• Spacer Cable
    Spacer Cable Spacer Cable is a pre-engineered electrical distribution system designed for high reliability, low operating costs, and improved right-of-way flexibility
  • Desalination

    Desalination units of the multiple-effect type use the distillation process to produce fresh water

  • Lewatit Ion Exchange Resins The Ion Exchange Business Unit of Bayer Corporation provides world-class ion exchange resins to meet the needs of a broad base of industrial applications
  • Power Plus Once again, COEN continues to raise the standard for the entire combustion industry
  • Service Contracts And Preventative Maintenance
    Service Contracts And Preventative Maintenance

    Our service contracts are custom tailored to help you get the most value from your water treatment equipment investment. The Evoqua service template is customized for your equipment and operating parameters.

  • Pulley Alignment Tool
    Pulley Alignment Tool The DotLine Laser combines V-belt pulley precision alignment with laser leveling in a single hand-held permanently calibrated tool
  • FLEX-250 Fabric Expansion Joints
    FLEX-250 Fabric Expansion Joints With EJS 's years of expertise in high quality expansion joints, we are proud to offer a cost-effective solution for our customers who want the benefits of a fabric expansion joint
  • Calibrator Meter
    Calibrator Meter The combination calibrator/laboratory meter measures conductivity, cation conductivity, reboiled (degassed) conductivity, pH, and ORP
  • Current Transformers
    Current Transformers The company’s line of Instrumentation Grade Electrical Current Transformers are available in either Commercial or ANSI Metering Class
  • Beamex Workshop Solution
    Beamex Workshop Solution The ideal instrument and electrical workshop is designed to meet the specific needs of an industrial plant. In addition, it has high-performing, reliable measurement equipment and systems that deliver improved efficiency and quality.
  • Self-Seal GG-200
    Self-Seal GG-200 Self Seal GG-200 is a single component, low modulus, non-slumping silicone sealant designed for wall applications
  • Power Line Protection - DIN Rail mounted<P>
    Power Line Protection - DIN Rail mounted

    The DEHNguard® series consists of the basic DEHNguard® model, a single pole SPD (TVSS), single MOV modular device, with a thermal disconnect, in a sealed thermoplastic enclosure for DIN-3 rail mounting

  • Hydrazine Hydrate Bayer produces Hydrazine Hydrate for the world marketplace, as well as for captive use
  • ProPanel MP2500
    ProPanel MP2500 The ProPanel MP2500 was introduced in 1997 as the world's first fully sealed
  • Building Envelope Performance Survey
    Building Envelope Performance Survey The infrared survey of the building envelope detects and records the thermal performance of the wall and window
  • "Smart" Transmitter The Type EQS "smart" transmitter for temperature measurement in process-control applications such as water treatment accepts RTD, thermocouple, millivolt, and ohms inputs.
  • Aquatower Cooling Tower
    Aquatower Cooling Tower Reliable performance has made this design the industry standard for over 50 years.
  • Ultrasonic Predictive Maintenance Surveys
    Ultrasonic Predictive Maintenance Surveys Infrared Consulting Services employs airborne non-contact testing of high voltage equipment to detect arcing,
  • Harmony Series: AC & DC Power Supplies
    Harmony Series: AC & DC Power Supplies Since Robicon’s inception, we have designed and manufactured equipment utilizing the latest available device technology
  • Steam Properties
    Steam Properties This program calculates the properties of superheated,
  • TW - Tank Washing Nozzles
    TW - Tank Washing Nozzles TW - Tank Washing Nozzles by BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc
  • Energy Converter
    Energy Converter This Energy Converter, a closed cycle vapor turbogenerator, is a fully integrated, tested and certified power system
  • Retrofit Services
    Retrofit Services A Peerless retrofit is a cost effective solution to your separator problem.
  • Panel Instrumentation Catalog
    Panel Instrumentation Catalog The company introduces a new panel instrumentation catalog featuring indicators, controllers, transmitters, and calibrators
  • Oils Shell TURBO IG Oil 32 is a highly refined paraffinic turbine oil formulated to meet the higher temperatures found in industrial gas turbines.
  • Toshiba Drives
    Toshiba Drives Toshiba's Adjustable Speed Drives are easily integrated into your control system
  • Thermo Scientific Monitoring Solutions Demonstration Trailers
    Thermo Scientific Monitoring Solutions Demonstration Trailers Ideal for on-site tours, the ambient or source solutions demonstration trailer can be scheduled for facility visits, demonstrations and/or educational sessions.
  • 5-Port Fiber Switch
    5-Port Fiber Switch The Model S7055X 5-port switch provides fiber optic links for 10Base and 100Base networks simultaneously. The 4 UTP ports (RJ45)...
  • Switchgear From Caterpillar
    Switchgear From Caterpillar

