Tracer Tight Leak Detection

Source: Tracer Research Corporation
Commercial Leak Detection
Tracer Research offers Underground Storage Tank (UST) leak detection and monitoring that exceeds U.S. EPA requirements for precision testing. Tracer Tight is the industry's most sensitive, precise, and reliable leak detection method available.

- Tanks remain in-service during the entire Tracer Tight test.
- Leak detection sensitivity of 1 gallon per day regardless of
tank size or geometry.
- Compatible with any hydrocarbon and virtually any chemical.
(including all fuel and crude oils)
- Test results provides specific leak location.
- Test any size tank without loss of sensitivity.
- Not affected by hydrocarbons from previous leaks or spills.

Tracer Tight leak detection is also available through a network of licensed Affiliates throughout the world. These Affiliates market and provide leak detection services for UST's, some AST's and pipelines and provide technical assistance. Affiliates have completed classroom and field training provided to them by qualified Tracer Research personnel.

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