• Gas Generator Sets for Landfill Applications - Cat G3520C
    Gas Generator Sets for Landfill Applications - Cat G3520C Caterpillar Inc. introduces the Cat G3520C advanced gaseous-fueled generator set, featuring high-efficiency and long service life to support low-energy fuel from landfill applications
  • RMC 621 Energy Manager
    RMC 621 Energy Manager

    Very precise process calculations (density, enthalpy, compressibility) on the basis of equations and/or storable tables with material data

  • ARC MX1
    ARC MX1 An advanced ceramic composite for the repair and protection of all metal surfaces subjected to severe erosion, abrasion and chemical attack. It is applied at a thickness of 6 mm (1/4 inch) or more. Non-shrinking, 100% solids. Color is Blue.
  • CoronaMeter The CoronaMeter locates and measures corona intensity using a non-contact optical method
  • Going Beyond The Wall
    Going Beyond The Wall PMSL’s Cutlass Drive and Lancer prop combination provide for unsurpassed blending. CFD analysis proves the zone of influence ensuring optimal suspension of solids and your compliance with API 653...
  • Suparcase Connectors
    Suparcase Connectors Supercase connectors ferrules are an old favorite in the heavy duty industrial applications...
  • High Pressure Valves and System Components
    High Pressure Valves and System Components This company has hydraulic and pneumatic engineering experience in the design and manufacture of air driven gas boosters, air amplifiers and liquid pumps
  • Optimization Software
    Optimization Software The new version of ExperTune optimizes processes with
  • Power Portal This Power Portal is designed exclusively for the power industry, including regulated utilities and competitive
  • Package Boiler Controls
    Package Boiler Controls The SAFETROL Package Boiler Control System incorporates highly reliable, field-proven systems backed by over 30 years of experience.
  • Direct Reading Ferrograph
    Direct Reading Ferrograph The direct reading ferrograph, DR, is a quantitative measuring instrument for a wear particle analysis lab
  • Radiator and Duct Mounted Load Banks
    Radiator and Duct Mounted Load Banks These load banks have been designed for duct or direct radiator mounting on
  • Soliphant M FTM 52
    Soliphant M FTM 52

    Insensitive to external vibrations and build-up: maintenance-free operation, independent of bulk solids.

