News | March 2, 2017

Solar-Log® Now Monitors 11GW, 260,000 Solar PV Plants World-Wide

Bethel, CT /PRNewswire/ - According to GTM Research report, 'Global PV Monitoring 2016-2020: Markets, Trends and Leading Players', Solar-Log® is the largest independent software vendor for residential and commercial solar PV monitoring. Last month, Solar-Log® surpassed 260,000 plants monitored world-wide, solidifying its position as the global market leader in these segments.

Installers, plant operators and owners across the globe have placed their trust in Solar-Log® to maximize plant performance and safeguard their solar investment. Over 1 million inverters are now connected to Solar-Log® in over 90 countries, for a total generating power of 11GW. Continuous growth confirms the system's high level of recognition from EPC/installers and PV plant operators.

Anthony Conklin was recently named President of Solar Data Systems, Inc., makers of Solar-log®. "We like to say 'been there done that'," says Conklin when discussing solar PV monitoring, "Our leading position means we have more experience and more expertise than any other solar PV monitoring company on the planet. We have 10 years of experience and a global fleet as a reference base to identify and recommend the best monitoring solution to fit the needs of the local plant operator. It is rare that we come across a challenge that we haven't already over-come in another location."

Solar-Log® is compatible with over 100 inverter brands. This universal compatibility provides best-in-class fleet management and real-time PV plant error detection and performance data. The Solar-Log® monitoring platform integrates inverters, batteries, heat pumps, consumption meters and numerous other devices to maximize solar PV plant performance, optimize self-consumption, and provide intelligent grid feed-in control. Solar-Log® is the perfect solution to ensure the continuous, flawless operation of solar PV plants, to increase efficiency, and to manage grid feed-in.

About Solar Data Systems, Inc.
Solar Data Systems, Inc. is fully owned subsidiary of Solare Datensysteme GmbH, manufacturer of Solar-Log® web-enabled monitoring and metering solutions for photovoltaic plants. Solar-Log® is a global market leader with over 260,000 plants monitored world-wide, with a generating power over 11 GW. The Solar-Log® product family monitors plant performance, records local weather data, provides real-time error detection, automatic status information, and offers revenue-grade metering for incentive reporting. Additional communication protocols with supported components allow inverters, batteries, heat pumps, and numerous other devices to be integrated into the Solar-Log® monitoring platform. This industry-leading functionality maximizes PV plant performance, optimizes self-consumption, provides intelligent grid feed-in controls, and best-in-class PV plant fleet management.

Solare Datensysteme GmbH is based in Binsdorf, Germany and is a subsidiary of BKW AG (Bern, Switzerland) – a global company for energy and infrastructure.

SOURCE: Solar Data Systems, Inc.

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