• Training & Support Service Sentinel USA provides training and consulting services for our clients
  • Air-Cooled Products
    Air-Cooled Products Compact, light-weight and highly efficient all-aluminum Bar & Plate design offering flexible construction in core
  • Current Transformers
    Current Transformers The company’s line of Instrumentation Grade Electrical Current Transformers are available in either Commercial or ANSI Metering Class
  • Boiler Tube Life Assessment As power plant boilers age, superheater and reheater sections are often replaced when tube failures begin to impact unit availability
  • TIVAR® AntiStatic With a surface resistivity range of 105 to 109 (ohms/cm2) TIVAR® AntiStatic handles tough conditions where dust and static electricity can cause problems.
  • Heat Recovery Systems
    Heat Recovery Systems CEE offers packaged or custom air-to-air heat recovery units for heating building makeup air or providing heat for other processes
  • Micro Air Filtration Media ULPA micro glass fibre media
  • Maintenance Services

    Instrument manufacturers must be able to perform quality and validated periodic checks. Endress+Hauser offers a lot more: our range of maintenance services includes several levels of support allowing increased control of your maintenance budget. For more information, please see the 'Scope' section.

  • Steam Heater Program
    Steam Heater Program This program calculates the performance of a steam, shell-and-tube heat exchanger of known construction using
  • EMR-Electronic Engine Govenor
    EMR-Electronic Engine Govenor The EMR is an engine control system that obtains information from the engine, from sensors and from you
  • Oil/Gas/Process Industry Services
    Oil/Gas/Process Industry Services PCI's tooling, processes and methodologies apply to pulp and paper, petro-chemical, process and pharmaceutical industries, as well as waste to energy, industrial facilities and shipyards
  • Filtration: Filtomat MCFM Series
    Filtration: Filtomat MCFM Series

    The MCFM filters remove dirt particles as water flows through the coarse and fine screens to the outlet. The PLC controls the self-cleaning modes required according to the type of dirt and the dirt loads

  • Air Cooled Heat Exchangers
    Air Cooled Heat Exchangers Unifin’s air cooler products typically consist of a bundle of finned tubes, or core, fabricated most often with “Hifin” tubing which offers a combination of ruggedness and thermal efficiency.
  • Rando HD Rando HD is a premium grade, anti-wear hydraulic oil series.
  • Pipe Network Flow Analysis
    Pipe Network Flow Analysis This new Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Workgroup includes a major upgrade to the PlantFLOW software
  • Motor and Generator Coolers
    Motor and Generator Coolers Unifin International, Inc.’s Removable Cover Plate (RCP) Type Coolers also find application in Totally Enclosed Water Air Cooled Motors and Generators.
  • Planocentric Gear Reducers These cycloidal gear PLC reducers have standard reduction ratios that
  • Repair Service
    Repair Service HOERBIGER has over 60 service facilities worldwide, located at the centers of the Gas and Processing industry
  • Model 48i CO Gas Analyzer
    Model 48i CO Gas Analyzer

    The industry's new best-of-breed. Our customers told us exactly what they're looking for in a gas monitoring solution: reliability. simplicity, ease of use.

  • VIP Services Verification, Investigation, and Pricing
  • Miniature Temperature Panel Meters
    Miniature Temperature Panel Meters The compact DP116 temperature meters from provide high accuracy temperature measurement
  • Integrated Rack System Protection
    Integrated Rack System Protection The Little Glass House combines the elements necessary to ensure the long-term viability of a network server
  • Intake Water Screens
    Intake Water Screens

    When surface water (from lakes, reservoirs, etc.) is the source of a community’s drinking water, it often must be screened to remove trash, sticks, and other debris that would hamper flow and equipment operation were it to enter the water treatment plant.

  • 0 <FONT FACE="Symbol">&#174;</FONT> 6KV Small Size PCB Mount Power Supply
    ® 6KV Small Size PCB Mount Power Supply" href="/doc/0-font-facesymbolfont-6kv-small-size-pcb-moun-0002">0 ® 6KV Small Size PCB Mount Power Supply The “AA” Series of high-voltage regulated DC-DC converters addresses the needs of the miniature PCB-mount regulated high voltage power supply user...
  • Fixed Monitoring System
    Fixed Monitoring System With more than 30 different sensors to choose from, the Controller 8000 fixed monitoring system can be configured to meet most monitoring needs
  • Variable Pressure Reducing Element
    Variable Pressure Reducing Element The VREL consists of two stainless steel tubes joined to a
  • WATER<I>TRAK</i>&trade; Sea Water Reverse Osmosis
    WATERTRAK™ Sea Water Reverse Osmosis

    WATERTRAK Sea Water Reverse Osmosis system uses spiral wound polyamide membrane technology to treat sea water up to 46,000 ppm TDS. The SWRO features state of the art energy recovery and can easily be integrated into a two pass or larger system.

