News | July 14, 2017

Wärtsilä Ensures Optimal Performance Of Pampa Energia's Multi-Fuel Power Plant

The technology group Wärtsilä will take full operations and maintenance responsibility for Pampa Energia S.A.’s installation Central Térmica Parque Pilar located in the Buenos Aires province, Argentina. Under the 10-year agreement, Wärtsilä will ensure the reliable electricity generation of the highly efficient Wärtsilä Smart Power Generation installation.

The efficient and flexible Wärtsilä engines chosen by Pampa Energia S.A., combined with Wärtsilä’s extensive experience in operating large power installations, paved the way for the 10-year operation and maintenance (O&M) agreement, signed in May 2017. Upon completion, the Central Térmica Parque Pilar power plant will have an output of 100 MW. The base load facility is powered by six Wärtsilä 50DF multi-fuel engines and will run primarily on natural gas, with heavy fuel oil as a back-up fuel.

The installation is continuously remotely monitored, and the received data serves as the basis for Wärtsilä to constantly evaluate the power plant’s performance in order to proactively mitigate any operational deviation, thus preventing and minimising unexpected downtime. Wärtsilä handles risk management and provides Pampa Energia with performance and lifecycle cost guarantees, ensuring efficient and optimised operations. The scope of services includes personnel for operations, spare parts and a full range of maintenance services, from scheduled service activities to predictive and unscheduled maintenance.

Strong commitment to create customer value
Esteban Rossit, Production Manager – Pampa Energia S.A. says: “This long term O&M contract signed with Wärtsilä Argentina S.A. demonstrates the commitment and willingness of two important companies to reaffirm a solid commercial partnership. Pampa Energia S.A. places its trust on the wide experience of Wärtsilä in order to defend the acquired commitments of the company with the Argentinean interconnected system for the supply of flexible, efficient and reliable energy.”

Pampa Energia S.A. is the largest fully integrated electricity company in Argentina, which provides complete electric systems and is engaged in power generation, transmission, and distribution services for its customers in the country. Moreover, Pampa Energia S.A. also participates in oil and gas exploration and production activities, as well as in the refining and distribution of hydrocarbons with one of their recent company acquisitions, Petrobras Argentina.

“This is one of our biggest O&M contracts in the region; we are very excited and fully committed to create great value to Pampa,” says Remigio Peñarreta, Services Unit Director, ANDES, Wärtsilä. “The Central Térmica Parque Pilar power plant will be a modern, highly efficient facility that represents Wärtsilä’s expertise in Smart Power Generation. We are proud to partner with Pampa Energia S.A. and greatly appreciate the trust that they have shown us.”

SOURCE: Wärtsilä