Temperature Controllers

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Temperature Controllers
Features to our Temperature Controllers
  • Zero and Span calibration of 4-20ma output
  • Selection of thermocouple type and deg. F or C
  • Selection of alarm mode
  • Standard PID or Fuzzy Logic Control Mode (keypad selectable)
  • Lockout of keypad operation of all except set point
  • Settings for min. and max. temperature set point
  • Heat or cool mode
  • 14 bit resolution
  • Universal AC power 85-265 VAC
  • Nema 4 Front Panel
  • Alarm relay control output 3A @ 250VAC
Options Available:
  • Remote Set Point - 4-20 ma from remote control computer, PLC, etc. keypad selection of control of set point from front keypads or remote 4-20 ma signal.
  • 4-20 ma transmit output of process temperature for remote temperature indication.
  • 2nd output - relay or 4-20 ma output for heat/cool applications or control of two independent heating loads from single set point.
  • The Fuzzy Logic controller is available with either a proportioning zero crossover or phase angle controlled output to operate a back to back SCR arrangement. This option adds to the base price and provides terminals for two sets of Gate/Cathode connections on the rear of the instrument. This provides a more advanced type of power control than the SSR output option for control of a solid state relay (SSR), and is more economical than using the 4-20 ma output to control a standard SCR Power Controller.
  • Same as previous option but provides 3 sets of Gate/Cathode connections for operation of a 3 Phase SCR-Diode load..

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