  • Lighting & Equipment Controls
    Lighting & Equipment Controls In times when money is tight, we very often look for ways to trim the bottom line. Too often, we take short cuts to
  • Deltabar M PMD 55
    Deltabar M PMD 55 Transmitter in housing for field or top-hat rail mounting for up to 10 ultrasonic sensors FDU91/91F/92/93/95/96
  • GAS STATION™ From E/One
    GAS STATION™ From E/One GAS STATION is a new modular approach to gas control and monitoring for hydrogen-cooled generators. GAS STATION delivers the maximum in protective and performance optimization products and asset management services for the global power grid
  • General Purpose Verabar Sensor Models-Flowmeters
    General Purpose Verabar Sensor Models-Flowmeters Developed from aerospace technology, the Verabar averaging pitot flow sensor provides unsurpassed accuracy and reliability.
  • Resource Recovery
    Resource Recovery The manufacturer has been involved in the design of systems
  • Generator Set Start Module 24 Volt From Caterpillar
    Generator Set Start Module 24 Volt From Caterpillar The Caterpillar Generator Set Start Module provides up to 1,725 cold cranking amps at 24 VDC to assist and backup a generator set’s starting batteries
  • Hydrex™ Water Treatment Chemicals
    Hydrex™ Water Treatment Chemicals Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies offers the Hydrex™ products range to optimize the entire water cycle, chemical consumption, and operating and maintenance costs.
  • Motor and Generator Coolers
    Motor and Generator Coolers Unifin International, Inc.’s Removable Cover Plate (RCP) Type Coolers also find application in Totally Enclosed Water Air Cooled Motors and Generators.
  • Wet Electrostatic Precipitator
    Wet Electrostatic Precipitator The self-cleaning wet electrostatic precipitator (WESP) is designed to harness electrostatic forces and temperature differential to affect particle movement
  • POWER-GEN 2000: Electro-Hydraulic Actuators
    POWER-GEN 2000: Electro-Hydraulic Actuators The GoldLine series of electro-hydraulic actuators are designed to offer speed, accuracy and durability in a
  • Low Boy Consoles
    Low Boy Consoles ImageVision, Inc. announces the immediate availability of our new “Low Boy” family of consoles
  • Continuous Microfiltration (CMF) Systems
    Continuous Microfiltration (CMF) Systems With the cost of “clean” water rising and the need to conserve and recycle water escalating, there is an
  • Datatrap 3000 v1.1 Datatrap for TDC-3000 is a convenient, flexible, and easy-to-use package for capturing real-time process data on a Honeywell TDC-3000 Distributed Control System (DCS) to an ASCII file
  • Free Product Recovery System
    Free Product Recovery System The Free product Recovery System utilizes a single high vacuum pump located above ground. No downwell pumps are required.
  • Handheld DWDM Optical Spectrum Analyzer / CWDM Channel Analyzer
    Handheld DWDM Optical Spectrum Analyzer / CWDM Channel Analyzer The FTE-8000 Optical Spectrum Analyzer is the most rugged and affordable full featured Mini optical spectrum analyzer on the market. It is designed for simple operation and is suited for field or lab use. The Mini OSA is available in up to 88 channels on the ITU Grid for C or L bands with 50 or 100 GHz channel spacing and displays a full scan twice a second. It is also available as an 18 channel CWDM channel analyzer.
  • Jet Venturi Scrubber
    Jet Venturi Scrubber The Jet Venturi Scrubber utilizes a liquid motivated ejector design to entrain contaminated gases, generally without the need for a blower
  • Process Fluid Chiller
    Process Fluid Chiller The Liebert Process Fluid Chiller is designed to cool sensitive medical and industrial process equipment
  • Rental Power Solutions from Caterpillar
    Rental Power Solutions from Caterpillar Cat® Rental Power solutions range from 8kW to 2 MW to serve a broad range of energy needs. Cat rental units are self-contained, mobile power solutions, housed in protective enclosures that incorporate sound attenuation and fuel containment
  • Fog Systems for Textile Mills
    Fog Systems for Textile Mills Mee Fog systems are used for a wide variety of applications including humidification of textile mills and industrial plants
  • Water Manometer
    Water Manometer Water Manometer
  • Sonic/Ultrasonic Fault Detector
    Sonic/Ultrasonic Fault Detector The Model 5550FD Fault Detector was developed principally as a tool to help power generating stations set up a
  • QLA Ultra Low Nox Burner
    QLA Ultra Low Nox Burner Coen Company goes the extra mile for you with superior burner designs offered by no one else
  • Transformer Pumps
    Transformer Pumps Cardinal Transformer Oil Pumps are offered in both centrifugal and axial flow models
  • FLEX-250 Fabric Expansion Joints
    FLEX-250 Fabric Expansion Joints With EJS 's years of expertise in high quality expansion joints, we are proud to offer a cost-effective solution for our customers who want the benefits of a fabric expansion joint
  • Metal-Enclosed Load Interrupter Switchgear
    Metal-Enclosed Load Interrupter Switchgear From single section fused switches to service entrance line-ups with utility metering compartments
  • TWINTORS Diaphragm Couplings
    TWINTORS Diaphragm Couplings The TWINTORS diaphragm coupling features a compact, lightweight, design for high torque and high speed applications
  • Fluid Flow Analysis Solutions
    Fluid Flow Analysis Solutions The CFX suit of software products for CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and the 64-bit Itanium(tm) processor have
  • VEGlaze No. 472
    VEGlaze No. 472

    Sauereisen VEGlaze No. 472 is a coating used for the chemical-resistant construction of sumps, ducts, containment areas, trenches, walls, and other support columns or bases

  • MinotaurTM 2500 Engine-Driven Generator
    MinotaurTM 2500 Engine-Driven Generator The MinotaurTM 2500 Electrical Power System is engineered to deliver unattended prime power with an long-life engine...
  • Filtration: Cooling Tower Side Stream Filtration - Electromedia® VII
    Filtration: Cooling Tower Side Stream Filtration - Electromedia® VII

    A permanent media filtration system formulated for the filtration of cooling tower water at slightly elevated temperatures operating at near calcium carbonate saturation.