  • Phase Angle Fired Solid State Variable Relay (SSR)
    Phase Angle Fired Solid State Variable Relay (SSR) Ideally suited for "phase angle" control of resistance loads such as heater bands or incandescent lamps.
  • Motor Control Centers
    Motor Control Centers Motion control centers and limit amps are designed to control and protect motors
  • dP Flow Measurement
    dP Flow Measurement

    Differential pressure flow measurements with orifices and Deltabar differential pressure transmitter.

  • Manufacturing & Repair Services
    Manufacturing & Repair Services EPI maintains a 5 acre, full service manufacturing and repair facility staffed with a highly qualified and experienced work force
  • Modular Cooling Towers
    Modular Cooling Towers GEA Modular Cooling Concepts, Inc. (MCC) was established in January 1999 as a subsidiary to GEA ICT
  • EMC Documentum Capital Projects
    EMC Documentum Capital Projects

    Ensure timely and secure access to current project content with the EMC Documentum Capital Projects solution. Part of the EMC Documentum for Engineering, Plant and Facilities Management (EPFM) solution suite, this solution enables fast, effective collaboration across virtual project teams.

  • Power Center
    Power Center The Precision Power Center offers the benefits of a customized power system, with the convenience of a pre-packaged, factory-tested system
  • Gas Compressor Coolers
    Gas Compressor Coolers Three stage Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) compressor package with compressor oil cooling loop incorporated into the air cooler
  • Portable Fuel Cell
    Portable Fuel Cell The Enable PFC, a 12-watt personal/portable fuel cell, provides portable, clean electrical power for virtually
  • Circuit Breaker Parts
    Circuit Breaker Parts High Voltage Switchgear is used in conjunction with large transformers to transmit power
  • GAMBIT Software
    GAMBIT Software GAMBIT has a single interface for geometry creation and meshing that brings together all of Fluent’s preprocessing technologies in one environment
  • MODIPAC&trade;
    MODIPAC™ The MODIPAC™ product is the latest development of power supply units for Degrémont Technologies’ ozone generators. The main feature of the new PSU is an innovative frequency converter based on state of the art Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor semiconductor technology.
  • Deltabar S PMD 75
    Deltabar S PMD 75

    Differential pressure transmitter with metallic sensor
    Overload-resistant and function-monitored, Communication via HART, PROFIBUS PA or FOUNDATION Fieldbus

  • Calibrator Brochure
    Calibrator Brochure Extech Instruments Corporation introduces a new brochure featuring calibrators
  • Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamics The numerical simulation of fluid mechanics and heat transfer problems is now a standard part of engineering
  • Robust Ultrafiltration Modules With Up To 91m<sup>2</sup> Membrane Surface Area And Flexible Connection Options
    Robust Ultrafiltration Modules With Up To 91m2 Membrane Surface Area And Flexible Connection Options

