Stud Elongation Measurement System (SEMS)

Source: Biach Industries, Inc.
Stud Elongation Measurement System (SEMS)
Fast and accurate system for acquiring stud elongation data
Fast and accurate system for acquiring stud elongation data.

The Biach Stud Elongation Measurement System incorporates a simple three-step measurement process:

    1. Place the handheld measurement pod on top of the stud. (Pod design automatically positions itself correctly.)
    2. Enter stud number into portable control unit. (If upper/lower measurements are not within expected range, operator is warned.) The pod then measures the distance from the top of the stud to the top of the measuring rod.
    3. Press Enter. Data and stud number are recorded. Repeat process for each stud.


  • Battery powered for up to five hours portable use
  • Large digital display for easy viewing
  • RS232 port for downloading data to a PC
  • Real time hard copy output from internal printer
  • Data analysis to identify out-of-spec studs
  • Custom stud interface for fast, accurate measurements
  • Data storage for up to 99 studs and 5 sets of data (e.g. multi-pass procedure)

The quality of the procedure of critical flange closure depends on the quality of stud elongation.

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