Variables Add-in for RTXHDB

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Variables Add-in for RTXHDB
Variables Add-in for RTXHDB is an Add-in for Microsoft Excel
Variables Add-in for RTXHDB is an Add-in for Microsoft Excel. It is a powerful but easy-to-use package for building Microsoft Excel workbooks for data analysis and report building. It allows, by tag name, direct link (DLL) access to all real time and historical values in the historical database(s). Permits on-line updating and scrolling, within Excel, of all tag values in all historical databases.

It has a Paste Variables dialog, which pastes information into the Worksheet cells as DDE Server Links or Report Builder Data Request Cells. Also, it can paste ASCII Text values, and allow Direct In-Line (DLL) functions to directly access the RTXHDB databases. This powerful set of Direct In-Line (DLL) functions can be used to specify information, from any accessible RTXHDB database or variable within any of the databases. The Variables Add-in for RTXHDB, in addition to its stand alone direct access to the RTXHDB databases, is also an ideal companion to DDE Server for RTXHDB and Report Builder for RTXHDB.


  • Simplifies the process of creating new Microsoft Excel workbooks, for dynamic data analysis and report building, by using the familiar Excel interface.
  • Permits selection of multiple variables (tags) from a list and performs the same paste operation on all variables selected.
  • Easy, intuitive, point and click operation with full contextual sensitive Help functions
  • Provides high performance read capability, thousands of reads per second, making it practical to use Excel to access historical databases.
  • Uses very little of the system resources and requires no time consuming macro development. Reading values have been reduced to one, simple to use, Excel function.
  • Permits access to all historical RTXHDB databases and variables both as ASCII Text values for Report generation and as Direct In-Line (DLL) function.
  • Provides twenty-two (22) Direct In-Line (DLL) functions to allow access to most database and variable parameters.
  • These In-Line (DLL) functions behave as regular Excel functions for data manipulation within the workbook. You can mix, with other cells that contain the normally provided Excel functions.
  • Allows scrolling through time of all tag values in the RTXHDB historical databases.
  • Allows control of the DDE Server for RTXHDB. Permits time scrolling, changing Number of Time Slots (NTS), and Links Update.
  • Permits the use of RTX defined expressions (See RTXHDB
  • Application - Expressions and Functions) as well as access to expressions & functions provided directly by users and by third party Dynamic Link Libraries.
  • Filtering of variables by name, description or database subsets, allowing a reduction in the number of variables to be scrolled.
  • Must be used with either Microsoft Excel Version 5.0 (16 bit) or Excel Version 7.0 ( 32 bit)

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