News | May 12, 2017

Wave And Tidal Win For 10MW Renewable Ocean Current Technology

Doosan Babcock is pleased to announce that our Asset Management team has won a second contract in the Wave and Tidal Energy sector in as many months. Following discussions at a Wave and Tidal developers conference in December Minesto, a marine energy technology developer, has contracted Doosan Babcock to carry out fatigue testing of their Deep Green technology. Testing will be carried out on two wing sections and work is expected to commence in early May within the Renfrew Test Facility.

The project will run for around two months and preparations are now underway in the Technology & Engineering workshop to test the specimen.

The project supports the commissioning of the first commercial-scale Deep Green 0.5MW power plant, which Minesto will install in Holyhead Deep, Wales.

The team are delighted to be part of such an exciting project and hope to use this to grow our reputation as a key services provider in the growing Wave and Tidal Sector.

SOURCE: Doosan Babcock