News | October 14, 2016

Vestas Receives 148 MW Order In Sweden For Upgraded 3 MW Platform With De-Icing Technology

OX2 has placed an order for 41 V126-3.45 MW turbines with power optimised mode to 3.6 MW and Vestas’ de-icing technology for their largest wind power project to date.

This is the third time OX2 has placed an order for Vestas turbines in 2016, reinforcing the two companies’ strong collaboration and market position in the Nordic region. The firm and unconditional order is for the Lehtirova wind farm at the border of the Gällivare and Pajala municipalities in northern Sweden.

The order includes the Vestas de-icing system, which ensures a continuous and strong turbine performance in cold climate conditions. See more here on Vestas Cold Climate Solutions.

“With the Lehtirova wind farm, we will further strengthen our long-standing relationship with Vestas as well as our market position in Northern Europe as a leading developer and EPC supplier. Lehtirova will be OX2’s largest wind power project to date, and we look forward to building it together with Vestas”, says Paul Stormoen, Managing Director of OX2 Wind.

Klaus Steen Mortensen, President of Vestas Northern Europe, adds that “We are very pleased that OX2 has decided to continue building on the already great relationship with Vestas – this time with an order for their largest ever wind park. And we are happy knowing that the order for our upgraded 3 MW platform, accompanied by Vestas’ de-icing technology, will ensure full power-curve capacity in cold northern Sweden, where the wind farm will be located”.

The order includes supply, installation, and commissioning of the turbines as well as a 15-year Active Output Management service agreement (AOM5000). Delivery of the wind turbines is expected to begin in the second quarter of 2018.

SOURCE: Vestas