Silent Keyboards

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Silent Keyboards For Your Court Room or Board Room
We manufacture optical keyboards where the finger is detected by a matrix of infrared sensors. Being optical the keyboard has no moving parts and is completely silent.

They are also compact in size so they can be used on your lap, stand or desk. They can be fitted with a touch pad to one side, or in the middle of the keyboard. When fitted with a touch pad you can have complete control of your computer from where you're sitting.

There are no nooks and crannies around keys so they can be just washed off if something is spilled on them.

And because they're optical we can personalize them to fit the person using our keyboards. You can have only the keys you want, your name, your colors, and your organization's name, text (a function name), hot keys (one key can input a URL, ctrl-C, etc.).

The price of the custom key text overlay is included in the price, and because there are no moving parts they will never wear out.

We also make them in any language. You send us the keys you want and we'll send you a keyboard.

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