Series "A"

Source: Shaw Pipe Shields Inc.
Commercial and Light Industrial
Commercial and Light Industrial

Most commercial applications are well served by models A1000 and A2000, which are recommended for use on common 10 foot hanger spacing for small bore pipe sizes (see chart below). These pre-insulated pipe supports are intended for installation on flat surfaces, band, ring, clevis or roller type pipe hangers. They are compact and easy to install without anything to weld onto the pipe. Because of the overlapping galvanized metal jacket they eliminate heat loss and condensation. We have clamps available for use in a variety of applications. Please note the higher the model number the higher the load rating. Temperature range of -325 to 1800° F.

Please consult factory if your requirements are other than those shown below. We are committed to providing the most economical and appropriate insulated pipe supports to satisfy your requirements.

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