Stud Drive Tool (SDT)

Source: Biach Industries, Inc.
Safely threads studs in and out of nuclear RPV pressure vessels in minutes
Safely threads studs in and out of nuclear RPV pressure vessels in minutes!

Stud removal and replacement has up to now been a time consuming and fatiguing procedure with the crew subject to possible excessive radiation exposure. Biach's versatile stud drive tool reduces operating time. Average cycle time from stud to stud is under 4 minutes.

The Biach stud drive tool is designed and built with operator safety in mind. A unique torque compensation feature eliminates the risk of torque-reaction worker injuries (during loading and unloading) and reduces equipment damage with an operator-adjusted, zero-weight effect load compensation feature. The easy to operate quick connect/disconnected pneumatic coupling design reduces manpower to a single operator.


  • Unique, one-man Stud Drive Tool is easy to handle, easy to position and safe to operate by just one man.
  • The Biach Stud Drive Tool is the only tool on the market equipped with both load & torque compensation.
  • Operation of threading or unthreading is fast, safe and simple. An operator can be trained on the job in just 15-20 minutes.

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