Newsletter | December 19, 2019

12.19.19 -- Siemens Supplies Gas Turbines For Peaking Power Plants In Belarus

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Calculated pH By Differential Conductivity Measurement In Mixtures Of Alkalizing Agents
By Marco Lendi, Dr. Heinz Wagner, Dr. Peter Wuhrmann, and Randy Turner, Swan Analytical

Proper measurement of pH is a key factor of corrosion risk surveillance in water-steam cycles. Since it still seems to be difficult to measure the sample pH directly with glass electrodes, pH calculation, using the difference of sample conductivity before and after a strong acid ion exchanger, is a frequently used alternative.

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Calcium (Lime-Based) Sorbents vs. Sodium (Sorbents)

Both sodium and calcium sorbents have been used as dry sorbents for the mitigation of acid gas for the past 30 years with great success. “Calcium (lime-based) sorbents vs. sodium (sorbents)” itemizes the fundamental differences, pros and cons between them, and the properties that make sodium bicarbonate and trona well-suited for air pollution control.

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Electro-Pneumatic Positioners
Smart electro-pneumatic positioners form the vital link between the control system and the valve. Electro-pneumatic positioners from ABB incorporates auto-adjust to reduce commissioning time and an adaption program provides for optimal control of the position until set point is reached.
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