Company Profile | November 2, 2000

Sunstar Precision Energy Corporation

Source: Sunstar Precision Energy Corporation
Sunstar Precision Energy Corporation The Sunstar Precision Energy Corporation, Inc. dba Byrd Electric....a technologically advancing electrical service company. Has many years of experience designing & installing the most unique energy distributing systems. We are able to provide a service that is not found in traditional electrical contracting companies. The SPEC Company recognizes that the success of our business relies on the success of others, and repeat business can only be guaranteed through customer satisfaction.

The SPEC Company specializes in the design, manufacture, installation and service of advanced energy systems such as photovoltaic solar electric generation, renewable energy devices, uninterruptible power supplies and charging infrastructure for the California State electric transportation system.

Our daily operations also include expert electrical service for our commercial, industrial & residential customers in the Sacramento, CA area. We have been in the electrical service business since 1992. The SPEC Company is a registered small woman owned business enterprise.