Datasheet | September 10, 2010

Datasheet: WATERTRAK™ Clarifiers

Source: Aquatech International Corporation

The WATERTRAK™ clarifiers are based on the solids contact type process that combines coagulation, flocculation and settling in a single tank. This is a proven technology that is reliable and efficient. The WATERTRAK™ clarifiers are designed based on Aquatech's 30 years experience and can be used in a variety of applications including solids / turbidity reduction, hardness reduction using lime / caustic / soda ash, silica reduction etc.

The WATERTRAK™ clarifiers are available in a number of sizes and configurations that can be easily adapted to meet the individual customers' needs. These units are available in sizes starting from 12' diameter to 90' in diameter. Each unit includes several standard features including a hydraulic driven rake drive, radial launders for uniform collection, access ladder with safety cage, high torque cutoff switch for safety, etc. An experienced application specialist will work with the customer to select a system that is best suited for the specific application.