News | October 17, 2016

Siemens Signs First Long-Term Wind Service Extension In Thailand

  • Siemens to provide service and maintenance for an additional 13 years at the 207 megawatt (MW) Korat 1 and Korat 2 wind projects in Thailand
  • First long-term wind service extension for Siemens in Thailand
  • Includes Power Curve Upgrade for increased annual energy production, part of "Digital Services for Energy" portfolio

Siemens has received an order to continue providing service and maintenance at the Korat 1 and Korat 2 wind projects in Nakorn Rachasrima Province in Northeastern Thailand for the next 13 years and to provide performance-enhancing upgrades to the projects' wind turbines. The agreement is the first wind service extension for Siemens in Thailand. For the Korat 1 project the customer is K.R. Two Company Ltd. while the owner of the Korat 2 project is First Korat Wind Co. Ltd. Both companies are subsidiaries of one of Thailand's largest renewable energy IPPs, Wind Energy Holding Co. Ltd.

The Korat 1 and Korat 2 wind farms are the largest in Thailand and contain 90 SWT-2.3-101 wind turbines that can produce approximately 207 MW of renewable energy. When constructed in 2012 and 2013, the two wind farms were the first utility-scale wind projects in Thailand. The turbines have been serviced and maintained by Siemens since beginning commercial operations.

Under terms of the agreement, Siemens will provide expert long-term service and maintenance at the Korat 1 and Korat 2 wind projects for an additional 13 years and install the company's Power Curve Upgrade (PCU) turbine blade modernization product to all 90 units. Siemens' PCU is part of the company's "Digital Services for Energy" portfolio and is designed to increase power output of wind turbines by a combination of features attached to the turbine's blade and adjustments in the turbine's controller software. By adding modifications such as DinoTails, DinoShells or Vortex Generators and modifying the software, an increase of 2-5 percent in power output can be achieved.

Management of these wind assets is enhanced with the analysis Siemens conducts through its advanced diagnostics capabilities and by moving from a traditional time-based program to a condition-based maintenance program. With its sophisticated monitoring, management and data analysis tools, Siemens' Remote Diagnostics Services, also part of "Siemens Digital Services for Energy," supports predictive maintenance planning by identifying certain potential issues before they impact operations.

"This is an important milestone for Siemens and for Thailand's renewable energy sector as they work toward enhancing their energy independence," said Mark Albenze, CEO of Siemens Power Generation Services, Wind Power and Renewables business unit. "By upgrading and modernizing the wind turbines at Korat 1 and Korat 2 and by supporting both projects with our experienced and innovative service operations, we are helping extend the operational lifetime of these important clean energy-producing assets and we thank Wind Energy Holding for their continued confidence in Siemens Wind Service."

"The Korat 1 and Korat 2 projects are the first utility scale projects in the country and a core part of the Wind Energy Holding portfolio," said Ms. Emma Louise Collins, CEO Wind Energy Holding. "We have been very pleased with our ongoing partnership with Siemens, their technical capabilities in designing the PCUs and their capabilities in servicing and maintaining these two projects. We look forward to continuing to work with Siemens well into the future."

Support for renewable energy continues to grow in Thailand as the country faces increased energy demand. The Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency's Alternative Energy Development Plan is striving to increase the share of renewable electricity in Thailand's total electricity mix from approximately 12 percent in 2014 to 25 percent by 2021.

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