low current applications from
  • CFX 4.1 Flow Solver Software Computational Fluid Dynamics Services (CFDS), a division of AEA Technology, has released the latest version of its general purpose CFD code, CFX 4, which is used throughout industry for the simulation of fluid-flow processes
  • Neutral Grounding Resistors
    Neutral Grounding Resistors This neutral ground resistor is designed to be used for
  • TubeMod
    TubeMod APTECH's patented TubeMod process is straightforward
  • Injection Control Valve Series 400.20-23
    Injection Control Valve Series 400.20-23 Cooling water control for steam desuperheaters
  • Process Particle Monitor
    Process Particle Monitor Engineered for process, baghouse, combustion and OSHA applications, the Model 109 microprocessor based non-compliance opacity monitor features push bottom calibration, path length correction and averaging
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