    Liqui-Flux® Water Modules - Economical Reliability in Ultrafiltration

  • Equipment Setting
    Equipment Setting Capabilities include: combustion turbines and fenerators and gear boxes
  • Combustion Analyzer The CA 40H Hand-Held Combustion Analyzer allows the user to monitor,
  • Machinery Unbalance Wall Chart
    Machinery Unbalance Wall Chart The Machinery Unbalance Wall Chart measures 24.5 x 34.25 inches and contains over 30 diagrams and explanations about machinery unbalance conditions
  • Coordinate and Supply Substation Electrical Equipment and Erection Drawings Coordinate and supply substation electrical equipment and erection drawings-This includes switches, fuses, bus supports
  • PureWave UPS™ System
    PureWave UPS™ System The PureWave UPS System is an immediate-response, high capacity, quick discharge uninterruptible power supply system that provides power protection to entire facilities served by a single source, and protects power sensitive equipment from the detrimental effects of power disturbances
  • Source Code for Industrial PID Algorithm
    Source Code for Industrial PID Algorithm Expertune has now made available the source code for an
  • VT-2
    VT-2 The Ultimate Utility Grade Submeter
  • POWER-GEN 2000: Digital Valve Controller
    POWER-GEN 2000: Digital Valve Controller The new Intelli-Pulse digital valve controller is designed to accurately position globe and rotary control valves
  • Spring Support of Coal Mill Foundations in Power Plants
    Spring Support of Coal Mill Foundations in Power Plants Coal mills of all types can cause significant vibration in their vicinity, which can lead to disturbance, damage and subsequently even to interruption of power plant operation
  • Outside Air Monitor
    Outside Air Monitor The VOLU-flo/OAM is both a monitor for the measurement of minimum outside airflow requirements, and a three-mode
  • Deaerator
    Deaerator This program calculates the amount of steam required to
  • Online Trading System Streamline for Power makes it possible for traders to buy and sell wholesale electric power online at all the major trading locations throughout North America
  • Custom Tensioners
    Custom Tensioners The bolting of any joint is a complex, dynamic series of interactions
  • Valve Box Inserts
    Valve Box Inserts Parson Valve Box Inserts are made of high density polyethylene and have been proven effective in reducing or preventing surface water inflow, dirt and debris that collects in a water valve box
  • Smart-UPS 2200 RM
    Smart-UPS 2200 RM Smart-UPS deliver premium uninterruptible power and the most advanced performance features available
  • Ash Drag Conveyors
    Ash Drag Conveyors Ehrsam Submerged Ash Drag Conveyors (SDC's) collect, cool, convey and de-water hot bottom ash from industrial, circulating fluidized-bed and utility boilers and incinerators
  • Accelerometer
    Accelerometer This general purpose accelerometer was designed for use in many tough locations.
  • TIVAR® 88-2 TIVAR® 88-2 is noted for its performance in promoting bulk solids flow of cohesive or non-free flowing materials due to its low surface friction and can be welded to create a seamless, drop-in liner, making installation a breeze. .
  • Semi-Automated Dual Slide Maker
    Semi-Automated Dual Slide Maker Accurate determination of the wear condition of lubricated components can only be done by observing the size, shape
  • Powerware 9305
    Powerware 9305 Uninterruptible power protection against power failures, power sags, power surges, brownouts, line noise, high voltage spikes, frequency variation, ups, switching transients and harmonic distortion
  • KUBOTA Gasoline Powered Pumps
    KUBOTA Gasoline Powered Pumps Compact Self Primers for All Types of Water Works
  • Refractory Heat-up / Dry Out Forced Curing, Heat Treatment
    Refractory Heat-up / Dry Out Forced Curing, Heat Treatment Large steel vessels fabricated on-site and impractical to transport when complete, and of necessity requiring postweld heat treatment, are insulated externally as soon as the fabrication is complete
  • Harmony Wireless Communication System: Enhance Workforce Productivity And Reduce Mobile Communication Costs
    Harmony Wireless Communication System: Enhance Workforce Productivity And Reduce Mobile Communication Costs Today, successful operations depend on reliable, secure and seamless communications. The Harmony Wireless Communication System from Motorola combines the best features of digital twoway radio, cellular telephone, packet data and paging in a single integrated system.
  • CoronaMeter The CoronaMeter locates and measures corona intensity using a non-contact optical method
  • Portable Gas Analyzer: PG-250
    Portable Gas Analyzer: PG-250 The HORIBA PG-250 is a highly reliable and versatile gas analyzer for compliance testing of NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, and O2, housed in a single lightweight and fully portable case.
  • Digital Manometer
    Digital Manometer Digital Manometer
  • Pressure Transducers
    Pressure Transducers The KPSI 700 Series are submersible pressure transducers that have...
  • Shell & Tube Products
    Shell & Tube Products From highly standardized low cost fixed tubesheet Type 500 and Hub Design units (2" to 12" diameter, straight or U-tube configurations
  • hub unified Hansen Unified Billing is a scalable and flexible Customer Care & Billing solution built for the global utilities (electricity and gas) market
  • Pulse Cleaning Filters Reduce Maintenance and Increase Turbine Availability
