Wall Thickness Meter

Source: Krautkramer Inc.
The DMS 2 has expanded measurement capabilities from the original DMS to solve remaining wall thickness applications
Krautkramer expanded measurement capabilities from the original DMS to solve remaining wall thickness applications. All information (large thickness digits, A-Scan, B-Scan, and data files) is clearly displayed on a large high-resolution (1/4 VGA) LCD screen that is easily read in direct sunlight. The system is compact and offers a custom molded, gasket sealed, high-impact resistant housing with a rubber protective case to withstand use in harsh industrial environments.

It offers thickness measurement with no need to remove coatings and a stable high-temperature measurement up to 1,000°F with HT400A probe and armor jacketed cable. A MIN CAP captures the minimum thickness for a series of measurements and displays the associated A-Scan (32 Hz acquisition rate), and DIALOG Intelligent Probes are automatically recognized for optimum instrument setup, performance and documentation. An automatic probe zero corrects for delay line dimensional changes (wear & growth) and an eight Hz selection updates the display quickly for immediate response, as well as enhances test results when movement of the probe is necessary. This unit includes an SIP mode that utilizes single-element probes for attenuative or thick materials. The system offers additional features including:
• Readily adjustable gain in one dB steps via a direct access key
• Freeze locks the A-Scan display for evaluation and verification of the echoes; makes time base parameter adjustments easy
• Doubling alert lets the operator know when conditions may be right for doubled thickness readings
• B-Scan provides a graphical cross-sectional view of the equipment being inspected.

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