Series 450 Expansion Joints

Source: Mercer Rubber Company
Series 450 Expansion Joints
Series 450 Expansion Joints
Construction Features
  • Sizes up to 36 inch diameter
  • Optional Coating of Hypalon paint
  • Standard 150 lb. ASA Drilling, Ductile Iron Back-up Rings
  • Filed or Unfilled Arches
  • Lightweight
Performance Features
  • Pressure expansion joints
  • Greater movements per arch
  • Manufactured in one to four arches
  • Minimum 4 to 1 safety factor to burst pressure
  • Wide arch contour provides controlled extension under pressure, eliminating the need for control rods in some cases
Series 450

Mercer invincible Series 450 is the most economical, full-pressure elastrometric expansion joint available. Tough fabric or tirecord plies are bonded between the tube and cover in a steel mold and then cured in a thermostatically controlled steam chamber. The product is uniform in both appearance and performance. A wide, low profile arch provides exceptional flexibility and virtually eliminates the need for filled arches in all but the most severe sludge and slurry applications. External integral flange reinforcing rings control both radial and arch swell. A variety of cover and tube elastomers are available, offering superior chemical, aging and temperature resistance from -30° to +225°F operating temperatures.

Series 450 Expansion Joints
Vacuum Ratings

Size Open Arch Filled Arch
1 1/2 -12 14 - 36 29" Hg 15" Hg 29" Hg 25" Hg

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