TDKRU - Time Delay Key Release Unit

Source: Kirk Key Interlock
The TDKRU comprises two interlocks
The TDKRU comprises two interlocks, a timing device, a solenoid, and a signal light for indication. The photograph illustrates the unit in its normal position - a key is retained in its lock. A second or initiating key is introduced and turned to start the time delay.

After a predetermined delay, the solenoid is energized (the signal lamp lights up to indicate energized state) - permitting the previously held key to be turned and withdrawn for further operations. After removing the initially held key, the initiating key is retained. Should the initiating key be removed during the time delay period, the timing device instantly returns to its original position. The solenoid is designed to permit removal of the initially held interlock key in response to an electric signal.

· Timing Device - The time delay can be any length of time from 1 second to 30 minutes.
· Voltage - 110VAC or 125VDC
· Stamp Key Interchange - specify an alphanumeric code to
be stamped on the cylinder face and the key (e.g. A1, A2, B1, etc).
· Dust Covers

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