Sodium sorbents…To mill or not to mill? That is the question!

Dry sodium sorbents are effective in mitigating acid gases in flue gas emissions from coal fired power plants, cement and glass manufacturing, biomass and much more. Since a plant’s operating conditions, DSI equipment and location of the injection nozzles will all ultimately impact the product’s performance, a question often asked is: will milling sodium sorbents improve their level of effectiveness?...and if the answer is yes, why?

To reach extreme removal levels with SOLVAir Select Trona, on site milling should be considered. Milling could give a more even distribution in the flue gas duct and significantly more surface area for higher removal efficiency and lower sorbent use. 

Sodium Bicarbonate milled prior to injection into the flue gas stream vastly improves efficiency. It reacts rapidly with acid gases and is able to achieve high levels of multi-pollutant control. Alternatively, SOLVAir Select 350 Sodium Bicarbonate, a ready-to-use pre-milled product, can enhance performance when used in a properly designed injection system in lieu of installing a mill.

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Target Pollutants
Help eliminate or control HAPs pollutants such as HCl, as well as SO2, SO3, and particulates in stack gases with SOLVAir trona or sodium bicarbonate.

Industries Served
In coal-fired power plants, energy-from-waste power plants, industrial boilers and municipal waste incinerators, SOLVAir trona or sodium bicarbonate in a Dry Sorbent Injection system can effectively help reduce or eliminate SO2, SO3 and HCl.

SOLVAir® Products
SOLVAir Products, including SOLVAir Select 200 and 150 trona, and Select 300 and 350 sodium bicarbonate, are the direct approach for air pollution control. Whether in wet or dry scrubbers or Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI) systems, these are the products your plant needs to clear the air.

The Responsible Care® Initiative
We are committed to sustainable development through the Responsible Care initiative, a policy adhered to by all Solvay companies, in every country in which Solvay has a presence. The Responsible Care initiative underscores our focus on continuous improvement in the health, safety and environment of our planet.

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