  • Ultrasonic Level Monitor
    Ultrasonic Level Monitor Bindicator incorporated Echelon protocol from LonWorks into its MS-2000 Series ultrasonic level monitors to assist ininstallation...
  • Ast 3000 Series Transfer Switches
    Ast 3000 Series Transfer Switches When you require a complete basic automatic transfer switch, we have the solution
  • Membrane Separation
    Membrane Separation Where required, PIONEER offers Membrane Separation systems for separating undesirable substances e.g. treatment of Natural Gas or Landfill Gas (CO2 Removal).
  • Refrigeration Products
    Refrigeration Products Off the shelf standard Evaporators and Condensers designed with the latest technology enhanced tubing engineered specifically for refrigeration applications
  • Business Strategies EFI provides unique services in business strategies that help our clients develop strategic and financial solutions to product and business challenges
  • Digital Camera
    Digital Camera The Digital Science Field Imaging System 265 is a GPS-enabled camera system provides the ability to add high quality images to GIS projects
  • Gas Cylinder Sling
    Gas Cylinder Sling The BoaGrip gas cylinder sling is an adjustable tool for gripping, carrying and suspending gas cylinders
  • MOTOTRBO™  Mobile Radios
    MOTOTRBO™ Mobile Radios MOTOTRBO is changing the way businesses communicate. You can gain the productivity of powerful data applications such as MOTOTRBO Location Services and Text Messaging Services now. And with additional applications coming from Motorola’s Application Developer Program, you’ll be able to leverage ongoing new capabilities—and get the most from your communications investment.
  • Calibration: Beamex® MC2 Series Calibrators
    Calibration: Beamex® MC2 Series Calibrators Calibration: The Beamex® MC2 calibration series includes three different handheld calibrators for field use. An MC2 is a compact-sized and easy-to-use handheld calibrator.
  • PowerBase™ Many computer systems which store substation data and engineering data are legacy systems that require being updated to new PC networks, intranets or web enabled applications
  • Opacity/Dust Monitor
    Opacity/Dust Monitor The Model 550 opacity/dust monitor features an electronically modulated solid state LED to ensure stable operation
  • Motor Control Centers
    Motor Control Centers Motion control centers and limit amps are designed to control and protect motors
  • DayCor(R) Superb
    DayCor(R) Superb DayCor® Superb is a daytime solar blind corona and arcing detecting system designed to assist the power industry in their routine, predictive and preventive maintenance tasks performed during foot patrol. Special ergonomics developments make the Superb a comfortable hand held inspection device. A top quality LCD enables team work and relieves the eyes from strain or fatigue. A dedicated carrying vest relieves the arms from getting tired within few minutes, and frees them to do other necessary operations, without loosing the inspected subject. Superb has a keypad to activate its functions, with clear and readable tags. The inspection routine is recorded and stored internally for later reporting and analysis generation. Superb is light in weight and is most fit for substations' and generations' inspections. http://www.daycor.com/DayCor-Family/Superb.html
  • The Detroit VacPak
    The Detroit VacPak The Detroit VacPak combines separation and filtration in a single unit that occupies less space than conventional systems. Its ash receiver and separator remove heavy particles
  • Revolving Inventory The Utilitywarehouse.com connects buyers and sellers direct, worldwide, in the Utility Surplus Market
  • Tri-Mode Satellite and Cellular Phone
    Tri-Mode Satellite and Cellular Phone The Globalstar GSP 1600 portable phone offers clear digital
  • AdaptiveTrader™ AdaptiveTrader is a powerful software solution designed for Fortune 1000 companies who are dynamically buying and selling commodity items
  • PI-ODBC (Integration) PI-ODBC extends the reach of the Plant Information (PI) System, enabling a PI System to interoperate with all major, established database systems.
  • COP-CFV™ & COP-XF™
    COP-CFV™ & COP-XF™ In order to meet clients’ demands for larger turn-key and fully assembled standard plant concepts, Degrémont Technologies can supply a range of containerised systems to complement their larger bespoke ozone systems as used in high-profile disinfection plants.
  • LUV Boiler Recirculation Pump
    LUV Boiler Recirculation Pump

    The LUV boiler recirculation pump is specially designed for use in supercritical power stations. Features include bearings designed for the highest loads under transient operating conditions, optimized rotor-dynamic behavior with low vibrations, and long, reduced-shank studs to cope with most severe pressure and temperature transients.

