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Source: Piping Technology & Products, Inc.
Pressure generated loads in piping systems containing
Pressure generated loads in piping systems containing bellows are sometimes not understood. This can lead to system failures sometimes resulting in bellows failure and possible rupture even though the bellows design is adequate for the operating conditions. The purpose of the "Bellows Expansion Joint: Pressure Loads, Anchors & Guides" is to examine the bellows loads imposed on piping system and to show some methods for dealing with these loads. Topics discussed include:

•Tension & Compression System
•Bellows "PA" load
•Bellows Effective Thrust Area
•Bellows ID Fluid Area
•Corrugation Sidewall Thrust
•Total Effective Thrust Area
•Main Anchor Design
•Intermediate Anchors, Pipe Guides and Pipe Buckling
•Tension Systems
•Bellows Thrust Load
•Results of Sample Problems

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