ST3 XChem Toxic Gas Sensors

Source: Emerson

The ST3 XChem series of SMART electrochemical toxic gas sensors provide high specificity, fast response, and long life. All ST3 sensors are part of the universal Millennium II Gas Detection platform and are compatible with the M21, M22, and M2B transmitters. Our latest design employs our “SimpleClick” sensor element replacement plus improved overall performance and extremely low power consumption.

  • SMART Sensor Technology, Transmitter Automatically Recognizes Sensor Configuration
  • Low Power Consumption Increases Uptime
  • Long Range (+2000ft.) Sensor Separation
  • 2 Year Warranties Available on Most Sensors
  • Field Selectable Gas Ranges
  • Full Range of Toxic Gases and O2 Available
  • Fine-tuned Specific Response Ensures Accurate Detection, Even In The Presence of Other Gases
  • Designed to Perform in the Most Extreme Industrial Environments