  • Evaporative Processes
    Evaporative Processes Aquatech’s experience with evaporative systems for the concentration of various industrial products is vast. Their experience includes a wide range of technologies that meet specific applications for thermal processes that are used for product concentration or re-concentration or process fluids.
  • Robust Ultrafiltration Modules With Up To 91m<sup>2</sup> Membrane Surface Area And Flexible Connection Options
    Robust Ultrafiltration Modules With Up To 91m2 Membrane Surface Area And Flexible Connection Options

    Liqui-Flux® Water Modules - Economical Reliability in Ultrafiltration

  • <b>Sewage Pump Station</b>
    Sewage Pump Station Pre Packaged sewage Pump stations in a wide variety of configurations to meet the customers exact demands are available.
  • Centrifugal Pumps and Mechanical Seals Course
    Centrifugal Pumps and Mechanical Seals Course This five day course, “Take the Mystery out of Pumps and Mechanical Seals”, will provide the attendee with a strong understanding of both centrifugal pumps and mechanical seals
  • Commpac Generator Sets
    Commpac Generator Sets Compact standby generator sets 8.2 through 23KW for residential, small business or camps
  • Design Exploration Technology
    Design Exploration Technology iSIGHT 5.5, the latest version of iSIGHT, includes two additional optimization techniques, parallel processing
  • OZAT&reg; CFV Series (Oxygen Fed)
    OZAT® CFV Series (Oxygen Fed) The OZAT® CFV ozone generators incorporate Degrémont Technologies’ patented “Advanced Technology” dielectric segments together with a state-of-the-art IGBT power supply unit.
  • Thermal Spray Coating Applications & Manufacturing Industries
    Thermal Spray Coating Applications & Manufacturing Industries Thermal spray coating applications & manufacturing industries include Aerospace, Semiconductor, Power Generation, Textile
  • Insurance and Bonding We have a standard one to ten million-dollar General Liability Insurance
  • POWER-GEN 2000: Slip Analyzer for Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
    POWER-GEN 2000: Slip Analyzer for Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) AltOptronic’s LDS 3000 analyzer is designed to handle the very rough industrial environment consisting of high
  • Fiber Optic Laser Tachometer LT-880
    Fiber Optic Laser Tachometer LT-880 The LT-880 Fiber Optic Laser Tachometer is a non-contact instrument designed to measure rates of rotation by sensing the presence of absence of a reflective surface in its optical beam.
  • Hauling
    Hauling Rollback trucks and tractors with specialized trailers to accommodate the transport of all types of machinery.
  • T10 Flourescents
    T10 Flourescents This fluorescent lamp has been around since 1984. It has been a well kept secret and because saving energy was not as important as it is today, nobody really noticed it.
  • Laser Monitoring System
    Laser Monitoring System The laser system measures and monitors alignment changes, or thermal growth, of rotating machinery during operation
  • 0 <FONT FACE="Symbol">&#174;</FONT> 6KV Cap Charging Power Supply
    ® 6KV Cap Charging Power Supply" href="/doc/0-font-facesymbolfont-6kv-cap-charging-power-0001">0 ® 6KV Cap Charging Power Supply The “C” Series of high-voltage regulated DC-DC converters are designed for fast rise-time/charging applications utilizing state-of-the-art power conversion topology...
  • Flood Certificate and Maps The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Flood Certificate provides certification of a property's location in relation to identified flood zones
  • Metrology Xplorer Web Server
    Metrology Xplorer Web Server The new Metrology Xplorer Web server allows users to browse their calibration database and retrieve MET/CAL, 5500/CAL and MET/TRACK data over the Internet or corporate intranet...
  • MOS (Mixed Oxidant Solution)
    MOS (Mixed Oxidant Solution)

    MOS is a high performing yet environmentally benign disinfectant. Revolutionary efficacy is derived from the 2nd oxidant present in the solution – Hydrogen Peroxide, which co-exists for 24-48 hours after electrolysis.

