TMC 2001d Battery Management System

Source: Programma Electric Inc.
TMC 2001d Battery Management System
The TMC 2001d Battery Management System facilitates battery maintenance and makes it more effective
The TMC 2001d Battery Management System facilitates battery maintenance and makes it more effective. The TMC 2001d includes a battery logger that measures cell voltages, and a special analysis program that runs on an IBM-compatible personal computer. When combined with Programma's TORKEL 820, TORKEL 840 and TORKEL 860 Battery Load Units, the TMC 2001d is ideal for battery capacity tests.
This handy battery logger resembles a sophisticated digital multimeter that can both store and process readings of voltage, temperature and gravity.

You can take measurements while the battery-operated system is operating and also while the batteries are charging or being discharged. When the selected program routine is finished, a brief evaluation is presented automatically on the neatly arranged display. Moreover, all readings can be printed out directly in table form on a printer connected to the battery logger output.

After each testing session, you can transfer the battery logger readings to an IBM-compatible personal computer that runs the analysis program included with the TMC 2001d. Results are then presented graphically as curves and bar charts which can also be printed out. Tests and measurements conducted on different occasions across a long period can be easily compared.

The TMC 2001d is normally delivered with measurement cable, printer cable, computer cable, battery charger, diskette (containing the programs) and an impact-resistant transport case with ample room for all accessories.

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