Datasheet | May 2, 2012

Topcal S CPC310 Datasheet

Topcal S is a fully automatic measuring, cleaning and calibration system for pH and ORP measurement in the following areas:

  • Process industry
  • Water treatment
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry

Your benefits:

  • Very high degree of safety
    - System status messages with feedback to the control room
    - In-process cleaning and calibration, no need to remove electrode
    - Automatic cleaning on detection of electrode soiling
    - Industry-proven double-membrane pumps for transport of buffer and cleaning solutions
  • High measuring quality
    - Highest measuring accuracy
    - Optimum reproducibility of measurement results
    - Low tolerances in calibration
  • High availability
    - Long electrode life thanks to interval measuring
    - Offline setup (optional): very simple setup on PC
    - DAT module: very easy copying of setup to other devices

  • Fast amortisation
    - Low purchase price
    - Low maintenance costs thanks to fully automatic cleaning and calibration
    - Easy installation thanks to modular design

  • Low maintenance even with heavily soiled and aggressive media

  • Communication via PROFIBUS PA (Profile 3.0) and HART