News | May 8, 2009

SRS Energy Partners With US Tile To Offer Seamless Solar Roofing Upgrade For Authentic Clay Tile Roofing Systems

Philadelphia, PA - SRS Energy, a leading developer of sustainable solar roofing options, has forged a partnership with US Tile, the largest manufacturer of authentic clay tile in the United States, to offer the first seamless solar roofing upgrade for premium curved roofing systems.

The first curved solar tile to be introduced to the U.S. market, SRS Energy's Sole Power Tile seamlessly integrates with US Tile's premium "S" clay roofing systems. Sole Power Tile maintains the depth and aesthetics of a sophisticated roofline. At the same time, Sole Power Tile is infused with cutting-edge, electricity-generating technology. The partnership between US Tile and SRS Energy makes a solar upgrade easy by integrating it into a straightforward roof purchase.

"Consumption without consciousness is over," said Steve Gast, president of US Tile. "The industry is building smarter, more efficient homes. US Tile has remained on the cutting edge of the green movement with cool roofs, LEED outreach, and our recent Cradle to Cradle certification. With Sole Power Tile, SRS Energy offers the solar solution our customers want."

Designed to blend with several of US Tile's authentic clay tiles, SRS Energy's Sole Power Tile provides sustainable solar electricity without unsightly solar panels. In this way, builders can offer homeowners appealing options, and homeowners can go green and generate savings without sacrificing aesthetics or dealing with the added complexities typically associated with going solar.

"SRS Energy's Sole Power Tile gives homeowners that seamless look, which is something they seek. We also understand that the seamlessness cannot stop at the roofline, which is why our Sole Power Tile will be sold and installed by US Tile-certified contractors. No extra steps or complicated installation by a separate technician," said Marty Low, CEO of SRS Energy. "We have made the sustainable upgrade a simple one for the homeowner, which means it is also more accessible."

US Tile is currently launching Sole Power Tile in select West Coast markets. For more information, visit or