Source: Comverge Technologies, Inc.
Now utilities have a powerful tool for load control and management
Now utilities have a powerful tool for load control and management: The SuperStat, a device designed to save utilities and residential customers money while reducing demand for electricity during peak periods year-round.

The SuperStat , jointly developed by Comverge Technologies and Honeywell is a state-of-the-art programmable thermostat with a built-in wireless radio frequency (RF) communication module. During peak load periods, the utility can send a signal directing the thermostat to reduce energy use by cycling the operation of heat pumps or central air conditioners. It can also be used to cycle the operation of water heaters and other electric loads such as pool pumps.

The device, available in both proprietary and open communications formats, can support one-way and two-way communications through wireless radio frequency (RF), power line carrier (PLC) or twisted pair (TP).
The SuperStat allows residential customers to use their air conditioning and heating more efficiently, lowering their cooling and heating energy costs. Utilities benefit by avoiding peak electric charges.

The SuperStat system incorporates these features:

    · Fully user-programmable setpoints for air conditioner or heat pump operation
    · A modular telecommunications interface for migration to two-way communication
    · The ability to operate in a direct load control mode or real-time pricing mode
    · Attractive appearance and simple installation

This product is a win-win-win for customers, utilities and the environment. Customers save money, utilities reduce peak loads on their systems and the environment is less burdened because of reduced electricity demand.

Reducing peak loads makes sense for all utilities, the SuperStat presents utilities with a compelling alternative to expanding energy capacity.

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