    From standby/load management to multiple-unit utility paralleling configurations, Cat® Switchgear provides a harmonized system solution by integrating elements of generator set function, control and monitoring in a single-source package

  • Portable Electromagnetic Open Channel Flowmeter
    Portable Electromagnetic Open Channel Flowmeter Marsh-McBirney, Inc. has introduced an updated version of the original Flo-Tote Portable Flowmeter...
  • Cable Concrete™ Block Mat System
    Cable Concrete™ Block Mat System Cable Concrete™ protects underlying subgrades while allowing beneficial vegetative growth
  • Turn Key Services We offer Turn Key Services (Conception, Engineering to Application and Testing)
  • Display Products TransTours Exhibits has many display products ranging in size from a whole piece of show equipment in an exclusive or training program to a graphic
  • Full Duplex Multimedia Extender The POC6900 system provides simultaneous transmission of one Ethernet channel, one video channel, one stereo or two monaural audio channels
  • Automatic Meter Reading
    Automatic Meter Reading In addition to providing multi-channel load recording capabilities, the AIM ComMudule II automatic meter reading device provides a platform for integrating future powerline carrier and wireless LAN products into the company’s telephony-based metering system
  • Sensors- Mettler-Toledo Thornton Portable 550 TOC Sensor
    Sensors- Mettler-Toledo Thornton Portable 550 TOC Sensor Sensors- Thornton's 550 Total Organic Carbon Analyzer sensor provides continuous online TOC analysis of pure and ultrapure waters, using proven UV-Oxidation/Differential Conductivity measurement technology, simultaneously displaying sample water TOC, resistivity or conductivity (un-compensated or compensated) and temperature.
  • Generator Gas Analyzer (GGA)
    Generator Gas Analyzer (GGA) Environment One's Generator Gas Analyzer (GGA) is a customized approach to hydrogen gas monitoring for electric power generators featuring
  • Railway, the high speed integral
    Railway, the high speed integral Jenbacher AG has developed a standard-gauge train system going fully new directions in contrast to conventional rail vehicle concepts
  • Stud Drive Tool (SDT)
    Stud Drive Tool (SDT) Safely threads studs in and out of nuclear RPV pressure vessels in minutes
  • High Pressure Fluid System Vertical Pump Upgrade
    High Pressure Fluid System Vertical Pump Upgrade The high pressure fluid system vertical pump upgrade is designed to replace existing horizontally mounted pumps
  •  Century Manhole® Containment Cover
    Century Manhole® Containment Cover Hydrogen sulfide gas has devastating effects on concrete
  • Flame Sensor System
    Flame Sensor System TP20 flame scanners provide performance and reliability
  • Model 82i Mercury Probe Controller
    Model 82i Mercury Probe Controller

    The Thermo Scientific Model 82i probe controller is microprocessor-driven and connected by an umbilical to the stack probe and mercury converter. The controller automates probe calibration and dynamic spiking, and confirms auto dilution. It also monitors probe temperature, measures flow rates and pressure in the sampling loop, and enables automated filter blowback.

  • Canister Kit
    Canister Kit This kit provides early detection of any excessive
  • Model 42i TL Trace Level NOX Analyzer
    Model 42i TL Trace Level NOX Analyzer

    Using chemiluminescence technology, the Model 42i-TL measures the amount of nitrogen oxides in the air from sub-ppb levels up to 1000ppb. The Model 42i-TL is a single chamber, single photomultiplier tube design that cycles between the NO, NOx and Zero modes

  • Series WD 500 Shaft Seals
    Series WD 500 Shaft Seals Series WD 500 shaft seals are preassembled for sealing rotating shafts in blowers, agitators and dryers.
  • Cooling Water Supply Systems
    Cooling Water Supply Systems Our scope of supplies and services extends from engineering services to the supply and erection of turn-key cooling water supply systems.
  • SpeedSeal&reg; Program
    SpeedSeal® Program

    Chesterton has increased service worldwide with the SpeedSeal® Program. These fully integrated production facilities rely on advanced computer controlled equipment combined with flexible tooling and semi-finished material to provide you with a broad selection of proven designs and a wide range of high performance materials with same day shipment.

