Article | February 17, 2016

Verify Fluid Flow To Your Analyzer And Keep Your Plant Running

Source: Fluid Components International

By Sam Kresch, Product Manager, Fluid Components International (FCI)

No matter how sophisticated a fluid analyzer system may be, it will be ineffective if a sample flow fails to reach the analyzer sensor or if the sample is contaminated or stale. The most advanced systems in the world cannot provide accurate results without a valid fluid sample.

Gas chromatographs (GCs), mass spectrometers, optical spectrometers and photometers are a few examples of analyzer technologies applied in process and plant systems that need sample flow assurance. It is an accepted industry best practice that sampling systems have some type of flow monitor to assure valid samples and analysis.

Failing to monitor fluid flow to the analyzer may result in contaminated product batches and discharging regulated substances. The costs of analyzer failure are potentially huge in terms of affecting product materials, damage to equipment, regulatory fines, liability and more.