Datasheet | March 1, 2013

Thermo Scientific 9800 QC Laser-Based SO3 Analyzer Datasheet

The Thermo Scientific 9800 QC Laser-based SO3 Analyzer uses advanced Quantum Cascade (QC) laser spectroscopy to provide high sensitivity, optimal selectivity, and continuous direct measurement of sulfur trioxide (SO3) within the industrial plant process. The 9800 SO3 analyzer is a primary component of the Thermo Scientific Arke SO3 System.

The QC laser is coupled with a low-frequency sweep ramp and focused into a high-temperature optical cell. The frequency is then filtered through a cooled photo voltaic detector. The reduction of absorption line broadening by the QC laser provides optimal selectivity as the spectral features of water or Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) are limited from overlapping with the SO3 features. The spectral feature separation can allow the analyzer to measure SO2, an important attribute in determination of the SO3 generator efficiency.

The 9800 SO3 analyzer features an advanced software platform with an intuitive touch-screen interface and is easily integrated into existing plant process controls using common communication protocols.