Technical Document Portal

Source: Docupoint
DrawingSearcher Version 2.0 is a technical document portal
DrawingSearcher Version 2.0 is a technical document portal designed exclusively for AutoCAD drawing files. The portal combines the functionality of a web server, full text search engine and the manufacturer's Whip-n-Post! DWF (Drawing Web Format) publishing component into a single server application. Designed for use with Autodesk's Volo View family of drawing viewers, the portal provides easy access to large drawing archives within an intranet/LAN environment or over the Internet.

The portal's full text search engine enables non-technical users to quickly and easily locate drawings by a text search on words contained inside the drawing. Selecting the drawing hyperlink opens the file immediately for viewing within Volo View, Autodesk's viewing and markup tool for design drawing files. The user interface is fully customizable via an open set of HTML files. Users can quickly edit the standard templates provided to build a customized Portal "home page" to serve their organizations specific needs. It runs on any Microsoft Window 95/98/NT/2000 computer as the DrawingSearcher server. Client computers require only a browser and Autodesk's Volo View or Volo View Express viewer.

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