Waltron 9096 Degas Conductivity Analyzer

Source: Waltron Group

The NEW 9096 Degassed Acid Conductivity Analyzer delivers accurate measurement of specific, cation, and degassed cation conductivity with unprecedented degassing efficiency of 93.5% in 45 seconds.

Waltron introduces new technology bringing you the highest degassing efficiencies available on the market. Delivering to you the most accurate degassed cation conductivity measurement equates to 100% confidence in reducing your turbine start-up times.


  • Revolutionary heatless degassing technology
  • Achieves 93.5% degassing efficiency
  • Sample temperature fluctuation does not affect accuracy
  • No gas emissions or volatile acids
  • One transmitter for three conductivity values and pH
  • Alarms for resin exhaustion and low degassing efficiency
  • Easy to replace cation column
  • Easy to mount stainless steel panel
  • Significantly reduced turbine start-up times