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05.09.19 -- sPower And MCE Complete Largest Operational CCA Solar Project In California


As experts in water treatment, SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions provides comprehensive water treatment solutions across multiple applications in a power plant. SUEZ provides solutions to treat intake water, boiler feed, cooling tower blowdown, flue gas desulphurization (FGD) wastewater, and CCR effluents. For example, our PROflex reverse osmosis systems provide high-quality water for boiler feedwater, reducing corrosion within your boiler. Learn more about PROflex here.

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Power Plant Converts To Combined Cycle Operation With The Help Of Thermal Mass Air/Gas Flow Meter
By Jack Koeken, sr. member technical staff, Fluid Components International (FCI)

During an upgrade project to install combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) technology, the process engineers at an electric power plant in Western Europe also wanted to maximize the efficiency of their existing gas fuel turbines while maintaining the highest safety levels. By optimizing the performance of both the existing gas fuel turbines and adding the new steam turbines, they hoped to add significantly more generating capacity.

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Conventional Resin Cation Exchangers Versus EDI For Cace Measurement In Power Plants

The conductivity measurement after a cation exchanger in power plants with steam turbines was introduced soon after 1950 by Larson and Lane [1]. As a result of the simple measuring principle, the sensitivity, and its high reliability, the conductivity measurement after cation exchanger has become the most commonly used analytical method in power plants with steam generators.

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Navigator 500 Hydrazine Analyzer

The Navigator 500 hydrazine analyzer provides a continuous measurement of the level of hydrazine in boiler feedwater, enabling the chemical dose to be controlled automatically.

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