Newsletter | July 28, 2005

7.28.05 — U.S. Power Industry Breaks Record For Electricity Demand
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Featured Article
Deoxygenation Of Make-Up Water Using Gas Transfer Membranes
Corrosion control in piping, boilers, and associated equipment is an important issue with power generation facilities. The presence of dissolved oxygen in process waters coming into contact with this equipment is one of the major sources of corrosion. In order to minimize this corrosion source, power generation plants remove virtually all dissolved oxygen in process water. This treated make-up water is commonly held in a large storage tank of sufficient capacity and design to handle variations in the power facility's needs. One major drawback to a vented storage tank is that it allows oxygen from the atmosphere to come into contact with deoxygenated water stored in the tank. Therefore water exiting the tank will show increased levels of dissolved oxygen as compared to that of the incoming water...

Top News Stories
U.S. Power Industry Breaks Record For Electricity Demand
John Deere Invests In Rural Wind Harvesting Projects
Biogas System To Be Installed At Brooklyn WWTP
Renewable Energy Design Fueled By Autodesk Inventor
TST, Inc. Turns To Ultra-Clean Fuel Cells To Reduce Pollution
BPA Brings More Wind Generation Into The Northwest Power Grid
House-Senate Conferees Complete Energy Bill
PG&E To Purchase Renewable Energy To Meet Customers' Needs
Calpine Adds 1350 MW To Battle Summer Power Demands
Featured Products
CTI Shield/Seals
The CTI Shield/Seal is a thin-walled metallic tube insert made of highly durable alloys. The Shields are expanded – either mechanically, hydraulically or a hybrid of the two – into existing damaged tube ends, adding years of service to the equipment...

Titan Industrial Gas Analyzers
The TITAN's demanding field-testing, rugged construction, robust calibrations, and easy portability make it ideal for applications such as continuous emissions monitoring of stack gases, Clean Air Act Title V permitting, field screening, or site characterization...

Cat G3516C Generator
Caterpillar's 60 Hz/1800 rpm G3516C Series provides a 1600 kW electrical rating with fan and improved fuel economy while meeting NOx emission levels of 1.0 or 0.5 g/bhp-hr. Its open-chamber engine design operates on a low-pressure gaseous fuel system designed to provide maximum annual operating hours and continuous power quality...

Nuclear Utility Support
Synterprise has the engineering expertise to provide best practices support to the nuclear utility industry. Our consultants understand the unique requirements and pressures within the nuclear plants environment...

Discover IEEE Standards Online
Access to All IEEE Power Engineering Standards and Drafts
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Transcat Catalog Supplement
Hottest New Test and Measurement Instruments for the Power Industry

TRANSCAT's April Supplement is packed with new products from the leading names in instrumentation: AEMC, Ashcroft, Druck, Fluke and Megger just to name a few. A quick browse will bring you up to date in no time flat. As an added bonus, register online for a chance to win a Kodak EasyShare Digital Camera (drawing to be held August 22nd)...

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