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  1. EDF Renewables And EnterSolar Form Strategic Partnership

    EDF Renewables North America (EDF Renewables), a leading developer in the renewable energy sector, and EnterSolar, a leading provider of distributed generation solar solutions to corporate commercial and industrial (C&I) customers, recently announced a strategic partnership whereby EDF Renewables will acquire a 50 percent interest in EnterSolar

  2. sPower Acquires 55 MWdc Idaho Solar 1 Project

    sPower, an industry leader in renewable assets, recently acquired the operating 55 MWdc Idaho Solar 1 project. Located in Kuna County, ID and placed in service in late 2016, the PV system will continue to operate and sell all output to Idaho Power Company under a 20-year contract

  3. Starwood Energy To Acquire Two Combined-Cycle Plants From Dominion Energy

    Starwood Energy Group Global, LLC, a leading private investment firm focused on energy infrastructure, announced today that it has signed an agreement to buy a 100 percent interest in two combined-cycle gas turbine ("CCGT") plants totaling 1,708 MW from Dominion Energy (NYSE: D) for approximately $1.23 billion

  4. GE Renewable Energy Launches Cypress Onshore Wind Platform, Designed To Grow, Adapt, Thrive And Lower The Cost Of Electricity For Customers

    GE Renewable Energy recently launched its new onshore turbine platform, named Cypress, and the next model from that platform, GE’s 5.3-158 turbine

  5. Alectra Expands Business Relationship With Sunverge Energy

    Alectra Utilities and Sunverge are expanding their business relationship with the deployment of two new programs: the Net Zero Energy Emissions (NZEE) program and a distribution level ancillary services market platform based on blockchain

  6. Alabama Power Issuing Two RFPs For Energy Projects

    Alabama Power is seeking proposals to meet future energy and reliability needs, including proposals for potential renewable energy projects

  7. Central Puerto Announces The Approval Of The Commercial Operation Of Achiras I Wind Farm (48 MW)

    Central Puerto S.A. (“Central Puerto”), the largest private sector power generation company in Argentina, as measured by generated power, announced the approval of the Commercial Operation of wind farm Achiras I with an installed capacity of 48 MW (net power), starting on September 20, 2018 at 0:00 hs. (the “Commercial Approval”)

  8. PW Power Systems Signs Contract With Zomet Energy Ltd. To Provide 400 Megawatts Of Flexible Power To Israel

    PW Power Systems, a provider of energy solutions for the power generation industry, has signed a turnkey agreement with Zomet Energy Ltd., a subsidiary of OPC Energy, to construct a 400-megawatt power plant near Kiryat Gat, Israel

  9. Laserpas Chooses Neurala To Enable AI-Powered Drone Inspection And Analysis Of Industrial Power Grid Components

    Deep learning neural networks company Neurala has today announced a partnership with Laserpas, one of the fastest growing utility asset management companies in the EU. Neurala’s computer vision and deep learning technology will be deployed as a critical element of Laserpas’ workflow, enabling more efficient aerial inspections and reducing the time it takes the company to analyze the data collected. Neurala’s technology will detect core components such as lattices, poles, and insulators, and identify

  10. Tetra Pak To Boost Renewable Energy Use With New Solar Array At Its U.S. Headquarters

    Tetra Pak is set to install a new photovoltaic (PV) panel array at its Denton, Texas campus. The move is part of the company's goal to use 100 percent renewable electricity in the U.S. by 2019 and worldwide by 2030