Newsletter | June 16, 2005

6.16.05 — Uncertainty About Power Sector Deregularization Stalls Utility Asset Management
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Uncertainty About Power Sector Deregularization Stalls Utility Asset Management
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's 1996 directive to the power industry for opening up its transmission lines was aimed at giving customers the option of choosing their energy supplier. While this move placed the bargaining power firmly in the hands of the customers, it also compelled power producers to improve operational efficiency and increase shareholders' value. However, nearly nine years after the issuing of the directive, not everything is going according to plan...

Top News Stories
Secretary Of Energy Announces New Office Of Electricity Delivery & Energy Reliability
NYPA Activates Electricity Demand Reduction Program For Participating Customers In New York City
Quantum Dot Materials Can Reduce Heat, Boost Electrical Output
Beacon Power Delivers Flywheel-Based Power System To Bechtel Bettis, Inc.
Collaboration To Manufacture Medium-Voltage Switchgear In The South Of China
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AM Open Path Air Monitoring Systems
AM Open Path FTIR Air Monitoring Systems bring the versatility of multicomponent analysis and the immediacy of real-time results to a variety of field applications. MIDAC Air Monitoring Systems are available in two basic configurations: Emissions package; Remote source package (Bistatic monitor)...

MiniModule® Degasifier
Membrana-Charlotte's new 1 x 5.5 inch MiniModule contactor is smaller than the typical Liqui-Cel® Extra-Flow contactor designs. This MiniModule was developed to process liquid flows from a few ml/min to 500 ml/min. Downloadable product datasheet is available...

Vinyl Ester FibreLine
Sauereisen Vinyl Ester FibreLine No. 440 is a fiber-filled lining used for the chemical- resistant construction or rehabilitation of structures common to the power industry. Typical applications are the protection of sumps, ducts, tanks, containment areas, trenches, walls, and other support columns or bases. Downloadable product datasheet is available...

Nuclear Utility Support
Synterprise has the engineering expertise to provide best practices support to the nuclear utility industry. Our consultants understand the unique requirements and pressures within the nuclear plants environment...

HD-28.1 Power Generation Balancer
A heavy duty drive and a speed reducer or gearbox provide the torque to accelerate the rotors to balancing speed and provide controlled braking for short balancing times...

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Spec Sheet: IEEE Power Substations Standards Collection on CD-ROM
This special edition IEEE/PES Power Substations Standards Collection contains the latest revisions of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. and American National Standards Institute standards, guides, and recommended practices regarding power substations and related equipment...
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