Newsletter | August 15, 2019

08.15.19 -- Vattenfall Combines Wind, Solar, And Batteries In New Hybrid Energy Park

  FGD Wastewater Treatment

With the changing regulatory and economic landscape impacting the power industry, SUEZ is committed to providing power producers with holistic, cost-effective water and process solutions.

  • Holistic Solutions - customized, integrated flowsheets
  • Guaranteed Compliance - expertise, experience, performance
  • Industry Leading Technology Portfolio - chemicals, biological, filtration, advanced membranes, clarification, evaporation, crystallization, solidification
  • Full Lifecycle Services - full O&M, targeted operations support services, remote monitoring and support

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Featured Article
Power Plant Converts To Combined Cycle Operation With The Help Of Thermal Mass Air/Gas Flow Meter
By Jack Koeken, Fluid Components International (FCI)

During an upgrade project to install combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) technology, the process engineers at an electric power plant in Western Europe also wanted to maximize the efficiency of their existing gas fuel turbines while maintaining the highest safety levels. By optimizing the performance of both the existing gas fuel turbines and adding the new steam turbines, they hoped to add significantly more generating capacity.

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Presentation: A Better Alternative To SO3 For Conditioning Electrostatic Precipitators

Many utilities use SO3 to condition flue gas in order to improve the performance of the electrostatic precipitators (ESP). SO3 is known to inhibit mercury removal whether captured on fly ash or by using powdered activated carbon (PAC). Removing SO3, however, may prove a challenge for those using SO3 to condition flue gases.

Accurate Combustion Gas Measurement In Coal-Fired Power Plant

The need for carbon monoxide equivalent (COe) monitoring in coal-fired power plants is increasing dramatically. A shift towards heat rate efficiency is occurring within the coal-fired boiler community. Increased competitiveness in electricity rates combined with indications of future limits expected by the EPA are driving the need to actively measure COe in order to improve combustion efficiency and minimize CO.

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