Source: Aptech Engineering Services
APTECH's patented TubeMod process is straightforward
APTECH has developed a technology to help you prevent future failures and forced outages, eliminate costly replacements, and avoid damaging unit cycles at a fraction of the cost of a replacement section.

APTECH's patented TubeMod process is straightforward. First, we do a thorough assessment of the current damage and remaining life of the superheater or reheater, pinpointing where and why trouble is occurring or expected. Then, our TubeMod computer program uses the data to search for optimum temperature profiles to maximize future life and reliability. Steam flow controllers are sized to achieve these results; then, they are made part of the circuits to redistribute steam flow to match the optimum profile.

A TubeMod installation will pay for itself almost immediately in many cases by preventing the first failure causing a forced outage or from the interest avoided for one year on a replacement. These savings do not even include avoided capital expenditures, any outage costs because of replacement time, other failures that will surely occur, or load restriction to reduce damage.

TubeMod is also a great, low cost enhancement for cycling units with a low capacity factor, where capital spending is hard to justify, yet high reliability is critical.

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