Tangential Fired Burners

Source: Coen Company, Inc.
Tangential Fired Burners
The high-performance solution for your T-Fired boiler retrofit
The high-performance solution for your T-Fired boiler retrofit

Coen's proven leadership in combustion technology can now be applied to solve your burner problems on fixed or tilting tangentially fired boilers. Our corner-fired burners incorporate the traditional Coen quality and leading edge technologies to deliver a durable, high-performance solution that will provide years of reliable operation.


  • Low pressure drop for fan power savings
  • High turndown to insure stable flames even below fireball
  • Low NOx design
  • Gas, oil, or simultaneous firing

Design and Construction

The Coen low NOx Tangential burner design includes an airflow measuring device in each burner compartment to allow uniform air distribution to each level at each corner. Multi-blade dampers with automatic airflow control at each windbox compartment provide optimum operation.

Features & Options

  • Durable-stainless steel exposed components
  • Efficient - high efficiency oil atomizers with quick disconnect sockets
  • Smokeless -light off and low load operation on oil
  • High capacity - NFPA class II gas and/or oil igniters provide reliable ignition
  • Flexible - fixed or retractable gas or oil guns removable at +/- 30° tilt

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