Hach: The Water Analysis Experts for Power Generation

Hach offers the most comprehensive water analysis solution for continuous power generation.

With over 60 years as the leading expert in water quality analysis, you can trust Hach's knowledgeable and responsive support team to address your unique needs for the water applications throughout your entire process:
  • Influent water treatment
  • Condensate
  • Boiler feed water
  • Cooling water
  • Wastewater

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Whatever your water analysis challenge, Hach has the most complete solution including a broad offering of easy-to-maintain on-line instrumentation, accurate laboratory equipment, comprehensive test kits, and high-quality prepared reagents, measuring the broadest range of test parameters in the industry. Our lifetime technical support and a certified on-site service team are focused on keeping you on-line, extending the life of your equipment, and driving down your costs.


  • 5500sc Silica Analyzer
    5500sc Silica Analyzer

    Only two liters of reagent are required for the analyzer to perform unattended for up to 90 days; twice as long as the Series 5000.

  • ORBISPHERE K1100 Luminescent Oxygen Sensor
    ORBISPHERE K1100 Luminescent Oxygen Sensor

    The K1100 oxygen sensor is the first optical sensor to measure low level oxygen in Power plants that requires no maintenance for an entire year.

  • 9240 Multi Channel Sodium Analyzer
    9240 Multi Channel Sodium Analyzer The Hach 9240 Multi-channel Sodium Analyzer provides low level sodium measurement in high purity water applications for up to four channels. With a detection limit of 0.01ppb and a range of 0 to 10,000 ppb, this analyzer is ideally suited for monitoring sodium in demineralized water, boiler feedwater, condensate and all parts of the steam/water cycle. Other industrial applications such and process water in the semiconductor industry requiring effective sodium monitoring will also benefit form using this analyzer.
  • 8362sc High Purity Water pH Panel
    8362sc High Purity Water pH Panel The Hach 8362 sc High Purity Water pH/ORP Panel is designed for use in electric power generation, industrial boiler, pharmaceutical, microelectronics, and other applications that require excellent accuracy when measuring pH or ORP in ultrapure water.
  • DR 3900 Benchtop Spectrophotometer With RFID Technology
    DR 3900 Benchtop Spectrophotometer With RFID Technology The proven technology you have come to expect from Hach just got better. Built with the future of water analysis in mind, the DR 3900 will give consistently accurate results in a simpler testing format.
  • Hach Service Partnership Program
    Hach Service Partnership Program

    Lower your long-term costs, prolong the life of your product, and ensure consistent reporting. Partner with Hach for service to be confident that your instruments and operations are well maintained and functioning smoothly. You can also be assured that if something goes wrong, Hach will help resolve problems quickly and without hassles.

Virtual Power Plant- Critical Parameter for Water Analysis in Power


To help you find what you need, Hach has created a Virtual Power Plant that provides you with the latest information that you can search by process, parameter or product type. Please click the image above to access this Interactive Power Plant.


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