Transfer v6.0

Source: Process Control Solutions, Inc.
Drag & Drop Your LCN Files with Ease
Zip over to PC-based file access of LCN formatted Iomega 150MB Bernoulli cartridges and 100MB Zip disks.

Drag & Drop LCN files and manage LCN disks from within the Transfer application, Explorer or File Manager*. Use the convenience of your PC with the familiar Windows appearance.

Develop applications on your PC! In addition to Picture Editor displays (DS), Transfer moves ASCII files: Control Language (CL) programs, Exception Build (EB) point database, and any other files you create.

Ease of Use - Use a separate LCN window to "drag and drop" your files to/from the PC window. Menu options include LCN formatting, directory creation/deletion, file deletion, file renaming, file detail information, volume labeling, and online help. Integrated with the Windows File Manager* program with its own 'Transfer' heading on the menu bar.

Extended Format - Now access disks with up to 2,046 directories.

Script Assistant - Use the Command Line Utilities alone or automatically generate scripts for LCN backup, batch file transfers, etc.

Compatibility - Works on DS files moved with Honeywell's TPS File Transfer utility.

Drives & Disks - Great prices on 20MB & 150MB Bernoulli drives & cartridges. Purchase a 100MB Zip drive with your order.


  • Double-click access to LCN directories
  • Drag & Drop LCN files in the main Transfer program or from Explorer & File Manager
  • LCN operations up to 5 times faster than v4.0
  • Command Line Utilities for batch file transfer
  • Verify file integrity
  • Online Help available
  • Filters for filetypes: ds, cl, eb, ec, ls, sl, ul, xx, etc.
  • 100MB Zip disk & 150MB Bernoulli compatible
  • LCN formatting with directory creation & deletion
  • Windows 3.1x version is also 20MB compatible
  • LCN Releases 300 to 600
  • Year 2000 compliant


  • PC with Windows 95 or NT (Windows 3.1x still available)
  • Parallel port for copy protection hardware key (dongle).
  • LCN file transfer device (i.e. Bernoulli or Zip drive).
  • Work with either the SCSI, parallel port or internal IDE drive.

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