Series "B"

Source: Shaw Pipe Shields Inc.
Heavy Industrial and Large HVAC Distribution Systems
Heavy Industrial and Large HVAC Distribution SystemsOur

Series "B" pre-insulated pipe supports are intended for installation on flat surfaces. These supports feature accommodation of thermal movement, provision for lateral guide or restraint, minimization of friction loads and a wide range of loads for each pipe size. The slide plates feature a UHMW pad that opposes stainless steel for a very low .15 coefficient of friction. They are compact and easy to install without anything to weld onto the pipe. Because of the overlapping galvanized metal jacket they eliminate heat loss and condensation. Designs available for temperature ranges of -325 to 1800° F.

Please consult factory if your requirements are other than those shown below. We are committed to providing the most economical and appropriate insulated pipe supports to satisfy your requirements.

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