  • Transportable Emission Testing Systems These emission test trailers are customized, rugged and totally operational systems that satisfy a variety of
  • Gas Co-Firing Machine
    Gas Co-Firing Machine Naturally gas co-firing machine-produced biogas comes from
  • Computer Data Acquisition and Analysis Program
    Computer Data Acquisition and Analysis Program Generatortech, Inc. provides a MS-Windows based program (MS-Windows 3.x or MS-Windows 95) that combines data acquisition
  • Tuneable Laser Source: FTE-6000
    Tuneable Laser Source: FTE-6000 The Terahertz Technologies FTE-6000 Hand Held Tuneable Laser Source (TLS) Is available in C and L Bands. The FTE-6000 is manufactured in our rugged splash proof housing with a highly protective boot. Our TLS displays in wavelength, frequency or ITU channel. The Tuneable Laser Source is a great match with our FTE-8000 (Optical Spectrum Analyzer) for installation, commissioning and trouble shooting of DWDM networks.
  • Portable Flowmeter with Enhanced Multi-phase Flow Capability The handheld TransPort PT868-R uses clamp-on transducers the PT868-R to measure flow rate through ...
  • Flame Scanner
    Flame Scanner The Safe Flame DFS scanner detects the presence of flame in utility and industrial boilers
  • EMC Symmetrix VMAX Family
    EMC Symmetrix VMAX Family

    Accelerate your transformation to the software-defined data center with the world's most powerful, trusted, and smart family of storage products.

  • Temperature Curing Non-Drip Epoxy
    Temperature Curing Non-Drip Epoxy Polymer Adhesive EP21ND is a two component epoxy adhesive for general purpose bonding
  • Harmony Wireless Communication System: Enhance Workforce Productivity And Reduce Mobile Communication Costs
    Harmony Wireless Communication System: Enhance Workforce Productivity And Reduce Mobile Communication Costs Today, successful operations depend on reliable, secure and seamless communications. The Harmony Wireless Communication System from Motorola combines the best features of digital twoway radio, cellular telephone, packet data and paging in a single integrated system.
  • Clean Power Series AC Drives
    Clean Power Series AC Drives The Clean Power Series is a new generation of AC Drives
  • Accelapak®
    Accelapak® The Accelapak is a modular plant combining all the necessary components for clarification, softening, and filtration into a single compact system. Its versatile design makes it ideal for: Industrial or municipal, potable and service water treatment of well, surface, or water reuse supplies for industrial and municipal applications.
  • Promag 50W
    Promag 50W

    Modular device and operating concept resulting in a higher degree of efficiency

  • Phase-Fired SCR Power Controllers
    Phase-Fired SCR Power Controllers The SSR P series power control are reliable and economical
  • Procurement and Sourcing Optimization The revolutionary Adaptive Enterprise Optimization Server ™ can be very effectively used by Global 2000 companies that buy large quantities of commodities, substitutable or blendable items, and/or raw materials. It enables companies to aggregate demand while including preferences, constraints, and schedules in order to optimally allocate purchasing and sourcing decisions across multiple suppliers.
  • 8246 R95 Respirator
    8246 R95 Respirator The 8246 R95 Respirator provides reliable worker protection against certain oil and non-oil based aerosol particles including those present with nuisance levels of acid gases..
  • Instrumentation: OCX8800 Oxygen/Combustibles Transmitter
    Instrumentation: OCX8800 Oxygen/Combustibles Transmitter

    The OCX 8800 with its rugged design, stable sensor, electronics and software package, is the most dependable oxygen/combustibles transmitter on the market. The time-tested and world renowned zirconium oxide sensor is the basis for the oxygen measurement. This, coupled with the new combustibles sensor can detect oxygen and combustibles concentrations in flue gases with temperatures up to 2600°F (1427°C).

  • Strategic Advisory Services Information & Strategic Advice
  • WATER<I>TRAK</i>&trade; Softeners
    WATERTRAK™ Softeners A water softener utilizes the ion exchange process, which exchanges calcium and magnesium "hardness" ions for sodium a "soft" ion
  • Power Generation Evaporative Cooling Application
    Power Generation Evaporative Cooling Application McGuffy Systems has designed and fabricated the air inlet, turbine enclosure and exhaust silencer for an ongoing project that supplies generating stations in all parts of the world.
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