Turbine Efficiency Monitoring System

Source: Accusonic Technologies, Inc.
Accusonic's Turbine Efficiency Monitoring System (TEMS) incorporates flow power output
Accusonic's Turbine Efficiency Monitoring System (TEMS) incorporates flow power output, inlet and tailwater pressure measurements to provide on-line unit and plant efficiency data. These systems are used for continuous, permanent monitoring as well as for acceptance test programs for new and replacement runners. Accusonic also provides an independent service for turbine field test programs in accordance with ASME and IEC codes.

Improvement in plant efficiency of over 5% have been documented by use of on-line efficiency monitoring systems.

Effeciency Monitoring System Benefit Analysis

Accurate determination of turbine efficiency (performance) curves can lead to increased plant efficiency in multi-unit plants. The magnitude of improvement depends on how a plant is currently operated. Documented payback times for a flow-efficiency monitoring system start at 2 months, although typically the time is 12-24 months.

Experience shows that actual unit performance curves differ within multi-unit plants. Even nominally identical units vary due to prototype differences and repair work. Typically, individual curves vary by 1-3%, although 5% is not unusual.

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