Trash Racks and Screens

Source: Structure Guard, Inc.
Trash Racks and Screens
Resists All Classifications of
Are you interested in:
Eliminating corrosion and electrolysis?
Reducing bio-fouling?
Eliminating frazil ice buildup?
Efficient water flow to turbines?
Fish entrainment?

Structure Guard trash racks are engineered and manufactured utilizing engineering grade polyethylenes, the toughest, most durable thermoplastics available anywhere on the commercial market. The result is an incredibly strong, lightweight product that will save you money on repair and maintenance, as well as shipping, handling, and installation. Additionally, Structure Guard offers turn-key trash rack services including the manufacture and installation of both plastic and steel trash rack systems.

Structure Guard non-metallic racks will eliminate, forever, all maintenance procedures associated with the prevention of rust, corrosion and electrolysis. All classes of marine growth will be severely limited and easily cleaned. In fresh water use the Structure Guard trash rack will eliminate frazil ice buildup. Hydrodynamic leading edges will increase efficient water passage to turbine units and pumps. Structure vibration will be reduced.

Structure Guard thermoplastic trash racks are manufactured in all configurations from 3/4" clearance to heavy industrial log screens. At 1/6 the weight of steel, they are easily installed and have a virtually unlimited useful life.

Fish entrainment regulations may be met with the installation of a seasonal plastic overlay of placement of permanent plastic blades between the existing steel. The 1" mandated spacing between trash rack blades may be achieved with little additional weight and at a far lower cost than designing and building new trash rack sections.

Structure Guard manufactures both steel and plastic trash racks, fully assembled and site engineered for your location. Structure Guard plastic trash racks are presently utilized by major hydro electric, nuclear and fossil generating facilities and water treatment plants throughout the United States.

Trash Rack Design Features:

  • Polyethylene Bars - Up to 20 Times More Abrasion Resistant than the Steel they Replace
  • High Tensile Impact Strength
  • Corrosion Free Blades & Spacers - Impervious to Oxidation and Electrolysis
  • Hydrodynamic Leading Edge Enhances Efficient Water Passage
  • Resists All Classifications of Marine Growth
  • Engineered Tie Rod System
  • Frazil Ice Build-Up is Greatly reduced
  • Log Screens, Fine Screens, Coarse Screens Available
  • Cooling tower screens to protect circulating water pumps. Retrofits custom designed with lifting beams for easy maintenance.