    Pulse Cleaning Filters Reduce Maintenance and Increase Turbine Availability In any conditions the efficiency of a pulse cleaning unit is hard to beat.
  • Barcode Scanner Advanced Instruments, Inc. has added optional barcode capability to the Model 3300 micro-sample osmometer
  • Powertest MS
    Powertest MS Electrotechnical current generator, single phase, multirange
  • Outage Management
    Outage Management Our Strategic Performance Improvement (SPI) Methodologies for shutdown and project management and control have been tested in hundreds of complex major production plant shutdowns, outages, and equipment overhauls
  • MinotaurTM 2500 Engine-Driven Generator
    MinotaurTM 2500 Engine-Driven Generator The MinotaurTM 2500 Electrical Power System is engineered to deliver unattended prime power with an long-life engine...
  • Remote Gas Strategies
    Remote Gas Strategies Remote Gas Strategies provides comprehensive coverage of competing technologies for moving stranded, marginal and associated gas to market
  • Down Flow Dust Collector - SFC Series
    Down Flow Dust Collector - SFC Series The SFC Series of cartridge dust collectors effectively remove harmful dusts and smoke from industrial processes. Situated inside a factory or outdoors, these downward flow dust collectors are expandable in the field at anytime due to their modular design.
  • Harmony Series: AC & DC Power Supplies
    Harmony Series: AC & DC Power Supplies Since Robicon’s inception, we have designed and manufactured equipment utilizing the latest available device technology
  • General Purpose Ear Muffs
    General Purpose Ear Muffs General Purpose Ear Muffs 1435 feature large ear cups, a wide forked headband and soft sealing cushions while only weighing 7.5 oz.
  • Transmitters- Mettler-Toledo Thornton 770MAX Pure Water Multiparameter Transmitter Series
    Transmitters- Mettler-Toledo Thornton 770MAX Pure Water Multiparameter Transmitter Series Transmitters- Mettler-Toledo Thornton 770MAX Multiparameter Analyzer and Transmitters with Smart Sensor Technology allow monitoring six channels of conductivity/resistivity, pH/ORP, dissolved oxygen, ozone, TOC, flow, temperature, pressure, and level.
  • Grid Resistors
    Grid Resistors These grid resistors feature stainless steel grids and terminals, high temperature insulation, and
  • Videoprobe XL
    Videoprobe XL The company offers the “C” generation 6mm VideoProbe XL featuring the extremely high resolution image among 6mm-diameter videoborescopes available today.
  • Gas Analyzers: 510 Series
    Gas Analyzers: 510 Series The 510 series of general-purpose gas analyzers provides continuous monitoring of concentrations of the specific sample gas. The analyzers can be operated from controls on the front panel or by commands from a remote computer.
  • Projector Technology The new GraphxMaster DLV1280-DX projector offers
  • IFS Wins Another Customer in Migration from TCM™ Software to IFS e-Business and Enterprise Solutions New web-based components will manage the entire supply chain for leading bird feeder business, Opus Inc.
  • Rigging
    Rigging From a single machine move to a complete plant relocation, Marino Crane provides comprehensive Rigging and Millwrighting services tailored to your project needs
  • Vibration Screening Tool
    Vibration Screening Tool Providing basic diagnostic capability, the ST-101 vibration screening tool is designed for plant mechanics and machinery operators
  • MICRO-NO<sub>x</sub> ULN
    MICRO-NOx ULN For more than 80 years, COEN has developed the highest quality, most advanced and dependable burner systems in the world
  • POWER-GEN 2000: Bearing Analyzer
    POWER-GEN 2000: Bearing Analyzer The model BA-96-1 is a quantitative instrument designed to evaluate the working surfaces of anti-friction bearings.
  • Root Cause Failure Investigations
    Root Cause Failure Investigations This company conducts root cause failure investigations on a wide variety of equipment and structures
  • Flow-Accelerated Corrosion
    Flow-Accelerated Corrosion A unique feature of APTECH's approach is our non-intrusive wall thickness measurement technique
  • Articulating Videoborescope
    Articulating Videoborescope The Fibercam 400 Advanced Articulation (AA) videoborescope features four-way, 270° articulation
  • Motorola Deployable Solutions
    Motorola Deployable Solutions Designed for rapid response in mission-critical public safety applications, Motorola's Vital Response deployable and interoperable response solutions can tie together disparate agency systems, provide extra support for special events, run specialized applications or provide back-up support to primary systems in the event of an emergency. Together, they comprise a vital part of Motorola's extensive portfolio of public safety and security solutions for mission-critical integrated communications, information management, regional coordination and incident command.
  • Smart-UPS 1400 RM
    Smart-UPS 1400 RM Smart-UPS 1400 RM is APC’s slim line rack-mount
  • Micropilot M FMR 250
    Micropilot M FMR 250

    Continuous and non-contact level measurement in solids.

  • VL (Liquid) Series
    VL (Liquid) Series The Precision family of fuel metering valves provide advanced electronically controlled gas and liquid fuel metering for turbine engines
  • Static Shaft Sleeves
    Static Shaft Sleeves Shaft sleeves from FMC Corporation are molded from polyurethane in specialized tooling
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