  • DC Hipot Circuit
    DC Hipot Circuit Through software control the Charge LO circuit may be programmed to monitor the charging current that is present to charge a capacitive DUT
  • Sonic/Ultrasonic Fault Detector
    Sonic/Ultrasonic Fault Detector The Model 5550FD Fault Detector was developed principally as a tool to help power generating stations set up a
  • Climber Pads & Straps
    Climber Pads & Straps Buckingham's climber accessories, such as climber pads, footplate, leg and foot straps are manufactured using the highest quality leather and man made components
  • Cellular Data and Messaging Communication System
    Cellular Data and Messaging Communication System Providing wireless connectivity for an array of short-packet signaling and messaging services, the MicroBurst technology employs the control channel infrastructure of the cellular network as a transmission medium for ubiquitous coverage
  • MH15 Series
    MH15 Series Head mounted with position feedback for Modulating Gate or Globe valves.
  • Power Generation System
    Power Generation System The Capstone MicroTurbine is a compact, low emission, power
  • CellReader&reg;
    CellReader® The iDEN CellReader is the ideal wireless communication solution for commercial and industrial solid state electric meters. It provides these meters with RF communications capabilities and complements the effectiveness of meter data collection and monitoring of electrical commercial and industrial customers.
  • Failure Analysis OCE's special expertise is in quantifying all aspects of failure analysis
  • Installed Base Management & Entitlements
    Installed Base Management & Entitlements

    In service, visibility is priceless. Nothing has the potential to frustrate and disappoint your customer more than a service technician or call center agent who knows nothing about the issue or challenge the customer is facing, and the history behind it.

  • Calibration Software: Beamex® CMX PROFESSIONAL
    Calibration Software: Beamex® CMX PROFESSIONAL Calibration Software: The Beamex® CMX Professional is calibration management software with wide customization possibilities. It is suitable for large and medium-sized companies, which require an advanced, efficient calibration system that meets their specific needs.
  • The Harmony Wireless Communication System
    The Harmony Wireless Communication System The Harmony Wireless Communication System is a digital wireless solution. It provides a complete private communications package for customers who own and want control of their 800 and 900 MHz frequencies.
  • Watt—Current—Voltage Transducers
    Watt—Current—Voltage Transducers The Single Phase Watt Transducer is a true solid-state watt transducer
  • 1-890 Vibration
    1-890 Vibration The 1-890 is a versatile multi-purpose vibration switch. It features a built-in accelerometer
  • OSHA Training Software:  Electric Utilities
    OSHA Training Software: Electric Utilities This version of Instant OSHA Plus is an occupational training program for safety and health specifically for public power utilities
  • Hydropneumatic Tank Systems
    Hydropneumatic Tank Systems The PULSCO Hydropneumatic Tank System is a sophisticated control and feedback system that maintains water system pressure at a constant level
  • 5 kV - 46kV Spacer Cable Systems
    5 kV - 46kV Spacer Cable Systems Messenger Supported Primary Distribution Systems Using Covered Conductors In A Close Triangular Configuration
  • Uprated Cooling Systems
    Uprated Cooling Systems Weidmann-ACTI develops a thermal model of the existing design, evaluates the design and current condition of the cooling system components (analytical study and/or on-site thermographic inspection)
  • UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply - 1200kVA from Caterpillar
    UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply - 1200kVA from Caterpillar Caterpillar provides the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) 150 kVA System with flywheel-based technology
  • Polycom SoundStation Premier Conference Phone
    Polycom SoundStation Premier Conference Phone SoundStation Premier sets a new standard in full-duplex audioconferencing quality. Incorporating our revolutionary
  • Maintenance Sorbent Mini-Boom
    Maintenance Sorbent Mini-Boom The Maintenance Sorbent Mini-Boom will "sorb" most non-aggressive liquids and is used in maintenance applications.
  • Elastic Support of Test Stands and Testing Equipment
    Elastic Support of Test Stands and Testing Equipment Test stands and other testing equipment are being used worldwide to study dynamic behaviors
  • Heated Self Compensating Duct Probe
    Heated Self Compensating Duct Probe

    The heated Self Compensating Duct Probe (SCDP-H) has been designed for use in temperatures as low as -40 °C. When used with a GDA aspirator, it provides a complete duct sampling system capable of operating in hazardous areas. The SCDP-H allows simple, trouble free, representative sampling of duct environments.

