Wastewater and Process Water Treatment

Source: Garratt-Callahan Company
The company's wastewater treatment products and technical support services are designed to meet the standards required for water and wastewater treatment
Garratt-Callahan Company's products and technical support services for wastewater processing are designed to meet the demands required for water and wastewater treatment. Polymers are selected to deliver effective dewatering of solids, increase throughput and reduce sludge volumes. Coagulants and flocculants have been developed for a range of treatment applications. A line of feed, storage, and monitoring equipment allows for the user to have a single source for equipment and chemicals. Garratt-Callahan Company's EPA certified laboratory analyzes effluent and monitors outfalls to comply with the client's NPDES permit.

Liquid coagulants are designed for high clarification rates and give low sludge volumes compared to alum and other conventional coagulants. They also assist in oil and grease removal, remove fine suspended particles quickly and efficiently, work at a wide pH range, reduce the need for acid or caustic, and permit low dosage due to high active content, according to Garratt-Callahan Company.

The emulsion, liquid, or dry flocculants with a range of charge values and molecular weights are available. These flocculants have been developed to increase solids to produce a drier cake, eliminate process upsets through precise selection of products and provide versatility to meet the needs specific to each plant's process or application.

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