Sliding-Shoe Pump

Source: Megator Corporation
Sliding-Shoe Pump
We make a pump that works harder and longer than any comparable models made by other manufacturers.
Megator likes to get down to basics. We make a pump that works harder and longer than any comparable models made by other manufacturers. Our standard sliding-shoe pumps have the ability to pump at constant capacity against heads to 250 feet. They have single cover access for ease of maintenance. Prime themselves instantly. Safely run without harm during dry suction. Give full capacity at high suction lifts. Handle both thin and viscous liquids. Are self-compensating for wear. And remove the last drop of polluted liquid from the area you're cleaning.

The Sliding-Shoe Pump delivers "super-suction" performance, which it owes to a unique design feature. The working parts are entirely submerged and liquid sealed; even when pumping nothing but air.

To meet the specialized requirements of different industries, Megator has developed versatile assemblies. Available options include stationary, skid-mounted, and portable designs featuring electric, gasoline, diesel, air or hydraulic drives. The pump is also available in a wide range of sizes, so you can be sure to get the right pump for your particular needs.

The Sliding-Shoe Pump from Megator - The most sensible design on the market taking on the toughest jobs in industry. Consistent, impressive, dependable.

  • Simple to Install
  • Simple to Operate
  • Simple to Service
Save installation costs-
their powerful suction permits convenient location at normal floor levels

Save stoppages and lost production- thanks to their exclusive liquid-seal, pressure sealing and self-compensation for wear

Save labor and cost in maintenance- by their simplicity, single-cover access and small number of working parts

Save waste of product or materials- by their ability to suck up the last drop from containers

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