Transmitter AMU pH-Redox

Source: Swan Analytical USA


Electronic transmitter / controller for the continuous measurement of the pH value or Redox (ORP) in water.

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  • Measuring and control transmitter for panel installation in a Noryl® resin enclosure, 96 x 96 x 120 mm (DIN 43700).
  • Measuring range: 0 to 14 pH respectively -500 to +1500 mV 
  • Sensor connections for a pH or ORP sensor, reference electrode, Pt1000 temperature and for a digital sample flow meter.
  • Galvanically separated sensor connections. 
  • Automatic temperature compensations according to Nernst with or without correction functions. 
  • Values for pH buffer solutions and redox calibration solution programmable. 
  • Big backlit LC display for measuring value, sample temperature, sample flow and operating status. 
  • Easy user menus in English, German, French and Spanish. Simple programming of all parameters by keypad. 
  • Data logger for 1’500 data records stored at a selectable interval. Serial interface included for data download to PC with Microsoft HyperTerminal.
  • Overvoltage protection for in- and outputs. 
  • Two current outputs (0/4 - 20 mA) for conductivity and temperature signals. 
  • Potential-free alarm contact as summary alarm indication for programmable alarm values and for instrument faults. 
  • Two potential-free contacts programmable as limit switch or PID-control. 
  • Input for potential-free contact to freeze the measuring value or to interrupt control in automated installations (hold function or remote-off).

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