  • Maintenance Material handling systems take real punishment day in and day out
  • Battery Charge Manager
    Battery Charge Manager Never worry when your battery bank is called upon to meet your needs
  • Wash-Water Recycling Systems
    Wash-Water Recycling Systems The company, a manufacturer of pressure washers and water cleaning systems, offers two fully automated wash-water recycling systems.
  • Wet Electrostatic Precipitator
    Wet Electrostatic Precipitator The self-cleaning wet electrostatic precipitator (WESP) is designed to harness electrostatic forces and temperature differential to affect particle movement
  • Gas Compressor Coolers
    Gas Compressor Coolers Three stage Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) compressor package with compressor oil cooling loop incorporated into the air cooler
  • Project Survey
    Project Survey LNG Express Project Survey is a quarterly worldwide listing of LNG projects and infrastructure
  • Instrumentation and Calibration TMP services the process control and instrumentation systems and devices that are critical for the proper operation, safety and product quality
  • Portable Digital Video System
    Portable Digital Video System The QuickView is a portable digital video system designed to make inspections quicker and easier to perform. The unitized camera system, with a telescoping pole that extends out to 18’, allows a single operator to inspect inside tanks, vessels, manholes, and related wastewater and storm water lines, without the need to physically enter hazardous or confined spaces.
  • ExpressTech Coatings
    ExpressTech Coatings Sherwin-Williams knows the costs of coating projects go beyond the price of the coating. There are labor expenditures and equipment costs and most importantly — the cost of downtime.
  • Swirl Cool Liquid-To-Air Heat Exchanger
    Swirl Cool Liquid-To-Air Heat Exchanger This liquid-to-air heat exchanger is designed for mobile and stationary applications where air flow is available through the unit...
  • Business License System
    Business License System The Business License System is designed for use by cities and counties to manage the issuance of Business Licenses and track historical detail about the Business Licenses. This system allows user-defined rates, penalties, interest, cash registers, cash drawers, license parameters, invoice parameters, statement parameters, and even cash receipt parameters.
  • Power Generation - Diesel Generation Set 320-550kW Powered By The Cat C15
    Power Generation - Diesel Generation Set 320-550kW Powered By The Cat C15 The rating ranges for this new package include 350 – 550 ekW (Standby) and 320 – 455 ekW (Prime) in a 60 Hz model, and 400 – 550 kVA (Standby) and 365 – 500 kVA (Prime) in a 50 Hz model, all powered by the new Cat C15 engine...
  • Isomembrane Air In-Leakage Control Solutions
    Isomembrane Air In-Leakage Control Solutions During heating up, cooling down and even in operation, the many steam and water tubes collecting here move in opposing directions due to thermal expansion.
  • Combined Cycle & Cogeneration
    Combined Cycle & Cogeneration Combined Cycle & Cogeneration
  • RF and Video Coaxial Protection
    RF and Video Coaxial Protection DEHN Inc. DGA G N and DGA AG N are designed to provide critical surge and lightning protection for RF transceivers
  • OZAT&reg; CFV Series (Air Fed)
    OZAT® CFV Series (Air Fed) The OZAT® CFV ozone generators incorporate Degrémont Technologies’ patented "Advanced Technology" dielectric segments together with a state-of-the-art IGBT power supply unit.
  • Thickness Testing Systems
    Thickness Testing Systems Matching the customer’s preferred combination of instrument features, probes, accessories, and software, the company can provide a solution for thickness inspection needs
  • SideStreamCleanPLUS Systems
    SideStreamCleanPLUS Systems SideStreamCleanPLUS is a packaged system using ILB, HTH, or a HTX separator and also including a pump, Solids Recovery Vessel, and other components assembled on a steel skid
  • Prestige 1500
    Prestige 1500 Prestige 1500 offers uninterruptible power protection against power failures, power sags, power surges, brownouts, and high voltage spikes
  • EMC Documentum xCP
    EMC Documentum xCP

    Accelerate development of intelligent case management applications and automate business processes to improve efficiency and compliance.

  • Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor The Perfect Harmony line of medium voltage variable frequency drives uses a power circuit technology
  • 30K Lip Seal
    30K Lip Seal Chesterton® 30K’s lip seals are high performance lip seals that are ideal for dynamic rotary seal applications. These seals provide excellent service in bearing and gear box applications that utilize conventional oil lip seals.
  • Instrumentation: OCX8800 Oxygen/Combustibles Transmitter
    Instrumentation: OCX8800 Oxygen/Combustibles Transmitter

    The OCX 8800 with its rugged design, stable sensor, electronics and software package, is the most dependable oxygen/combustibles transmitter on the market. The time-tested and world renowned zirconium oxide sensor is the basis for the oxygen measurement. This, coupled with the new combustibles sensor can detect oxygen and combustibles concentrations in flue gases with temperatures up to 2600°F (1427°C).

  • Silencer Bellows Seals (SBS)
    Silencer Bellows Seals (SBS) Silencer Bellows Seals (SBS) were designed to reduce the cost of accommodating the large thermal growth problem which is common on safety relief steam and vent piping
  • National Gas Generator Sets
    National Gas Generator Sets Energetech offers natural gas cogeneration or utility displacement systems
  • Manganese Surface and ground waters rarely contain more than 1 mg/L of soluble or suspended manganese.
  • Conery Junction Boxes
    Conery Junction Boxes The Conery series junction boxes make for clean and professional installations
  • Universal Flowmeter
    Universal Flowmeter The Magnum universal flowmeter measures the flow of conductive liquids in filled pipes
  • Opacity Monitor
    Opacity Monitor Featuring a back-lit LCD with keypad programmable items, the Model 90AS is a microprocessor based, short-span (10 ft or less) EPA compliance opacity monitor
  • Re-Acceleration Relay
    Re-Acceleration Relay The Model 553 Re-Acceleration Relay is designed to take the place of a voltage sensing relay and two time delay relays