1. Optical Dissolved Oxygen Measurement In Power Plants

    The majority of existing dissolved oxygen analyzers use amperometric sensors. While these are renowned for their accuracy and reliability, issues encountered by users include maintenance complexity and frequency, in addition to flow dependence and calibration needs.

  2. Silica Analyzer Calibration Verification: Ensuring Confidence In The Quality Of Steam Cycle Water For The 5500sc Silica Analyzer And DR3900 Spectrophotometer

    When used together, the Hach® 5500sc Silica Analyzer [0.5-5000 μg/L SiO2] and Ultra-Low-Range (ULR) Silica Method 8282 lab analysis [3-1000 μg/L SiO2] ensure the most accurate and reliable silica monitoring results.

  3. Further Advances In Monitoring Low Level Iron In The Stream Cycle

    In an earlier paper, it was discussed how a laser Nephelometer could be used to detect the transfer of corrosion products in a HRSG power plant at ppb levels with particles in the sub-micron size range. By Kenneth Kuruc, Denton Slovacek & Luke Johnson

  4. Calibration Of The High Purity 8362sc pH Electrode

    The calibration of online low conductivity pH probes can be extremely time-consuming. After exposure to a high ionic strength calibration buffer, equilibration back to the low ionic strength process water can take hours.

  5. Hach Laboratory Quick Guide For Power Applications

    From process monitoring to laboratory verification, Hach is your trusted partner, assuring maximum uptime through preventive protection and superior service.

  6. Titralab AT1000 Series Titrators

    The Titralab AT1000 Series laboratory analysis systems are one touch, automatic analyzers, covering both Potentiometric Titration (AT1000 Series) and Karl Fischer volumetric Titration (KF1000 Series) with pre-set methods that can quickly deliver accurate and reliable results straight from the box, allowing anyone in the laboratory to immediately perform accurate and reproducible titrations.

  7. IMEC UPW System Utilizes 3M™ Liqui-Cel™ Membrane Contactors For Oxygen Removal

    IMEC (Interuniversity Micro- Electronics Center) in Belgium is Europe's largest independent research center. It focuses on microelectronics, nanotechnology, and enabling design methods and technologies for ICT (Integrated Circuit Technology) systems. IMEC's research runs 3 to 10 years ahead of industrial needs.

  8. SUEZ Ideas To Innovate Water Brochure

    SUEZ provides sustainable, integrated equipment solutions and services to assist industries and municipalities in meeting their water treatment challenges for a wide range of applications: municipal drinking water and wastewater; industrial water and wastewater; and biosolids management. Treatment Solutions draws upon a broad portfolio of technologies such as headworks, separations, biological, biosolids, disinfection, deionization, membranes and evaporators/crystallizers that have demonstrated success at over 10,000 sites in North America.

  9. DensaDeg® Clarifier/Thickener Brochure

    The DensaDeg® clarifier/thickener is a high-rate solids contact clarifier which combines optimized flocculation, internal and external sludge recirculation, and plate settling in two conjoined vessels.

  10. Mobile Equipment Solutions and Services Brochure

    SUEZ Service Solutions is a solution provider for your water purification needs. With over 20 years of experience, we provide reliable service 24 hours per day, in as quick as 2 hours. With our strategically located service facilities, SUEZ can provide quick economical service.